Motorhome sales have rocketed over the past few years for a variety of reasons, with one of the main ones being the extended global travel restrictions we face post-pandemic.

However, not everyone can or want to just go out and buy themselves a brand new motorhome, especially when there are plenty of great used motorhomes on the market more readily available on realistic budgets.

With that being said, today I will be running you through just 10 of the best-used motorhomes I have found for under £50,000!

Before we get into it though, if this is your first time buying a used motorhome, or perhaps you are just thinking about it, why not head over to our full guide on how to buy a used motorhome and essential guide to buying a motorhome blogs?

1. Elddis Evolution 196

Kicking off the list, first up we have the Elddis Evolution 196!

Elddis offer some of the best motorhomes on the UK market, and you can pick up an Elddis Evolution 2017 model for around £44,000.

The Evolution is perfect for families, coming packed with a large spacious rear living room area (which also turns into a double bed), a spacious kitchen equipped with plenty of fridge and freezer space, alongside plenty of worktop space, a duel fuel hob with three-burner gas rings and an electric hot plate too.

In addition to this, there is another double bed space in the dining quarters, and also an electronic drop-down large comfortable double bed hidden above the driver and passenger seat.

Overall, from the exterior to the interior, the Evolution gives off the feel of luxury - whilst being affordable on a budget too!

Chassis: Peugeot
Berth: 6
Length: 7.33m
Price (Estimated): £44,999-£48,000

2. Bailey Approach Autograph 740

In at number two on this list is the Bailey Approach Autograph 740 - The perfect option if you’re looking for a reasonably priced motorhome that ticks all the right boxes for luxury and comfort.

Built upon a Peugeot chassis, the Autograph comes packed with a spacious and flexible living area, a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, as well as plenty of cupboard and storage space. One of the standout features of the Bailey is the fixed rear island bed alongside the all-around LED lighting that really optimises that luxury hotel-on-wheels vibe.

Lastly, if you like what you see with the Autograph, you will be looking at paying around £45,000 for a 2017 model.

Chassis: Peugeot Boxer
Berth: 4
Length: 7.45m
Price (Estimated): £45,000

3. Roller Team T-Line 670

Next up and sitting third on our list is the Roller Team T-Line 670!

Based upon a Fiat Ducato chassis, the T-Line is a spacious 4-berth motorhome and comes packed with a fixed large double bed in the rear, a dropdown double bed, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Something I like a lot about the T-Line has to be its large amounts of storage space dotted around the motorhome all with easy access and a bike rack to take your bicycles on your travels with you.

I think it is fair to say that the layout will not be for everyone, however, if you are a lover of a large and spacious bathroom, then this is a motorhome you definitely have to look out for!

Lastly, when it comes to pricing you will be looking at an estimate at anything around the £39,000 mark for a 2014 model!

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Chassis: Fiat Ducato
Berth: 4
Length: 6.76m
Price (Estimated): £39,000

4. Auto-Sleeper Broadway

Coming in at number four is the Auto-Sleepers Broadway, the modern and spacious motorhome ideal for couples…

Auto-Sleeps claim that the Broadway is built with epitomized pampered touring in mind. Built on a Peugeot chassis, the Broadway is equipped with a large living and sleeping area, and a decently sized washroom all whilst retaining the functionality and maneuverability of the medium wheelbase chassis. The kitchen area is impressive too, coming with a fully-fledged Thetford fridge freezer, 4-ring burner hob, 700w Daewoo microwave, and combination oven.

Regarding the price of the Broadway, upon research, you can pick up a 2012-2013 model with fairly low mileage for the cost of £39,000.

Chassis: Peugeot 
Berth: 2
Length: 6.6m
Price (Estimated): £39,000-£41,000

5. Chausson Flash 510

Taking a fifth spot on our list today is a coachbuilt motorhome, the Chausson Flash 510.

Based on a Ford Transit chassis, the Flash packs a 2.0l 130 bhp turbo diesel Ford engine and comes fully equipped with a Fiamma side awning, a spacious living room (that also converts into a bed), a dropdown double bed, and a spacious kitchen and bathroom all as standard - fitting neatly into its 5.96m exterior.

Something special worth noting about the Flash is its spacious interior design and modern feel that Chausson without a doubt every single time in their motorhomes.

