Having been to EICMA and Motorcycle Live 2023, we’ve had a chance to see (most of) the new motorcycles ready to land in the UK for 2024 – it’s safe to say this year is looking pretty good for new metal.

We’ve gone through and picked 10 of the best, noted down the ones that excite us most here at BikeMatters and Lexham, and put them here for you to peruse. Though it is in a Top 10 order it’s naturally subjective, any of these would make a great 2024 ride.

Let’s get into it!

Yamaha MT-09

Yamaha MT-09 2024 at Motorcycle Live

Famed for its CP3 890cc triple motor, the MT-09 has been hitting the streets in various forms since 2013, and in 2024 the Dark Side of Japan hyper-naked series gets an update. On the face of it, Yamaha hasn’t changed much past the headlight – the controversial cyclops look is out, a sleeker dual LED faceplate is in. But there is a bit more under the surface for 2024.

Dive deeper and your inner hooligan will be ecstatic. For 2024 the MT-09 keeps its 6-axis IMU with rider aids, adds a Back Slip Regulator and third-gen Quickshifter, has uprated and adjustable suspension, even better Brembo brakes, acoustic amplifier grills on top of the tank, and you can tweak your ride via the TFT dash and Yamaha Ride Control – though the 5 inch TFT does stick out a bit…

Though, it seems the price has taken quite a hike to match the new form, now priced at £10,100 in 2024 (the 2023 MT-09 launch price was £8999, the 2023 SP was £10,199, and in 2013 it launched at just under £7k!). It’s getting a bit pricier, but without a doubt it’ll continue selling very well.

Honorary mention also goes to the XSR 900 GP, which is the sports bike variant using the same CP3 motor – it wasn’t the R9 that many were hoping to be unveiled for 2024, but it’ll do.

Power: 117 BHP Weight: 193 kg (wet) Seat Height: 825mm Tank Size: 14 L Price: £10,100

Yamaha MT09 2024 riding in city


  • Nice new style
  • Decent level of tech features
  • One of the best hyper naked motorcycles around


  • Entering a stacked market
  • Price keeps going up!

Moto Guzzi Stelvio

Moto Guzzi Stelvio 2024 at EICMA

Next, we have the Moto Guzzi Stelvio, the ‘new’ adventure bike from the Eagle brand which reignites the iconic Stelvio name of old, using the new liquid-cooled 1042cc transverse-twin as used in the V100 Mandello engine – providing you with 113.4 bhp and 105 Nm of torque.

The Stelvio made a debut appearance at EICMA, but unfortunately it didn’t make an appearance at Motorcycle Live… it’s due to land in the UK ready for a 2024 launch.

What makes this new bike intriguing is its application of engine and electronic gadgetry (including newly added PFF radar), providing state-of-the-art tourability with the added possibility of jaunts off-road. Though it is 246 kg wet, and by all means a big bike (so smaller riders beware).

As of writing, the price of the Stelvio isn’t confirmed for the UK market, though it appears to be set at $16,390 in the US. We’d guess the price may start at around £15,000.

Want a video? Here's 7 things you need to know about the Moto Guzzi Stelvio!

Power: 113.4 BHP Weight: 246 kg (wet) Seat Height: 830mm Tank Size: 21 L Price: £15,000 (Guess)


  • Unique engine character
  • Can be equipped with radar assistance gadgetry
  • Stunning!


  • Tall and heavy, not for the faint-hearted
  • Perhaps not the ideal adventure motorcycle
  • No price announced (as of writing)

Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono

Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono 2024 at Motorcycle Live

The Hypermotard goes Mono for 2024, and Ducati has reinvented its supermoto formula with a groundbreaking new 659cc single-cylinder Superquadro Mono motor – the most powerful in production with 76.4 bhp and 63 Nm in stock format, revving to 10,250 rpm. This bike was also voted the most beautiful at EICMA 2023!

It finds its way onto 8th place on our list, but don’t assume that means it isn’t anything but superb (the Hypermotard series is nothing short of spectacular). This 2024 rendition comes in two trims, the RVE edition with a lovely Graffiti paint job, and the Ducati Red standard model.

