There are thousands of riders dedicated to delivering the world of cuisine or the newest trends to our front doors from the comfort of their two-wheelers, and it’s vital they’re as stay as safe and well-equipped on the roads as possible. So, in this blog, I’ll be looking at the must-have gear that works with you to ensure this.


Probably the most important piece of gear and uniform any delivery rider needs and, as a motorcycle helmet is a legal requirement in the UK, get all images of bad hair days out of your mind because you have to wear one. But with so many different varieties, makes, colours and styles out there it won’t be hard to find your perfect fit.

I’d recommend spending a bit more than you normally would, especially if you are working as a delivery rider full time, as it really is an investment that could save your life! 

If you’re not too sure which is the right one for you and are looking for some advice, make sure you read our motorcycle and scooter helmet guide.

But remember, it's important to buy your helmet from a reputable seller. If possible, we would recommend visiting a dealer or retailer, getting measured and trying on lids. It is surprising just how different some of these can be and it’s also important to get a comfy and correct fitting helmet. You should also always buy a motorcycle helmet new, as buying second-hand can be risky when you don’t know the helmet's history.

For those of you, that really want to go the extra mile, you can even add a few bells and whistles to your helmet, for example, lights, indicators or reflective covers.

Reflective clothing

This is another piece of must-have safety equipment that could save your life.

As standard, I’d suggest having a reflective jacket or vest but, if you did want to push the boat out, you can purchase reflective leggings, gloves and ankle straps to make you that little bit more visible.

However, decent motorcycle gear will come with fluorescent or reflective elements designed into it, but you will get varying levels of visibility. From small and subtle to clothing designed for full-on, sun-like reflectiveness, the choice is yours but every little helps, especially if you’re riding throughout the year in all conditions.

Waterproof clothing

Wearing items such as the above not only make you safer, but they can also work as layers and, if they’re waterproof, can shield you from the cold, wet and windy weather, resulting in a more pleasant ride. I’d suggest always carrying a couple of waterproof items of clothing if your reflective gear isn’t, as these can also be easily stored in your under-seat storage – trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!

In addition to this, another item that I would always keep stored away would be a pair of winter riding gloves. You’re going to want to keep your hands warm not just for your comfort but for safety reasons as well – you want to be able to operate the handlebars after all.

If you’re delivering and riding in all weather conditions you may want to read our blog on motorcycle and scooter gear for cold weather rides.

Phone mount

As with delivery drivers, riders might not know where to go so will need to follow some direction, and in this modern-day and age, will usually be through your phone. Therefore installing and using a phone mount is one of the safest ways to use your phone whilst riding as it allows you to keep both hands firmly on the handlebars.

But I can’t emphasise enough that you must do this safely and only if you feel comfortable and confident enough! And one last point to make here, always be security conscious to avoid your phone getting jacked!

Phone charging cable and charging bank

Never leave the house without your phone charging cable, you might not need it, but you never know what could happen – even if that is just helping out a fellow colleague or the possibility of your shift being extended – if you didn’t have one, you’d be pretty stuck. As well as this, I’d suggest buying a motorcycle and scooter-friendly USB charger – if your vehicle doesn’t already have one built-in. But if your scooter doesn’t have a USB port, then this is where the charging bank comes in handy. 

For those of you that don’t think you’d need one, imagine this scenario for example you’re relying on your phone for your directions and it suddenly runs out of battery. Black screen, no maps, nothing (stranger things have happened). It would be a disaster, wouldn’t it? So all I’m saying is you can never be too prepared!

But speaking of navigation, that leads me nicely onto my next point…

Navigation apps

It won’t take long for your chosen navigation app to become your trusty best friend. For a lot of your deliveries, even if you know the area well, there will be some addresses you’re not familiar with and you’ll be relying on this little beauty to lead the way.

Putting its directional use aside for a second, apps like this are also super handy as they can alert you and re-direct you to avoid sudden road disturbances or accidents that could slow you down and disrupt your schedule.


Even if you aren’t planning on letting your bike leave your sight, I’d suggest always carrying a bike lock, again, just in case. You don’t want to take a chance and end up with your ride nicked. But whether it be a grip or disc lock, D-lock or armoured chain, always abide by the restrictions in your insurance policy.


There will be a few extra items that you may not think to bring along for the ride, such as:

You may not forget hand sanitiser at the moment as we’re still mid pandemic, but eventually, we will return to a time where COVID-19 isn’t around anymore and, on the odd occasion, you might forget to bring it with you. So, for your safety and others, I’d always store a bottle or two in your scooter’s under-seat storage – after all, it doesn’t take up much valuable space now does it?

And last but by no means least, if you are thinking of becoming a delivery rider, or already are, then you’ll need to make sure you get the correct insurance. Lucky for you, Lexham’s delivery rider insurance is a specialist scheme that covers any moped, scooter or motorcycle, up to 500cc, offering a takeaway or delivery service – and if you visit them direct you’ll get the best deal! 

As always, if you do have any questions pop them in the comments section below or drop us a message on social media.

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