Thanks to increased ULEZ zones and the ever-rising cost of petrol, it is no wonder that so many like-minded delivery riders are making the switch to electric.

The opportunities with electric scooters and mopeds are growing, with constantly adapting and improving range, spec, and an influx of charging points - You can see why so many inner-city riders and delivery businesses rely upon electric scooters and mopeds to do the job.

Before we begin, it is worth noting that much like with any scooter or moped, it is not a one-size-fits-all general rule. The type of electric scooter you will need will be dependent on your individual needs and job role. If you do want to know what you should look out for when choosing your perfect delivery scoot, head over to our full guide on what to look out for when choosing a scooter for delivery work.

In this blog we will be running down ten of the best electric scooters and mopeds there are out there perfect for delivery riding. So without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

10. Yamaha Neo’s

Kicking the list off, and jumping on the electric moped bandwagon we have the Yamaha Neos!

The Neo’s is Yamaha’s first 50cc equivalent electric scooter, hoping to make its mark on the electric scene, coming equipped with two riding modes, keyless ignition, connectivity, and large 13-inch wheels as well as reasonably sized underseat storage, or alternatively the option of being able to purchase an additional 34L top case for £147 extra!

When it comes to the performance of the Neo’s, it sports an excitation 3-phase synchronized motor, producing a top speed of 28mph. It also comes packed with a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) as well as a Motor Control Unit (MCU) to help with both motor, battery and overall performance.

However, when it comes to charging times without a fast charger, you will be looking at 8 hours to charge from a flat battery which may not be the best for those delivering to the outer city.

Onto price and if you’re looking to pick up a stylish, sleek inner-city commuter, you will be looking at £2,950 - making this one of the more affordable options on this list!


  • Affordable option
  • Removeable batteries


  • Range may restrict travel distance
  • Slow charging times

9. Askoll eS3

Number nine on the list today is coming straight from Italy - we introduce you to the Askoll eS3.

The eS3 is easy to ride and handle thanks to its lightweight frame and large dual blend tyres making it perfect for beginners as well, as those riding around in more crowded urban areas. Back this up with LED lights, a digital dash, front storage, USB socket and you have everything you need to take this baby out from dawn till dusk.

One of the best features about the Askoll has got to be the 3.5-hour charging time, which is one of the quickest on our list and will be a big plus for anyone looking to use this scoot daily. However, that is still quite lengthy compared to other models that offer a fast-charging option, such as the Rieju Nuuk Cargo which only takes 1.8 hours (which is featured later in this list).

It’s not the cheapest on our list by far, with a price tag of £3,280, however, it is still a more affordable option compared to the price £4k+ models. But, if you can look past this then, with a top speed of 40 mph and 60 mile range, the eS3 is a pretty desirable model that will make the perfect travel companion to accompany you on all those medium-distance journeys.


  • Lightweight and agile
  • Charging time is a win


  • Range and top speed aren’t the most competitive
  • Might not be in everyones budget range

8. Lexmoto Yadea G5

In at number 8 today we have this lovely little affordable option straight from Lexmoto - the Yadea G5!

For this nifty scoot, Lexmoto teamed up with Yadea, the largest electric two-wheel manufacturer in the world, to create something that’s not only easy to ride but also easy to afford packing a top speed of 29mph - with enough power to see you through the traffic lights and keep up with most city traffic.

To make it even more accustomed to city life, the G5 features a removable battery, with a range of 35 miles, for convenience – though when compared to others on the list, the 6.5-hour charge time doesn’t sound too convenient does it? But the battery position under your feet opens up a decent amount of under-seat storage.

With the OLEV grant applied, this little guy comes in at just £2,039, which not only makes it the cheapest on our list, but also a great option for those on a tighter budget who want a low-cost, low-maintenance, and practical partner to help navigate those urban jungles and tackle their deliveries.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Plenty of underseat storage


  • Charging time could be improved
  • Not for you if you prefer something with a little more power

7. Segway E125S

Coming in at seventh place today is this neat little offering from Segway - the E125S.