It weighs in at 151 kg dry, has a tall 904 mm seat, and a 12-litre tank. You can restrict this for an A2 licence 47 bhp, too, and all things considered, it would be an absolute riot to hoon around on. Round of applause for that motor, too.

Price starts at £10,995, £11,895 for the RVE with Graffiti Livery – considering the fun potential, that seems like a fair trade-off, but it depends on what style of riding you enjoy!

Power: 76.4 BHP Weight: 151 kg (dry) Seat Height: 905mm Tank Size: 12 L Price: £10,995


  • Most power ever from a production single-cylinder
  • Supreme fun factor
  • Can be restricted for A2 licence riders
  • Most beautiful bike of EICMA 2023!


  • Ducati price (but Ducati quality!)
  • Tall seat height

Honda CB1000 Hornet

Honda CB1000 Hornet

Let me first say that Honda has clearly been hard at work for 2024. Amongst the EICMA reveals was the NX500, updates to the CB650 range, the Hornet 500... but we're starting with the new flagship CB1000 Hornet - watch our Honda 2024 video as they've been busy working for 2024!

Back to the new flagship Hornet, which takes the 2017 CBR1000RR Fireblade engine with over 147 bhp and 100 Nm of torque, and sticks it in the seriously fun Hornet streetfighter framework. New twin-spar frame, new trellis-style rear subframe, dual LED headlights that look suspiciously familiar… it is shaping up to be quite the package.

Full specs and details are yet to be revealed, as well as the all-important price point… but this could prove to be a very special model for Honda. I also asked Honda if the CB1000R neo sports café racer will be on the way out to make way for this Hornet, and they replied that they aren’t planning on it, but who knows at this stage.

Power: 147.5 BHP Weight: 213 kg (guess) Seat Height: 830mm (guess) Tank Size: 15 L (guess) Price: £12,000+ (guess)

Honda CB1000 Hornet


  • New flagship Hornet model
  • 2017 Fireblade engine and streetfighter ride
  • Could be a very important model for Honda in 2024


  • Headlight isn't very 'Honda'
  • Full specs yet to be confirmed - including price.

Honda CBR600RR

Honda CBR600RR at Motorcycle Live 2024

Sticking with Honda, we reserve a place for the CBR600RR. Another one that turned many heads on stands (and garnered many clicks on social media) is the return of the CBR600RR, and after a 6-year hiatus it’s back – under-seat exhaust and all.

It was shown off at first at EICMA and then Motorcycle Live, and even sitting on it at the Honda stand it felt quick, with a racey rider position matched to the updated four-cylinder 599cc motor. Peak power figures sit at an astonishing 119 BHP at 14250 revs, and 63 Nm of torque at 11500 revs, all in a 193 kg package. Did I mention 14250 revs?!

Wannabe racers will also get a 6-axis IMU & ride-by-wire throttle, MotoGP-inspired electronics and aerodynamics, a standard fit quickshifter with assist & slipper clutch, and even an optional race-only HRC kit if you think you can take the place of the departing Marc Marquez…

Pricing is unconfirmed at this point, so your guess is as good as ours. At one point, a brand new first-gen model was £9500, with used prices staying fairly high. I’d expect this to sell extremely well – I’d love a go on one. If you’re wanting a rough guess, I’d say around £13,000 – but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was cheaper.

Admittedly the reborn CBR600RR may be more suited to rev-happy race tracks at full chat, whilst on the road you’d really have to pin it to get the most out of it… legally, of course.

Power: 119 BHP Weight: 193 kg (wet) Seat Height: 820mm Tank Size: 18 L Price: £13,000 (guess)


  • Unique visual styling - under seat exhaust!
  • Serious performance
  • Return of a legend!


  • No price confirmed yet - it may be priced out of many riders budgets...
  • May need to be ridden seriously hard on road to get the most out of the engine

KTM 990 Duke

KTM 990 Duke 2024 at EICMA

Middle of the pack here but aggressive as ever, we have the new KTM 990 Duke. The Duke has seemingly been an eternally popular naked machine, the 990 was originally reserved for the ‘Super Duke’ … but now, 30 years from the first Duke, we have an additional 100 or so cc’s for the 2024 Duke, up to 947cc for the LC8c twin.