Overall, for this motorhome, a 2015 model will take you back around £42,995, making it one of the cheaper options available on this list!

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Chassis: Ford Transit
Berth: 4
Length: 5.96m
Price (Estimated): £42,995

6. Auto-Trail Tribute

At sixth, here we have the Auto-Trail T625 Tribute.

Auto-Trail is another popular UK manufacturer which offers several diverse ranges, however for this list, the Tribute T-625 is the one that stands out for me.

Built on the popular and reliable Fiat Ducato chassis, the Tribute packs a lot into its 6.34m interior including a spacious living area (that at nighttime can be transformed into a large double bed), a washroom with a separate shower and toilet, and lastly, a decently sized kitchen with just enough worktop space.

Something I like about the Tribute is its large and spacious feel thanks to the use of the panoramic windows and for a 2017-2018 model, the Tribute will take you back between £44,999-£47,999!

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Chassis: Fiat Ducato
Berth: 2
Length: 6.34m
Price (Estimated): £44,999-£47,999

7. Benimar Mileo 202

The seventh on our list has got to be the Benimar Mileo 202.

Benimar is another motorhome range that has become a favourite amongst UK buyers since they were reintroduced by Marquis, an established motorhome dealer back in 2014.

Based upon a trusty Fiat AL-KO chassis, the Mileo 202 comes packed with a decently sized bathroom, a dropdown double bed, a large rear fixed double bed, and an impressively sized kitchen equipped with a sink, Thetford Triplex cooker, oven, grill, hob, microwave, and large fridge freezer.

I think one of my favourite parts about the Mileo is its luxurious and spacious feel, especially in the kitchen area despite it being one of the smallest on this list. From the interior to the exterior, the Mileo for me gets a 10/10!

For a 2015 or 2016 model, you will be looking at £45,995, however, I would argue every penny spent is worth it with the Mileo.

Chassis: Fiat AL-KO
Berth: 4
Length: 5.99m
Price (Estimated): £45,995

8. Swift Bolero 630PR

In at eighth is the Swift Bolero 630PR.

The Swift Bolero is based upon a Fiat Ducato chassis and is powered by a 2.3-litre diesel engine coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox.

One great thing about the Bolero has got to be the layout, giving you plenty of room to move around without skimping on any of the features. The Bolero comes fully equipped with a large rear lounge (that turns into a large double bed measuring over 6ft), a spacious kitchen area, and a fully economical washroom.

When it comes to the price of the Bolero, for a 2010-2011 model you will be looking at around £30,000 - making this one of our more affordable offerings on this list while packing a lot into its 7.1m exterior, hence its worthy position on our list!

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Chassis: Fiat Ducato
Berth: 2
Length: 7.1m
Price (Estimated): £30,000

9. Rapido 992M

Taking one of the last spots on this list is the Rapido 992M.

Built on a Mercedes Benz chassis, and powered by a 2.2L Turbo diesel engine, the 992M boasts a superb luxury interior, coming equipped with a front dropdown bed, a front L-shape lounge, and a decently sized kitchen area.

For a 2011 model of the Rapido 992M, it will take you back around £42,000. Undeniably though, it is one of the more expensive ones for an older model, however, with a Mercedes chassis you are paying for the name and that little bit of extra luxury.

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Chassis: Mercedes Benz A-Class
Berth: 3
Length: 7.45m
Price (Estimated): £42,000

10. Roller Team Zefiro 675

Taking the top spot on our list today is Roller Team’s most popular model, the Zefiro 675.

Based on a Ford Transit chassis, the Zefiro is 6.7m in length and comes packed with a large double dropdown bed, a four-seater dinette, a set of bunk beds on the rear, and lastly a washroom including a shower, cassette-type toilet and wash basin.

Onto the kitchen, the Zefiro is equipped with a three-burner gas hob, Thetford Duplex oven/grill, and Thetford fridge freezer.

When it comes to pricing, a 2015 model will cost you on average around £39,995, again making this one of the more affordable on this list!

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Chassis: Ford Transit
Berth: 6
Length: 6.7m
Price (Estimated): £39,995

Insure your motorhome

So there you have it, here are my top 10 best-used motorhomes…

If our list has helped you find the perfect used motorhome, you must not forget to insure it!

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