Powered by two removable lithium-ion batteries, the E125S can reach a top speed of 28mph as well as a range of 86 miles positioning itself as one of the better range offerings on this list.

However, the spec doesn’t stop there, this e-scoot also comes equipped with mobile connectivity, 27 litres of underseat storage, full LED lighting all around, ABS as well as the RideyGo! Intelligent System helping to reduce the locking/riding/unlocking process from 8 steps to 5 steps.

When it comes to the price of the Segway E125S, you will be looking at £3,449 plus an additional £199 for a luggage rack and top box - making it ideal for those with a mid-tier budget!


  • Range is extremely competitive
  • Large amount of underseat storage as well as optional top box
  • Has ABS


  • Lower speeds can restrict delivery distance

6. Sunra Robo-S

Next up and sitting sixth on our list today is the Sunra Robo S - an electric scooter with added power to suit those who aren’t just working in and around towns and cities.

With a top speed of 50mph and a range of 84 miles, this sporty little number has enough welly to glide along backroads and reach those delivery destinations that are a bit more out of the way. Brett from BikeMatters thoroughly agreed when he took the Robo S out for a full road test review, explaining that “being nice and lightweight, the Robo-S is very easy to ride, manoeuvre and will be great for those urban commutes!”

To add to this, the Sunra Robo-S is sprinkled with a few nice finishing touches to make riding in all conditions even easier, including a digital dash, LED lights, large under-seat storage with a USB slot, as well as a handlebar mounting socket – which we know is essential on the delivery rider equipment list.

Whilst it takes 4 hours to charge with no fast-charging option, with 2 years motorcycle and 3 years battery warranty, this is still a stylish and efficient scoot that’s perfect for anyone looking to get around easily all for the price of £3,299 – as long as you’ve remembered to plug those batteries in!


  • One of the more affordable options
  • Batteries can be removed and charged elsewhere
  • Plenty of storage as well as top box available to purchase
  • Good acceleration for an electric scoot


  • Charging is on the higher end
  • Braking system could be better

5. Silence S02 Business+

Coming in at number five today we have the Silence S02 Business+ - the scoot built and designed for delivery riders and couriers.

To make this little guy even more workable, you’ll have the option to add a few extra accessories, for example, double USB, anti-theft handlebars, screen, and rear box. But the cherry on top of all of this is you’ll also have 2 year vehicle warranty, 3 year battery warranty, and 2 years AA roadside assistance.

Silence S02 Business+ also comes packed with tech and features including 3 driving modes (with Sports reaching 56mph), reverse gear, LED lights, USB port, and smartphone connectivity. And, unlike other models on this list, the standout features definitely have to be that ‘click and go’ portable battery. Though this might not be perfect for those that need to carry it up steps and stairs as the battery is heavy.

Lastly, when it comes to pricing the Business+ positions itself as one of the more expensive on this list sitting at £5,525, however, I’d argue that it is more than worth the price tag considering this efficient scoot is packed full of practical features for everyday use and puts a big emphasis on saving!


  • Sleek and stylish
  • The amount of storage is a huge plus
  • Click and go portable battery


  • Won’t be in everyone's budget range

4. Rieju Nuuk Cargo 4

Just missing out on one of the top spots today is this unique little offering from Rieju - the Rieju Nuuk Cargo 4.

Coming all the way from Spain the Nuuk Crago 4 has been designed in order to offer low maintenance, efficient, and safe options for those who want to make the switch to electric. The Nuuk comes equipped with all-day riding essentials, including four different riding modes, a large display, smartphone connectivity, an on-board charger, a fast-charging option as well and a large top box.

Onto the price, this beauty comes in at £4,150 making it one of the more premium-priced scoots on this list today. However when you take into account the 1.8 hour fast charging time, the range of 93 miles, and a top speed of 68mph, as well as a two-year warranty - we’d argue that is most definitely worth the extra pennies!


