How you ride, where you ride and when you ride will all play a massive part in just how far your electric moped will travel on a single charge. If you’re in a busy city with a lot of built-up, rush hour traffic, you will see your charge disappear far quicker than someone who can ride straight home without little interference.

In this blog, we will be running down everything you need to know regarding electric scooters and mopeds, as well as their ranges and battery lives…

So without further ado - let’s get into it!

How long does an electric moped battery last?

Unfortunately at the time of writing, there is no correct answer to how long an electric moped battery lasts. So far the UK market has seen ranges from anywhere between 25 miles on a single battery to some even getting up to 120 miles with dual batteries. There are many different variables which come into play when discussing the range of a battery from the battery capacity itself, to temperature and weight of the rider.

We here at BikeMatters have created two top 10s listing the best 125cc and 50cc equivalent electric mopeds on the market right now so you can see some further examples of expected ranges:

What electric moped has the longest range?

I think it is fair to say that the future of electric vehicles lies in the hands of the mopeds and scooters range. Across our Lexham socials, we have had many open discussions with followers of the page regarding what would make them move to electric, and as far as we can see - range matters!

Whilst it is clear to see that range is something that is constantly being improved and updated, unfortunately, it is still not up to the standards of their petrol counterparts just yet.

In this section, we are going to be listing some of the best electric mopeds and scooters with solid ranges over both 50 and 100 miles:

Over 50 Miles

    Range:  Top Speed:  Power/ Power equivalent:
VMoto CUX Pro 50 Miles 28mph 4kW/50cc
Niu MQi GT 46-70 Miles 43mph 11kW/125cc
Horwin SK3 50 Miles 56mph 11kW/125cc
Horwin EK1 50 Miles 28mph 4kW/50cc
Keeway Blueshark 80 60 Miles 50mph 11kW/125cc

Over 80 Miles

    Range:  Top Speed:  Power/ Power equivalent:
Horwin EK3 120 Miles 60mph 11kW/125cc
Silence S01+ 85 Miles 68mph 11kW/125cc
VMoto Soco TSX (Dual) 80 Miles 28mph 4kW/50cc
Keeway Blueshark 45 100 Miles 28mph 4kW/50cc
Vmoto Soco CPx (Dual) 87 Miles 28mph 4kW/50cc


Electric moped costs

According to Urban Bikes UK, at the time of writing electric currently costs 1p per mile when charging at home whereas petrol costs 7p per mile. However, charging your electric moped will vary in cost depending on where you charge it.

Generally charging at home tends to be the cheapest way, although the actual total cost though will depend on various factors, such as your electric tariff (how much it costs you per kWh) and also the capacity of your battery/ies.

Let’s run through an example…

VMoto Soco CPX with Dual Batteries

If we go by the average UK price per kWh right now that is 34p per kWh and the fact that each of the CPX’s batteries holds 2.7 kWh we know that combined those two batteries can take 5.4 kWh of electricity. Therefore, we can figure out that 5.4 kWh of electricity at 34p per unit would cost £1.84 per full charge on the dual battery VMoto Soco CPx.

Further still, if we believe the full range on those batteries is 60 miles (Supersoco’s stated 87-mile range isn’t that realistic in the real world), we can figure out that each mile of travelling equates to about 3p.

Other electric moped costs to consider:

Annual MOTs

Like any modern combustion vehicle, you must have a valid and up-to-date MOT on your electric moped if you intend to ride on UK roads.

If you are unsure whether your bike is taxed and has a valid MOT, you can access this through the GOV.UK website to avoid unwanted fines and fees.

Road Tax

When it comes to road tax, up until 1st April 2025, all electric vehicles (including mopeds) are exempt from road tax, meaning that you will have to pay the small price of £0 a year.

It is worth noting that even if you don’t have to pay for road tax, you will still need to register your bike with the DVLA using a V5 document to notify them that you will be using your vehicle on the roads.

Specialist Electric Vehicle Servicing

When it comes to electric mopeds, these two-wheelers will require a specialist service that caters to electric vehicles - very different from those carried out on fuel combustion-engined bikes.

Licence Plates

Licence plates on electric mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles must be displayed as usual.

How long does it take to charge an electric moped?

At the time of writing, most electric scooters and mopeds available on the UK market have not utilised fast charging options as seen on some electric motorcycles such as the Livewire One and the Zero motorcycle range.

When searching around, typically electric scooters/mopeds have an average charging time of anywhere between 4-8 hours - making it an opportunity to charge either overnight or during your working hours.

In the table below, we are going to be looking at some of the most popular electric moped/scooter models on the market right now and how long it takes to charge them on both a standard and fast charger (if applicable).

 Manufacturer & Model:  Standard Charging (0-100%):  Fast Charging:
Horwin EK3 4 Hours (Single) / 8 Hours (Dual) N/A
Silence S01 Connected 6-8 Hours N/A
Yadea G5 4-6 Hours N/A
Honda EM1e N/A 3-4 Hours
Maeving RM1S 6 Hours N/A

*For more on popular electric moped and scooter models, make sure to check out our top 10 newly updated for 2024!

Signs your electric scooter/moped battery needs replacing

One of the biggest telltale signs that you need to change your electric moped battery will be a decrease in range. If you have to either charge your scoot up frequently or you feel significant power drops when out riding, this can be a sign that the battery is deteriorating.

Other signs your battery needs replacing include struggling to hold a charge, overheating when charging or riding, and/or any physical damage such as cracks or swelling.

Why does my electric scooter run out of battery so fast?

As a general rule, electric moped and scooter batteries should last at least 2-3 years and/or after 1,000 charge cycles, before they will need replacing - provided you take the correct precautions to look after them. Do check manufacturer specifics for your battery.

A few ways you can help preserve your batteries for longer include:

  • Try to avoid overcharging
  • Annual specialist EV servicing
  • Keeping it stored at a mild temperature, too hot or too cold can affect both performance and longevity
  • Don’t let your bike completely run out of charge, keep between the 20-80% mark at all times
  • Don’t charge your scooter after every use
  • Slow charge your moped when you can

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So there you have it, I hope we have answered aloof your questions regarding just how far an electric scooter or moped can travel.

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