Electric two-wheelers are a rapidly growing market in the UK, and when I got invited to attend the launch event of Sunra UK (with their global operations producing over 4 million units a year, and being established for over 20 years) I jumped at the chance of testing two learner-friendly electric scooters, albeit one looks more like a motorcycle.

Hosted in the futuristic and interesting venue of the Robotazia restaurant in EV-friendly Milton Keynes, we were introduced to the Sunra UK team and the two models to test for the morning – the Robo-S and Miku Super.

Now distinctly these two bikes look rather different. The Robo-S is a normal step-through scooter, with simplistic modern design and LED lighting, the Miku Super, however, is designed more like a motorbike though rather futuristic in appearance! Even emitting a glow from the logos on the façade fuel tank, the Miku Super is definitely one funky and great-looking scooter with dimensions not too far dissimilar from the hugely popular Honda MXS (Grom).

Although the two models look rather different, they actually have a lot of similarities under their respective bodywork. Both house two 72amp/20ah batteries which give a combined range of up to 84 miles (Sunra stated). The batteries themselves can both be charged in 4-hours which is nice to see as some competitors can take up to 8 hours.

Those batteries then power the 3kw hub motor in the rear wheel which sees a top speed of around 50mph on both models.

Both have brake discs front and back with combined braking system, though the Miku Super does run with regenerative braking system which is pretty cool. But for now, let’s delve into each model individually.

‎Miku Super Electric Scooter Review

The futuristic, small and charming Miku Super was my first bike to test on the day. In a nice red colourway choice, we all quickly agreed it was a nice-looking scooter (which looks like a motorbike). The styling of the Miku Super is completely different from a lot of rivals in the electric scooter market. Now one important thing to note early on is the fact that Miku is in fact a sub-brand of Sunra, so hopefully, that will stop any potential confusion.

Styling and Design

With nicely styled LED lights including that impressive circle front headlight, and the aforementioned glowing logos on the tank, I think aesthetically, the Miku Super is a great-looking electric scooter. I also think thanks to its unique and quite trendy looks it could be a great option for the younger generation who want a bike that looks the part. Even more so as Sunra UK are looking at cosmetic modification and aftermarket parts to allow people to have some creative freedom and make the Miku Super their own, as after all most cosmetic changes won't affect the Miku's warranty.

Though the Miku Super has smaller dimensions, at a mighty 5’ 6” it suited me rather well, and I didn’t once find it ill-fitting, though it will be interesting to see what the other taller journalists thought of it.

Engine and Top Speed

Pulling back on the throttle and the acceleration is surprisingly brisk up to 40/45mph, thanks to those 72v batteries which is another string to the Miku Super’s bow, with many rivals on 60v batteries being slightly slower in acceleration.

Navigating through the urban and then rural parts of our ride was done with ease and a smile on my face at all times. Admittedly the fast road acceleration from 40+ mph is more of a gradual process, but this is common for the bulk of electric scooters competing in that 125cc equivalent bracket.

Miku Super Top Speed

The top speed on the day was around 55mph, but as the batteries start to decline on juice, expect this to reflect slightly in the acceleration and top speed – just another typical electric scooter characteristic currently.

Brakes and Suspension

The brakes did a good job, with discs at the front and back they performed just as you’d expect. The Miku Super runs combined braking system, again this is very comparable to many other electric scooters out there but during our ride out I couldn’t really complain too much. Of course, it would be good to have ABS, but that is no doubt an omission to help keep the Miku Super at a very affordable price.

On the rougher road surfaces, you felt the suspension was slightly firmer, more so on the rear, but this is very comparable to its rivals in this sector, after all just like the Robo-S, these are machines designed with the smoother and slower urban roads in mind.

Technology, Dash and Switchgear

I was greeted with a rather nice digital panel with black background and white text, all the vitals were nice and easy to see, so I was impressed from the start. The switchgear gear looked nice and simple, and with a couple of additions such as Reverse, Park and the typical mode options (1-eco, 2-normal and 3-sport), is very easy to navigate.  Now nice and accustomed with the Miku Super, it was time to hit the road.

Seat Height and Riding Position

The seat itself was rather comfortable coming in at 760mm. I also found the seating position to be good feeling no fatigue in my back, arms, or wrists the whole time, though you do have to remember when you start off that you are in fact on a scooter, given the Miku Super’s motorbike dimensions.


One thing I like about the Miku super is its lightweight nature, coming in at 109kg (including batteries) it is very agile and easy to ride, instantly making it a great option for learners who might be intimidated by heavier options.

Final Thoughts on the Miku Super

Not only is the Miku Super fun and cool-looking electric bike, but it is also very enjoyable to ride too. Sunra has clearly given it a lot of thought, not just in looks, but by packing the 72amp batteries helps with acceleration, and a charging time of 4 hours for both batteries again helps with impressive spec especially when you consider the very budget-friendly price tag of £3,499 (with use of UK grant).

Now we did have a slight teething issue towards the tail end of our ride out. The Miku Super got to a point where it wouldn’t go beyond 28mph, however, as you’d expect all is now solved rather quickly thanks to a firmware update carried out by the Sunra team.

Also, at points, there is a slight lag on the throttle but again this is quite common for electric scooters right now and is soon a quirk you get used to. But I can’t deny, that overall, I was surprised and won over by how much I enjoyed my time on the Miku. When in town it keeps up with traffic easily, it’s simple to chuck about and, in my opinion, looks good while doing so!

