Motorcycle security is massively important nowadays, and the quest to find the best value-for-money secondary security is a constant battle. Enter the LiteLok X1, a widely well-reviewed D-Lock, and self-titled the best motorcycle lock which LiteLok themselves say is ‘Designed by riders for riders’.

As we continue testing motorcycles & scooters at BikeMatters, there has been one constant – the LiteLok X1. It has been used on every two-wheeled loan bike that we’ve had this year, and overall it has really impressed us for both the sheer durability and ease of use it offers.

Part of the LiteLok X range, the X1 boasts anti-angle grinder technology with ‘cutting-edge’ compenentry, namely in Barronium – a fused ceramic composite armour defined for maximum grinder resistance without adding extra weight, capable of repelling angle grinder attacks by turning the energy and force from a grinder in on itself, thereby wearing down the discs, batteries, and eventually the motor.

LiteLok X1 D-lock on Triumph Scrambler 900

What is the LiteLok X1?

Wales-based firm LiteLok has a number of security options specifically designed for two wheels, the X1 being their budget-friendly £149.99 D-Lock that meets the highest Sold Secure diamond rating (and is only bettered in price by the LiteLok Go Moto (£94.99)).

Any good motorcycle lock has to meet three criteria for me – strong enough to repel attempted thefts (either fully, or make it such a nuisance the thief gives up), be portable & lightweight enough to take with you, and ultimately be available at a good, fair price.

With the weight of the LiteLok X1 D-Lock a firm 1.7 kg, and the fact it was able to fit through the wheel or disc and spokes of every motorcycle we’ve had in for review – save for the Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport, where it didn’t fit easily through the rim (blame the combination of big disc brakes plus small wheel diameter) - overall it proved very versatile.

Prof. Neil Barron is the LiteLok Founder & CEO, and quoted on the LiteLok site saying:     

"As a designer, engineer and entrepreneur who revels in creating innovative new technologies and products, I’m passionate about design and innovation and see them as much more than mere problem-solving activities – they are the source of new opportunities.

LiteLok X1 in use on a motorcycle

"After having several bicycles stolen on the streets of London and fed up with having to carry around heavy bike locks, I thought there must be a way to create high-security and lightweight bike locks.

"We started LITELOK at the end of 2013, and we’re extremely proud to help protect peoples cherished bikes and creating high quality employment and manufacturing here in Wales, UK."

LiteLok X1 Motorcycle Lock | Key Features

  • Barronium composite armour, designed specifically to repel angle grinder attacks.
  • Hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core.
  • Anti-rotation feature for protection against twisting attacks and ‘single cuts’.
  • Dust and grime cover for the key – ensuring the lock doesn’t get bogged up after use in adverse weather.
  • A soft plant-based eco-rubber outer layer, so it won’t cause damage to bodywork or rims/spokes.
  • Reflective strips for maximum visibility at night.
  • Sold Secure Diamond rated for Motorcycles.
  • Made in Britain!
Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special with LiteLok X1 on wheel

LiteLok X1 Price

The LiteLok X1 is available for £149.99 on the LiteLok website.

There is also a LiteLok X1 version for bikes, and whilst it doesn’t appear to have any differences, you’re best to make sure you are getting the motorcycle-specific version just in case. There is also a beefier and pricier LiteLok X3 (£249.99) available, which may be worth considering.

What is in the box?

  • 1 x LiteLok X1
  • 2 x Unique keys with stainless steel keyring – each key can be registered under warranty for the LiteLok key replacement service.
  • 1 x Twist & Go Mount – with 2 x frame straps – though perhaps more of a feature to keep the LiteLok X1 secured to a bike frame, you could get crafty and find somewhere suitable on your motorcycle/scooter.

The box itself is environmentally friendly, all non-bleached cardboard, and no plastic in sight - a nice touch.

