Fresh for 2022 and establishing its place within the Honda range is the new adventure-style scooter, the ADV350.

It joins the mid-capacity scooter market and follows on from the huge success of its bigger brother, the X-ADV 750.

As a new model for 2022, we’ll have to wait a little while for its release but that doesn’t stop us from exploring what the ADV350 has to offer the world of adventure scooter riding.


Getting straight onto the visual detailing and the clear adventure styling the ADV350 is packing is definitely one, if not the, of the model’s standout features.

Cloaked in three different colourways – ‘Spangle Silver Metallic’, ‘Mat Carbonium Gray Metallic’ and ‘Mat Carnelian Red Metallic’ – all three brutes use block colours and beefy angles to stand out and really encapsulate that tough off-road look – it will definitely have a presence on the road!

Details such as the adjustable screen and high-set dual LED lights only add to its versatility and off-road feel.

Then, painted panels sit high on the blacked-out lower and rear seat cowl to give a sense of a higher centre of gravity similar to the X-ADV. Can you spot any other features that are similar?

Honda had the foundations and building on those has blended together “the sophistication and practicality of a polished scooter with rugged SUV styling” to create a sweet recipe for a scooter that’s more than ready for those small ADV-entures.


Designed to handle both rough and light road conditions, the ADV350’s chassis is built to inspire confidence and that’s achieved through a strong yet lightweight tubular steel frame, 1,520mm wheelbase, and 186kg wet weight.

To back that up further, motorcycle-style 37mm USD forks increase rigidity and the six-spoke cast aluminium wheels that run block-pattern tubeless tyres elevate the road feel and the ADV350’s overall agility.

As you might spot from the photo the ADV350 sports twin shocks to the back and they do in fact have reservoirs, not a common characteristic on scooters with twin shocks. However, a nice little upgrade that should allow for a great ride!

For the brakes, a 256mm single disc performs all the stopping duties upfront and then a 240mm covers the rear. For additional control, it benefits from 2-channel ABS.


Moving onto that powerhouse now and the ADV350’s Euro5 compliant, 330cc, eSP+, SOHC, 4-valve engine is actually derived from the Forza 350. It makes the most of those ponies and delivers 29 hp and 31.9 Nm of torque.  

It’s equipped with 2-level Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) that “detects any difference between the front and rear wheel speeds, calculates the slip ratio and then controls engine torque via the fuel injection to regain rear wheel traction.” Something extremely handy for those explored trails.  


When it comes to machines built for adventure, looks are one thing, but practicality can’t be forgotten and Honda has been sure to provide the ADV350 with all those practical goodies that make all-day, anywhere riding possible.

With 48L of under-seat storage, a USB charger in the lockable glovebox, a height-adjustable screen, LCD dash, Honda’s Smartphone Voice Control system and the convenience of Smart Key, it’s got it all to explore the city, and whatever lays beyond.

Adventurous nature

Adventure is literally in this guy’s name, so it was important for it to be pumping through its veins as well. Therefore, when designing Honda had their ‘New Urban Adventure’ concept at the forefront throughout the process.

After the success of their X-ADV, it was only a matter of time before Honda had a go at the same job but in a totally different way and, their ADV350, does just that. By adding a mid-capacity, A2-compliant globetrotter to their range allows them to branch into a new segment of the market and reach a broader demographic - younger riders I’m looking at you!


Engine 330cc, 29 hp, 4-stroke, 4 valve SOHC single, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 11.7L
Brakes Front: 4-stroke, 4 valve SOHC single; Single, 2 piston Nissin caliper. Single 256mm disc
Rear: Single 1 piston Nissin caliper. Single 240mm disc
Suspension Front: 37mm Upside down forks - 125mm stroke
Rear: Twin Shock - 130mm travel
Seat height 795mm
Weight 186kg
Price £5,599

The last stop

The Japanese firm’s X-ADV took second place in the sales list in the ‘on-off’ category but, with big shoes to fill, it’s now time for the ADV350 to take centre stage. Whether it can live up to its sibling reputation is something only time will tell. What do you think, is the ADV350 up to job?

From my point of view, having that winning combination enter the A2 market is a great thing and I’m really looking forward to seeing how well this cross-over gets on!

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