Since the pandemic, the idea of a summer staycation has only become more appealing to many people.

Owning a motorhome allows you to get up and go whenever you please, unlocking your freedom to venture out on spontaneous road trips and holidays.

As the year is slowly coming to an end, this only means one thing… The release of new models.

So, with that being said, let's take a look at just some of the new motorhomes ready to take 2023 by storm!

1) Bürstner Elegance I 910G A-CLASS Motorhome

Bürstner Elegance Exterior 2023

The Bürstner Elegance radiates two things, and that is (you’ve probably guessed it already) elegance and luxury.

Built with a Mercedes front-wheel drive system, the Elegance has ABS, active brake assist, automatic headlights, and heated, electric wing mirrors all as standard, ensuring you can travel safely and comfortably throughout your trip.

This motorhome also has just enough space for two double beds (one standard and one drop-down), a fully equipped kitchen, a generous living area, and plenty of storage spaces ideal for those who love a long ‘vacay’.

A standout feature of the Elegance, however, is the new award-winning, iNDUS toilet system. This system is a smart and fully automatic sanitisation system that looks after itself with minimal maintenance, treating grey water through the addition of chemicals that are then used for flushing, allowing two people complete independence for up to a week.

Last but not least, it goes without saying that the Bürstner Elegance is a premium offering, coming in with a hefty price tag of £152,195!

Bürstner Elegance Interior 2023
Sleeping Berths:  4
Length: 8.9m
Weight: 5,500kg
Price: £152,195

2) Adria Matrix Supreme 670DC

Adria Matrix Supreme 670DC Exterior 2023

Coming in hot with a refreshed edition of the Matrix Supreme is Adria.

The new and improved Matrix model is elegant as well as practical. Based on a Fiat chassis, the Matrix Supreme comes equipped with a large open space living room, a fully equipped functioning kitchen (including a three burner, hob, and grill), a large-lift down bed, and a rear bedroom with the option of one large bed or two smaller singles.

When it comes to the exterior, the Adria comes packed with a large panoramic window, HELLA multifunctional LED lights, and stylish and striking exterior graphics.

The Matrix supreme offers buyers a smart yet stylish motorhome that will never fail to impress.

Adria Matrix Supreme 670DC interior 2023
Sleeping Berths:   4
Length: 7.49m
Weight: 3650kg
Price: £97,110


Knaus Tourer Van 500 Exterior

New for 2023, the Kanus Tourer Van 500LT is a small coach-built motorhome based on a VW Transporter T6.1 making for the ideal compact travel companion for both couples and families alike.

The Tourer Van VW T6.1 chassis in combination with the striking exterior makes the Tourer Van unmissable in its appearance as well as ensuring you the highest riding pleasure, comfort, and safety.

While the tourer van may be compact, this model caters to the taller individual perfectly. Two of the standout features of this motorhome really have to be the generous bathroom space and 1.90m standing shower cubicle as well as the 2m long bed.

Knaus Van Tourer 500 Interior
Sleeping Berths:   4
Length: 5.89m
Weight: 2,800kg
Price: Price yet to be released 

4) Cathargo chic e-line Fiat Ducato I 61 XL LE

Cathargo chic e-line Exterior

The Cathargo Chic e-line promises modern elegance, comfort, and practicality all at the same time.

Built upon a Fiat Ducato chassis comes equipped with ABS, electric immobilisers hill holder, towing abilities, a collision braking system (CBS), and much much more all as standard. Another standout feature of the E-line has to be the underfloor heating system and driver’s cabin thermal concept helping to keep you warm in any sort of weather condition. So if you are one for a winter holiday, this may be the ideal motorhome for you!

This motorhome also has plenty of storage space thanks to the double flooring and the 1.32m scooter space, perfect for the over-packers or those who love a longer holiday.

Cathargo chic e-line Interior
Sleeping Berths:   5
Length: 8.59m
Weight: 4,165kg
Price: £162,650

5) Bailey of Bristol Autograph 79-4I

Bailey of Bristol Autograph Exterior

Next up is the Bailey of Bristol Autograph motorhome.

Built on a sturdy Peugeot chassis, the Autograph packs a lot into its 7.9m interior, including a large spacious lounge, a large upmarket island bed, and plenty of storage space.

A special feature of the Autograph is the kitchen, coming packed with a Thetford oven, grill, and hob, a domestic 153-litre electronic fridge freezer, and a larger stainless steel kitchen sink.

The interior and exterior of the Autograph are spot on, ticking all of the comfort and luxury boxes for a reasonable price of £84,999.

Bailey of Bristol Autograph interior
Sleeping Berths:   4
Length: 7.9m
Weight: 3,233kg
Price: £84,999

6) HYMER B-Class MasterLine I 880

HYMER B-Class MasterLine exterior

Hymer has been around for over 60 years, ensuring not only the highest quality but the best tech ‘know-how’.