For me, the Miku Super looks set to be a great option for those wanting an electric bike that is a bit different while still at a great entry-level price.

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Miku Super Specification (2021-onwards):

Motor 3kw hub mounted dual-mode motor
Batteries 2 x 72v / 20ah
Charging time 4 hours (combined)
Range Up to 84 miles (Sunra stated)
Top speed 50 mph (55 mph was reached on test ride)
Brakes Front & rear disc with CBS
Suspension Front: Telescopic Forks, Rear: Twin shocks
Colourways Black, Blue or Red
Tech Keyless, fingerprint, auto headlights, regen braking, LED lighting, mobile app and USB charging port
Warranty Bike: 2 years unlimited. Battery: 3 years/18,000 miles
Price (starting from) £3,499 (after use of PIMG grant)


‎Sunra Robo-S Electric Scooter Review

After our first photo and video opportunity, I jumped onto the ROBO-S to see how that would perform. Instantly I was greeted with that typical step-through scooter design. The seating position is all pretty standard scooter stuff, nice and neutral, though I did notice that foot room was a little bit on the limited side. However, the seat itself was comfy but firm.

Engine and Top Speed

When it comes to acceleration and top speed, unsurprisingly (as batteries and motors are the same) performance is very comparable to the Miku Super. Acceleration is decent and will attain a top speed on full batteries of around 50mph. Again being nice and lightweight, the ROBO-S is very easy to ride, manoeuvre and will be great for those urban commutes.

Brakes and Suspension

Again just like its motorbike styled sibling the Miku Super, the ROBO-S’s braking is everything you’d expect. Remember though with combined braking system in the right circumstances and with heavy braking you can lock up and skid, though I think with the ROBO-S you’d really have to clamp down to get it to lock up.

The suspension setup is very typical of an urban small-wheeled scooter, and it will handle most town and city streets absolutely fine. Throw the ROBO-S onto rougher roads, and expect to feel a firm ride, especially on the rear.

Technology, Dash and Switchgear

Glancing down to familiarise myself with the dash and switchgear, the switchgear does look a bit dated but everything is nice and easily laid out, though in a rather flat fashion.

The digital panel itself again has a black background with text in green and white, with a more futuristic font choice. Something to note on the ROBO-S’s dash is that it does lose some visibility in brighter conditions with glare.

Storage Space

One really cool feature of the ROBO-S is the fact it has decent storage! One common compromise on electric scooters is the storage, as this is where the batteries usually get stored, on the ROBO-S though there is a large 24L storage compartment. Sunra showed us an example of this storage space in action during the morning presentation by fitting a helmet inside, though I would recommend checking yours for compatibility. It is good to see Sunra offering great storage but if you want a little more then you do have the option of adding a top box on that rear rack.


When it comes to pricing the ROBO-S comes equipped with a budget-friendly pricetag of £3,299!

Final Thoughts on the ‎Sunra Robo-S Electric

The ROBO-S is the sensible and smart brother of the more fun and enticing Miku Super. Performance wise not a lot can separate these two models.

The not-so-good points for me of the ROBO-S would be the dash glare, older styled switchgear, firm ride on rougher roads and the restricted foot room.

Onto the good bits and I honestly love how spritely it was getting to 40/45mph, those two 72v batteries do mean acceleration is pretty darn respectable for a little electric scooter. Throw in a relatively quick (against rivals) recharge time of 4 hours, 24L of storage space, auto LED lighting and a respectable real-world range of 60+ miles all for a somewhat budget-friendly price, the ROBO-S is really throwing itself into the electric moped scene as a well-equipped and very competitively priced offering to those wanting to go green.

Sunra Robo-S Electric Specification (2021-onwards):

Motor 3kw hub mounted dual-mode motor
Batteries 2 x 72v / 20ah
Charging time 4 hours (combined)
Range Up to 84 miles (Sunra stated)
Top speed 50 mph (55 mph was reached on test ride)
Brakes Front & rear disc with CBS
Suspension Front: Telescopic Forks, Rear: Twin shocks
Colourways Black or white
Tech Keyless, fingerprint, auto headlights, LED lighting, mobile app, USB charging port
Warranty Bike: 2 years unlimited. Battery: 3 years/18,000 miles
Price (starting from) £3,499 (after use of PIMG grant)


Final Verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning at the Sunra UK launch, it was a very professionally run and well organised affair.

To these two models, the Miku Super and the Robo-S, well I am pleasantly surprised. I have already said my good and not-so-good bits so I won’t repeat myself, however, what I will say in summary is that you can clearly see Sunra has put plenty of thought into the design and spec of these two models.

You can see the ROBO-S will make the perfect smart option for a professional city commuter, the Miku Super is the more fun and exciting option for the younger or more casual rider. OK, performance between the two is basically negligible but looks alone really set these two apart and capture two completely different audiences. They are fun, easy to ride and well spec’d.

My personal choice out of the two options would be the Miku Super, I thought it was a tad more refined and nicely styled, whilst still being a lot of fun and generally better to ride.

One key thing the Sunra UK team spoke about at the beginning of the day was the belief that these two scooters have been very competitively priced for the UK market, and after spending my time riding both, I’d have to agree! For the amount of spec they are packing, they are very competitively priced machines indeed!

Time will tell on the success of the Sunra brand in the UK, but for me, it was an impressive launch.

The Last Stop!

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts on the Sunra UK range in the comments section.

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