Look past the peculiar new LED headlight design and you’ll find a distinguished beast with 123 horsepower and 103 Nm of torque, weighing in at 190 kg wet, and refined down from a long lineage of Duke’s with 2024 spec including adjustable WP Apex suspension, Bridgestone S22 tyres on 17-inch wheels, a new tubular frame and closed-lattice swingarm, updated ergonomics and technology – it’s sure to be a blast.

Plus, it has a dedicated track mode, 10-level slip control, anti-wheelie, cornering ABS launch control… KTM has kept this traditionally mad.

Prices are due to start at £12,999 – and I’d imagine this 990cc unit will find its way into many 990-derived models. This is just the start!

Power: 121 BHP Weight: 190 kg (wet) Seat Height: 825mm Tank Size: 14.8 L Price: £12,999


  • Duke gets more power!
  • More tech thrown in - launch control!


  • Entering a stacked market
  • Price is getting high
  • That headlight will divide opinion

Suzuki GSX-S1000 GX

Suzuki GSX-S1000 GX at EICMA 2024

Some people are already calling this the bike of 2024 - the Suzuki GSX-S1000 GX. But also a special mention to the GSX-8R that was unveiled at the same time at EICMA, this duo from Suzuki could arguably form the ideal garage pair for many!

There’s a lot to talk about on this GX, and it’s a pretty big step in the right direction for a brand that could otherwise be accused of being quite stagnant over the years. The GX introduces plenty of new tech and gadgetry for Suzuki’s first adventure into the crossover sector.

Standing tall and proud, it is heavily based on the GSX-S1000 GT with the 999cc inline-four motor boasting 150 bhp at 11k revs, and 106 Nm of torque at 9250 revs, weighs in at 232 kg, and has a host of rider tech to play about with – a 6-axis Bosch IMU, Suzuki Intelligent Ride System with ride-by-wire, cornering ABS, traction control, rider modes and drive mode selector to name a few. There’s also another first for Suzuki in the semi-active electronic suspension from Showa!

Wallets at the ready… Suzuki has priced the 2024 GX at £14,499 as a launch price, with the first batch due to be ready for Christmas. Consider, also, that you’d need to add in some touring accessories (like the panniers!) and it’ll be a tad pricier.

But all in, some are calling this the bike of 2024 already – and with the launch reviews now rolling in, it’ll be interesting to see what’s to come. We also released a 7 things to know video if you want a quick cover-all look at this new model – check it out.

Power: 150 BHP Weight: 232 kg (wet) Seat Height: 845mm Tank Size: 19 L Price: £14,499


  • First time Suzuki has used semi-active suspension
  • Using a very popular Gixxer K5 motor
  • Would be great on long tours, loads of tech!


  • Doesn't come with luggage
  • Screen cannot be adjusted when riding

Triumph Speed 400 | Triumph Scrambler 400 X

Triumph Speed 400 and Triumph Scrambler 400 X 2024 at Motorcycle Live

Standing on the podium in a triumphant 3rd place, we have the highly-anticipated result of Triumph’s collaboration with Bajaj Auto – the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400X. We stuck both in here as they share the same bones, but the scrambler naturally given a few tweaks to make it adept for a few light trails.

The 400cc liquid-cooled single puts out a decent 39.5 bhp and 37.5 Nm of torque – A2 friendly and noted as ‘typically Triumph’ in its delivery. Could be good!

For this duo, the pricing could well be the biggest selling point. Seriously tempting and competitive, the Speed 400 is set at £4,995 and the Scrambler 400 X at £5,595 – and with models due to land in early 2024, they could be making huge waves in the UK (and further afield).

Spec-wise, you’re getting some proper equipment. 43mm USD forks, ByBre brakes with ABS, a lightweight 170 kg/179 kg weight for the Speed/Scrambler respectively. The Scrambler, of course, has longer travel suspension and a taller 835mm seat, the Speed a 790mm seat.