  • Fantastic range, charge time, and spec
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Unique styling


  • One of the more expensive offerings
  • Perhaps not the best for longer commutes

3. Horwin EK3 DS

Kicking off the top three we have this stunning offering from the Austrian manufacturer Horwin - the Horwin EK3 DS!

Whilst it may be in the name, this electric scooter was built for delivery riding in the urban jungle, and with bold, sleek, and modern styling, the HK3 was also designed to look good as well.

Fitted with two lithium-ion Samsung batteries the EK3 DS reaches a max range of 94 miles, and with charging taking around 4 hours, means this is pretty average for this category. The EK3 also comes fully equipped with rider aids such as LED lights, keyless go, under-seat storage, touch-start display, cruise control, reverse gear, as well as an anti-theft alarm.

The fun doesn’t stop there either. A comfortable seating position ensures travelling longer distances is comfortable – a must for those of you looking to you this beauty for delivery work, and a top speed of 60 mph makes those longer distances possible.

When it comes to the price, yes the Horwin EK3 may be sitting at a more premium end of the spectrum coming in at £4,349 for the single battery option and £5,644 for the dual battery. However, if you take the spec into consideration I really think that this Chinese-built electric moped is pretty darn good value for money.


  • Competitive range and top speed
  • Comfortable and can make long distances a breeze


  • One of the more expensive on the list
  • Charging times could be improved

2. NIU NGT Pro Cargo

Sitting at number two and just missing the top spot on our list today has got to be the NUI NGT Pro Cargo.

With a top speed of 43mph, and a range of 77 miles, from the BOSCH 3500W motor, NIU’s NGT Pro Cargo may not be the fastest on our list, but it does make for a practical urban rider that will assist you in making sure your deliveries get to their recipient on time.

One of the best features about the Pro Cargo has got to be its large rear rack, coming equipped with more than enough space for a large top box weighing up to 50kg (unfortunately sold separately). This nifty little feature on this scoot allows you to carry all types of goods from supermarket shopping to a wonderful Chinese takeaway - you can do it all!

With enough space for a large top box weighing up to 50kg (which is unfortunately sold separately), providing enough capacity to carry the goods. Read our guide for more info on what to look out for when choosing a scooter for delivery work.

Other standout features worth mentioning include a side bumper to protect from everyday wear and tear, a clear LCD dash, LED lights, a padded seat and neutral riding position for extra comfort, and app connectivity so you can use and follow that all-important navigation system safely.

Lastly, when it comes to charging the Pro Cargo will take 3 hours to charge even on a fast charger, so whilst no it is not the fastest scoot on this list, it is however a simple yet effective urban e-scoot that will comfortably and happily cruise through towns and cities from delivery to delivery.


  • 2 Year Motorcycle Warranty + 3 Year battery warranty
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Sleek design and ability to carry heavier deliveries


  • One of the more expensive options at £4,099

1. Super Soco CPx

Rounding up the list and taking the top spot today has got to be the Super Soco CPx!

We here at BikeMatters have reviewed the CPx and thanks to its large wheels and lightweight frame, the CPx has been purposely designed for easy and smooth handling. Combine that with a top speed of 56mph and a 44 mile range (as standard) and you have a more than suitable yet comfortable travel option much further than your local city centre.

And if do want to go the extra mile you’ll be pleased to know that you can opt for the dual battery option, you can enjoy an increased range of 87 miles for a grand more. And if we compare the dual battery option with one of the more flagship models such as the Rieju Nuuk Cargo 4, the CPx does not only match it when we look at the spec but, is also nearly a grand cheaper coming in at £3,049 (single battery)

So, if you are looking for an e-scoot with all-around qualities but, for a slightly lower price, then the CPx is that and that’s why it’s #1 on this list!


  • Good sized
  • Decent amount of range
  • Sleek and futuristic styling


  • Storage could be improved
  • Might not be the best option for shorter riders

The Last Stop!

What do you think about our top 10 battery-powered beauties? Do you agree with our choices? Or do you completely disagree? Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comments below or on social media!

Last but not least, if you are looking to become a delivery rider, make sure to get a Delivery Rider Insurance quote direct with Lexham!