LiteLok X1 on Honda CB750 Hornet, with Shoei NXR2

LiteLok X1 Motorcycle Lock Review

Manufactured in Wales to a Sold Secure ‘diamond standard’ rating, the LiteLok X1 is automatically up there amongst the strongest available on the market for motorcycle security. With their very own patent pending Barronium composite used (named after the inventor, LiteLok Founder & CEO, Prof. Neil Barron) with an outer plant-based eco-rubber layer to protect your wheels and fairings, the armoured D-lock is full-sized and offers just as much (if not more) protection against attack that most cumbersome chain locks.

Though you won’t quite be able to use the X1 to lock your bike to something immovable (that’s really a job for a chain), the lock itself was able to affix itself to the front wheel of every motorcycle we had in – whether through the spokes, the disc brake, or the wheel itself.

No lock will ever be impervious to attack, and many ‘destruction test’ reviews have proven that the X1 can be bested, but it’s the time and tools needed that may deter the thieves away. From these third-party tests, it seems to take two discs and a hell of a lot of battery power to crack the lock and break through. LiteLok say it’s 5 times more angle grinder resistant than other best-selling D-locks.

LiteLok X1 on the Triumph Tiger Sport 660

The lock itself has a double fixing on each arm, locking onto the locking arm at both ends. Operation is smooth and easy, it’s corrosion resistant, and the key mechanism (plus the eco rubber on the outside) means the entire locking process is smooth, quiet and efficient.

Another point that I really rate on the X1 is the silicone keyhole cover, which allows the key in but keeps out dirt, dust and grime when sat out in the rain. I found the key to go in the first time, every time – happy days.

In terms of carrying the X1 around with you, you’re best off having a rucksack or top box/pannier (or under your scooter seat) to stick it in. I did tuck the lock under the pillion grab bar when nipping across town on one bike, and it fit fine but I wouldn’t trust it not falling off at speed. It’s not a real complaint, as all security can be somewhat cumbersome to take around with you, but it’s one to be mindful of as it’s a 1.7 kg full-size D-lock.

Triumph Scrambler 900 in Bury St. Edmunds with LiteLok X1

All in, the LiteLok X1 does meet the high standards that it sets itself, and quite rightly can call itself the toughest out there – particularly for the price and portability of the unit. If you’re after a touch more protection, the X3 seems to up the ante with further strength in the main body, and greater protection on the locking mechanism itself, but is priced at £100 more (£249.99 on site).

Many other reviews have really put this lock to the test, with angle grinder attacks, lock barrel drills, blunt force hammer attacks and more – and going from the numerous video tests, it’s not an unbeatable lock, but it’ll take two discs of an angle grinder to get through the lock at the very least. That’s provided the angle grinder has enough battery, and a spare cutting disc!

I’d say all boxes are ticked for the LikeLok X1 – it’s demonstrated by third parties to be strong, it’s portable enough (especially compared to a comparative chain that offers the same protection), and at £149.99 it’s a good deal. Yes, it can be broken, but only on the basis that a thief has a spare disc, and they have a fully charged tool at their disposal, and the willpower to continue trying for a good few miunutes - so the LiteLok X1 provides a formidable option considering the portability.

We’ll continue to use the LiteLok X1 here at BikeMatters, and certainly won’t be destroying it for testing purposes, it’s just too good and useful!

Harley-Davidson Sportster S with LiteLok X1
  LiteLok X1
Price £149
Security Anti-angle grinder (5x more resistant than current best-selling D-lock), Sold Secure and Bicycle Diamond
Weight 1.7kg / 3.7lb
Internal Dimensions 101 x 197mm (3.97 x 7.7")
External Dimensions 143 x 265mm (5.62 x 10.6")
Shackle Dimensions 21 x 24mm
Lock Body Dimensions 35 x 175mm (1.3 x 6.9")
Lock ART4 accredited cylinder
Mount Twist & Go mount included
(Restrap lock holster available for purchase separately)