Of course, check our dedicated video on these two, or even my chat with Chief Engineer Stuart Wood about them. We’re due to test them out next year, so stay tuned and subscribe to catch our review when it lands.

Speed Spec: Power: 39.5 BHP Weight: 170 kg (wet) Seat Height: 790mm Tank Size: 13 L Price: £4995

Scrambler Spec: Power: 39.5 BHP Weight: 179 kg (wet) Seat Height: 835mm Tank Size: 13 L Price: £5,595


  • Seriously tempting price
  • Stylish
  • Option for street or trails - and expect more models with this motor


  • Would be nice if power was upped to 47 bhp (A2 Licence limit)
  • Quite small

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Rally 2024 at Motorcycle Live

Just missing out on the top spot, but arguably deserving of it depending on who you ask, is the brand new & updated Royal Enfield Himalayan 450.

Royal Enfield is seriously proud of what they have done here, a bike that was born in the Himalayas to serve the Himalayas in 2016 (in both function and price) and followed popular demand to land outside India for all of us to enjoy. It keeps things basic.

Pricing was the last puzzle piece to be revealed, and it starts at a seriously tempting £5,750 – going up depending on colour and tubeless tyre preference.

Sure, it adds around £750 to the existing Himalayan price tag, but inside the ‘affordable’ adventurer is a brand-new Sherpa 450 single-cylinder workhorse, liquid-cooled (a first for Enfield), 452cc with 40 bhp and 40 Nm of torque. The listed wet weight is 196 kg, with the previous 411cc model tipping the scales at 199 kg wet – that’s good going considering the new Showa suspension and almost doubled-up power. Navigating on (or off-road) shouldn’t prove to be too problematic.

Reviews on this from the ride in the Himalayas seem to report top marks, keep an eye out for us to get our hands on it in 2024!

Power: 40 BHP Weight: 196 kg (wet) Seat Height: 825mm Tank Size: 17 L Price: £5,750


  • New liquid-cooled motor - a first for Enfield
  • All new from the ground up
  • Price has stayed competitive
  • Includes TFT display with smartphone pairing


  • No option for heated grips
  • No cruise control

BMW R1300 GS

BMW R1300 GS 2024 at Motorcycle Live

Reaching the summit at number 1 is the BMW R 1300 GS. Years in development, almost entirely new for 2024, and redesigned from the ground up. If you’re a betting person, it would be a very safe bet to say this adventurer will continue the GS legacy to head sales charts and Top 10s the world over (I guess we’re adding to that list aren’t we…).

No matter what type of riding you’re after, the variants of GS will have you covered. All sharing the new 1300cc boxer-twin ShiftCam engine with 145 bhp at 7750 rpm and 149 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm, it seems like this bigger GS ups the stakes, lowers its weight by 12 kg (to 237 kg wet), and provides more bang for your buck (so to speak).

Prices start from £15,990, going up to £18,300 depending on which variant you go for – the GS Trophy is £16,820 for those after off-road use – and we saw it in action at Motorcycle Live, in the right hands it’s an absolute weapon, Triple Black £16,820, or all out for the Option 719 Tramuntana at £18,250.

Do you agree that this will be the motorcycle of 2024 (and beyond)?

Power: 145 BHP Weight: 237 kg (wet) Seat Height: 850mm Tank Size: 19 L Price: £15,990


  • BMW build quality and tech features
  • Beautiful new design
  • Impressive power and torque figures
  • Surprisingly affordable price point
  • Premium versions available


  • May be a bit sport focused for some
BMW R1300GS 2024 duo riding on road

The last stop!

That just about rounds up our favourite new bikes for 2024, and yes we did have to leave out quite a few models… let us know if you agree or disagree with my list, and what your favourite for 2024 is - we'll be waiting on our social media pages!

Last but not least, if you have your very own motorcycle you need to insure - make sure to get a motorcycle insurance quote direct with Lexham!

Video: Top 10 New Motorcycles of 2024 | BikeMatters

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