It goes without saying more and more of the motorhome and camping community have taken on a new set of two wheels to go out exploring during their summer or winter vacations.

Leaving your motorhome at the site and opting for another mode of transport has a variety of benefits including not having to pack up your belongings and get your motorhome ready to travelling each time, not having to worry about finding parking spaces large enough to fit your 6-meter, as well as a long list of other things.

Making the switch to two wheels can be a great alternative as it is, however, when you switch to electric added costs such as fuelling and taxing your bike get lessened.

In this blog, we are going to be running down the top ten best electric mopeds and scooters you can either pack up in your rear garage or put on the back of your motorhome. It is worth mentioning that most of these bikes I have mentioned on this list are smaller/mini scooters which are quite lightweight, with the odd exception of those wanting to carry a pillion.

So with that out of the way - let's get into it...

10. Skyteam E-Max

Kicking off the list today we have the Skyteam E-Max, the perfect little Honda Dax-inspired electric scoot to fit in the rear garage of your motorhome…

Coming equipped with an electric 800W motor and a swappable lithium battery, the E-Max can reach speeds of up to 28mph and can reach a range of 44 miles on a full charge.

Onto tech and spec, the E-Max is by no means the most fancy or well-equipped. The E-Max comes packed with a hydraulic disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear, a simple digital dashboard, and foldable handlebars - all very basic features to have on an electric scoot, however, it is more than enough to get you A to B when travelling to the nearest tourist attraction or shop!

Overall, I think it is fair to say that the e-Max is a great little compact electric moped that will fit easily in plenty of motorhome rear garages - only costing £1,999 too.

Max Speed:  28mph
Charge Time: N/A
Weight: 69kg
Dimensions:  L1620mm x W650mm x H1010mm

9. CooPop Rugged

In at ninth, we have an offering from an up-and-coming electric motorcycle manufacturer Coopop.

Upon first look, the Rugged looks miles different from any of the other options on this list, however, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Whilst this scoot may look small in photos, it will certainly surprise you in person - coming equipped with enough leg room for the smallest and tallest of riders.

Onto what powering the Rugged, this electric scoot comes equipped with an 800w motor with a 48v Lithium Ion battery which can complete an average range of 30 miles from a full charge - all for just under £2,000!

As we mentioned earlier, the look of the Rugged is certainly unique and not something you typically see on the UK electric market. The iconic styling in combination with the colourways available really gives this scoot the road presence it so badly deserves.

Max Speed:  28mph
Charge Time: N/A
Weight: 55.4kg
Dimensions:  1383mm x 643mm x 1059mm

8. Yadea G5

Moving onto the eighth spot today we have a prominent scooter from our top 10 electric mopeds for 2024 article - the Yadea G5…

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article the Yadea G5 was created as a result of a partnership between Yadea and Lexmoto who aimed to produce a scooter with great technology and potential to change the way we travel in the urban jungle.

The G5 also packs a respectable 2.3kW motor and a removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery providing you with a range of 55 miles from a full charge.

Lastly, in terms of spec and styling, the G5 is quite simple which comes as a surprise when you consider its £2,629 price tag in comparison to other scoots mentioned on this list.

Max Speed:  28mph
Charge Time: N/A
Weight: 75kg
Dimensions:  1810mm (H) x 1150mm (H) x 700mm (W)

7. Silence S01 Connected

Sitting proudly at seventh today we have this neat little offering from Silence - the S01 Connected…

Powering the S01 Connected we have a 7kW motor and 5.6kWh Lithium-ion battery which can produce speeds of up to 62mph and a range of up to 85 miles. These stats alone are enough to impress anyone looking at this scoot, however, the S01 comes packed with some pretty great tech too.

Coming equipped with LED lighting all around, daytime running lights, a digital speedometer, Bluetooth connectivity, an onboard USB port, and charger as well as plenty of underneath storage to fit either a helmet or perhaps the necessities needed for a day trip.

For 2024, the Silence S01 will take you back a whopping £4,995 which undeniably is one of the more expensive offerings on this list today, however for those who have a larger budget to play with - this electric scoot could be well worth considering! 

Max Speed:  62mph
Charge Time: 6-8 hours
Weight: 111kg (without battery)
Dimensions:  2000mm (L) x 705mm (W) x 1313mm (H)

6. Supersoco TSX

In at sixth today, we have the nifty little Supersoco TSX!

The TSX is the proud middle sibling of the TS and TC and is powered by a 1.9kW continuous rated Bosch hub motor, the TSX can reach a top speed of 45mph or it can be electrically modified to limit it to speeds of 28mph.

The TSX also comes fully packed with all-around LED lighting, keyless ignition with security alarm, digital display, and opportunities for app connectivity.

Overall, thanks to the TSX's fairly decent spec, the optional single or double battery option, aggressive styling, and the impressive price tag (£2,799), I think it's fair to say that I see this bike becoming increasingly popular for motorhome and campervan users throughout 2024.

