When the world witnessed the launch of the first TMAX way back in 2001, did we think it would still be influencing and playing such a huge role in the sports scooter market today?

Of course, we did! Using that special combination of a high-powered twin-cylinder engine, lightweight chassis and eye-watering good looks, the TMAX made its mark on the industry early and hasn’t budged since. The only question now is do you think Yamaha could do much more to make this widely-loved scooter any better?

Of course, they can! Let me introduce you to the brand's ultimate sports scooter – the TMAX Tech MAX, freshly updated and tied in a nice big bow for 2022!

‎Sportier performance

And I think this is the perfect place to start.

A more-than-ever compact body, boomerang side covers and slimmer waist, elevate the Tech MAX’s sports nature and ensure it reaches its Tech-MAX-imum performance (sorry, I had to)!

The motorcycle-type die-cast aluminium chassis with twin-spar layout, adjustable rear suspension, lightweight Spin Forged wheels and Bridgestone tyres then help to deliver better handling, precision and stability at all speeds and boost sportiness.

For even more get up and go and comfort, the Tech MAX features a revised forward-leaning riding position, “adjustable rider’s backrest with a total of 30 mm front/rear movement”, new-shape forged aluminium handlebars, a longer main seat and footboards too.

Because of all that, the Tech MAX remains true to the original concept whilst also staying ahead of the game to bring it out on top and provide new and returning riders with a thrilling experience!


We can’t forget about those looks now, can we? A slight facelift reinforces that super-sports character, bold nature and ‘I mean business’ personality that makes the Tech MAX such a force to be reckoned with.

Part of that facelift includes a new adjustable windscreen with a centre air intake duct that enhances the quality of the ride by reducing wind noise and pressure on your upper body and falls in line with its overall aerodynamic styling.

Newly designed slimmer dual LED headlights feature integrated indicators for not only a look of beauty and refinement that underlines its premium finish but also to give a more aggressive look.  Additionally, the new projector headlight design with a mono-focus lens makes for excellent night-time riding and the inclusion of an all-new T-shaped designed taillight injects an extra dose of sportiness.

We can’t get enough of the strong overall look that perfectly captures its dynamic and fun-loving spirit!


When it comes to technology, the Tech MAX is receiving a few significant upgrades including a connected 7-inch full-colour TFT screen with the choice of three display styles – Sporty’, ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Authentic’. ‘Sporty’ features a radial block-type tachometer, ‘Intelligent’ has a more subtle needle style tachometer, and ‘Authentic’ displays a conventional-looking needle tachometer but all three display a central digital speedo.

Full-map Garmin navigation, cruise control, traction control, fly-by-wire Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG) and Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) are all also included as standard to make long-distance riding even more enjoyable and *ding, ding ding* bonus features such as heated grips and a heated seat with improved temperate control have also been included to ensure the Tech MAX is an all-season, weekly commuting as well as weekend touring rider.

Smart key has been upgraded to simplify the process. Through a new centre switch, you can now “turn the main power on and off, activate the main switch and handlebar steering lock, and open the seat with fewer operational steps.”

And on top of that, it’s also the first Yamaha two-wheeler to be equipped with a “smart aero-style fuel cap that automatically opens if the hinge is flipped up within two minutes of the main switch being turned off.” It’s connected with the smart key so can be accessed anytime, as long as you have that on you.

‎If it is not broke

A few things haven’t changed though, and this includes the 560cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, though it is now Euro5 compliant. It’s a key feature that helps to create a powerful, compact and smooth-running machine, and as the title suggests, if it’s not broke why fix it? With a 35kW (AKA 42 hp) output, it’s staying A2-compliant too.

Alongside that is also the 360-degree crank with a horizontally-opposed reciprocating piston balancer "for an extremely sporty performance together with a high-efficiency CVT drive system for outstandingly smooth running."

Another thing to stay the same is that distinct, deep and clear exhaust note. There are some things you just can’t change, and this is one of them! It’s unique to this sports scoot and part of its appeal.


Hold onto your hats because this whirlwind is set to hit dealers as soon as March 2022. Prices haven’t yet been disclosed.


Engine 562cc, 42 hp, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin cylinder
Fuel tank 15L
Brakes Front: Hydraulic dual disc brake, Ø267 mm
Rear: Hydraulic single disc brake, Ø282 mm
Suspension Front: Telescopic fork
Rear: Swingarm
Seat height 800mm
Weight 200kg (wet)
Price £12,500

‎‎The last stop

Yamaha’s TMAX has been evolving for twenty years now and the 2022 Tech Max is still as iconic as the first – it’s no surprise that thousands of you have chosen to ride it.

Because of that best-in-class spec, we’re pretty impressed here at BikeMatters but what are you thinking? Desperate to get your hands on the new model? Or do you think Yamaha should stop while they’re ahead? Let me know in the comments below, we love to hear your thoughts.

And don’t forget, if you are thinking of treating yourself to one of these beauties make sure you’ve got the right insurance to go with it - make sure to get a motorcycle insurance quote direct with Lexham!

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