Based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, the B-Class MasterLine comes fully equipped with plenty of driver assistance systems helping to ensure the highest levels of safety and easy, agile handling.

The MasterLine 2023 edition comes with a new design feature, an optimised front section giving the Hymer its iconic, yet sporty look.

Via the HYMER Connect app, you can control all of the living area functions such as the lights, as well as the health of your vehicle, transforming your motorhome into a smart home away from home.

HYMER B-Class MasterLine interior
Sleeping Berths:   4-5
Length: 7.89m
Weight: 4,430kg
Price: £128,640

7) Elddis Autoquest 185

Elddis Autoquest 185 exterior

It goes without saying that Elddis offers some of the best motorhomes available on the market in the UK.

Built on either a Peugeot or Fiat chassis, the Autoquest 185 low-line offers the luxury of fixed single beds, a luxurious bathroom, plenty of lounging space, as well as two fold-out travel seats for 4. The 185’s layout is perfect for entertaining all the family.

One of the standout features of Autoquest is the all-new CompleteHeat system by Whale, giving you instant hot water all year round while on the road.

The Autoquest doesn’t skimp out when it comes to luxury features even though it stands as one of the cheapest on the list coming in at £64,929, which is why this motorhome is so favourable to the masses!

Elddis Autoquest 185 interior
Sleeping Berths:   4
Length: 2.2m
Weight: 2,909kg
Price: £64,929

8) Auto-Sleepers Burford Duo

Auto-Sleepers Burford Duo exterior

Offering plenty of space, and comfort, the Burford Duo is definitely an exciting addition to this list perfect for friends, couples, and families to go travelling together.

Built upon a Mercedes chassis, the Burford comes equipped with plenty of computerised driving aids, ensuring you can travel safely and at ease.

The Burford Duo motorhome also provides you with a spacious lounge with a fully featured kitchen, a large spacious rear bedroom with two single beds, a pull-down bed, as well as a full-width en-suite washroom.

A special feature of the Dup has to be the Trau, an Aventa Comfort heating system, allowing a pleasant indoor climate in even the hottest and coldest temperatures.

Auto-Sleepers Burford Duo interior
Sleeping Berths:   4
Length: 7.92m
Weight: 4,100kg
Price: £93,995



I think the Morelo Grand Empire deserves a spot on this list due to its high class and luxurious nature. And while this motorhome is way out of most people's price ranges, for those who prefer to live on the road, and most definitely have some cash to splash, this one is for you…

Based on a Mercedes-Benz Actros 1853 chassis, the Grand Empire has a whopping great 12L engine and 500L fuel tank powering this 12m beast. A pretty nifty safety feature of the Mercedes chassis is that the way the frame has been built will prevent cars from going under the vehicle in the case of an accident.

And with the GSO slide-out edition, this can increase your already generous living space by up to 45cm - You’ll also have a 4.6m garage to park your sports or compact car in the rear.

The Grand Empire truly is the pinnacle of luxury thanks to its high-tech spec and interior design, which really does explain the £696,500 price tag attached to it!!!

Sleeping Berths:  4
Length: 12m
Weight: 14,848kg
Price: £696,500

10) Westfalia Club Joker City

Westfalia Club Joker City exterior

While this may not be a motorhome, it is certainly worthy of a top 10 spot. The Westfalia Club Joker City campervan is compact, but this doesn’t mean it lacks space or style.

The Joker sits comfortably on a VW T6 base and is just under 5m long and 2m high, yet there's still plenty of room to house a daily large, comfortable double bed in its folding roof.

Standing out for both its stylish interior and exterior, the Joker creates the perfect bright and airy setting thanks to its big windows and use of light white and beige colourings.

So with that being said, if you are in the market for a spacious and well-equipped campervan, this one can be yours for £84,389.

Westfalia Club Joker City interior
Sleeping Berths:  4
Length: 4.89m
Weight: 2,400kg
Price: £84,389

The last stop!

So there you have it, there are my top 10 new motorhomes (and campervan) for 2023!

Let us know in the comments what motorhomes you are excited about in the upcoming months, would you have chosen any differently?

You’ll also be pleased to know that if you’re making your way to this year's Motorhome and Caravan show at the NEC on 18th-23rd October, you will be able to check these very models out for yourself!

Next step: get insured

Whether one of these 2023 models has taken your fancy, or perhaps you have your very own campervan or motorhome sitting at home, you must remember to insure it!

Lexham offers a variety of dedicated motorhome insurance policies to suit you and your vehicle, so no matter what vehicle you choose we will try and find the right policy for you!