Max Speed:  28mph
Charge Time: 3-4 hours
Weight: 83kg
Dimensions:    1895mm x 703mm x 1066mm

5. Bumblebee Classic GT

Halfway through our list today and in at number five has got to be the Bumblebee Classic GT.

This electric scoot is extremely popular among the motorhome and campervan community, paying homage to the Italian scooters of the 50s and 60s. The Classic GT can complete a range of up to 50 miles from a single charge and is able to reach a top speed of up to 55mph.

Onto the spec and the Classic GT features a CBS hydraulic braking system, Kendra 12” wheels, a full LCD dash and display as well as full LED lighting all around the scooter.

The Classic GT comes in three different two-tone colourway options and is finished off with a £3,495 price tag however if the retro styling is something that is up your alley then this may be the right scoot for you!

Max Speed:   40mph
Charge Time: 3-4 hours
Weight: 100kg
Dimensions:    1890(L) x 720(W) x 1090(H)

4. Keeway E-Zi Mini

Just missing out on one of our top spots today we have the Keeway E-Zi Mini electric scooter!

Similarly to plenty of other scoots on this list, the Mini can reach speeds of up to 28mph making them accessible for 16-year-olds and onwards who hold a CBT. The E-Zi also comes equipped with a built-in alarm system, an LCD display, full LED lighting as well as keyless ignition which for a 50cc equivalent is more than satisfactory.

I think it is fair to say that one of the downsides to the E-Zi has got to be the seven-hour charge time, however depending on how far you intend to take your scooter will most definitely influence your decision to decide whether the range is enough to go from A to B.

Lastly, onto price for 2024, you will be looking at paying £1,695 making it one of the cheaper options on this list which again only adds to the appeal of the Keeway as your new camping side piece.

Max Speed:   28mph
Charge Time: N/A
Weight: 56kg
Dimensions:    1720mm (L) x 1030mm (W) x 690mm (H)

3. Super Soco CU Mini

In at third and kickstarting our top three, we have the CU Mini from Super Soco.

Here at BikeMatters, we have tested plenty of the Super Soco range and so far we are extremely impressed. For the price of £1,499, the CU Mini is powered by a 1100W, 7kg Lithium-ion battery and is capable of reaching a range of 25 miles which in comparison to others on the list is by no means showstopping however can be plenty enough for those looking to use it as their commuter when camping.

An aspect where the CU Mini really shines is when it comes to its tech. From an alarm and tracking device to LED lighting all around and keyless ignition Super Soco is plenty ahead of a handful of the electric mopeds on the list today.

In my opinion, the reason why the Supersoco CU Mini is so worthy of a position on this list is due to its affordability and also compactibility making it the perfect accompaniment to your motorhome.

Max Speed:   26mph
Charge Time: 7 hours
Weight: 50kg
Dimensions:    1655mm x 695mm x 1083mm

2. Yamaha Neos

Onto second place and this spot goes to Yamaha's very first 50cc equivalent electric scooter - the Neos!

Coming equipped with reasonably sized under-seat storage, two riding modes, keyless ignition, connectivity, and large 13-inch wheels, since its arrival the Neos has made its prominent mark on the electric moped scene.

Onto the performance and the Neos sports a 3-phase synchronized motor, producing a top speed of 28mph. It's also equipped with a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) as well as a Motor Control Unit (MCU) to help with both motor, battery, and overall performance.

A special feature of the Neo’s for me has got to bo its futuristic and clean-lined styling alongside the two standout colourways in milky white and midnight black, all wrapped in a moped-sized package for £2,950.

Max Speed:  28mph
Charge Time: 8 hours
Weight: 98kg
Dimensions:  1875mm (L) x 695mm (W) x 1120mm (H)


Taking the crown today we have the NIU MQi GT!

The MQi GT is powered by a 4th generation lithium battery and can reach speeds of up to 43mph and travel a respectable range of 70 miles from a full charge. Onto charging times and from flat you will be looking at waiting around 4.5 hours which is more than respectable when we compare against others on the list.

An area in which the MQi stands out for me has got the spec. Coming equipped with a new all-steel chassis, a smart integrated dash, an LED headlight, dual removable batteries, an electronic combined braking system, as well an anti-theft protection security system - this scoot really stands itself apart from the other pickings on this list.

In conclusion, from performance to styling, the MQi GT ticks the right boxes across the board - situating itself as the perfect 129kg scoot to take on your travels in your motorhome.

Max Speed:   43mph
Charge Time: 4-5 hours
Weight: 115kg
Dimensions:  1890mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 1171mm (H)

The Last Stop!

So there you have it! Here are my top ten electric picks perfect for taking on your travels…

If you are still exploring Electric options why not check out our top 10 electric mopeds & scooters and top 10 electric bikes article?

Last but not least, if you have your very own electric moped or motorhome you need to insure - make sure to get an insurance quote direct with Lexham!