When it comes to cruisers, two giant names from the USA immediately come to mind - Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle.

And whilst Harley may be the more universally known brand, this doesn't mean you should overlook Indian, they arguably have some of the coolest cruisers ever created!

Founded in 1901, Indian has been a force in the biking world for more than a century, and although the road hasn't always been smooth (collapsing and rising from the ashes under new ownership more times than a phoenix), Indian Motorcycles are once again at the top of the pile when it comes to modern cruisers.

Since 2011, Indian Motorcycle has been under the ownership of Polaris Industries, and they have been growing from strength to strength while putting out some fantastic bikes. In this blog we are going to look at some of the very best Indian models on offer in 2024!

9. Scout

Kicking off the list, we have one of the classics - the Indian Motorcycle Scout.

First going into production back in 1920, the 2024 incarnation of the Scout is a very different beast from its original ancestor, but it carries the name forward with modern technology and design, while still retaining some nice custom details as a nod to the model's rich heritage.

The modern version of the Scout arrived in 2015, and after various updates along the way, in 2024 it still stands as one of the best mid-range cruisers on the market. Like most of Indian's cruisers, they aim for a mixture of comfort and performance. The luxurious leather seat with a low height of 649mm, creates that comfortable cruiser riding style but the 1133cc V-Twin engine with its 95hp gives a bit more oomph at higher revs than you might expect, as well as class leading acceleration.

A brand-new Indian Scout starts at £12,995 which stands up very nicely to its rivals. The Scout comes in a range of colours and styles, not to mention variations like the Bobber and Rogue, and even an A2 licence configuration. Like most cruisers, it is a relatively stripped-down experience in terms of features, but the Scout does come with ABS and a USB charger as standard. If you are looking to get into cruisers or want a nice accessible model that drips with classic style – this is it!

8. Scout Rogue

The Scout Rogue is the latest variation of Indian’s iconic Scout range and while it features mostly the same mechanical setup with the latest liquid-cooled 1133cc V-Twin engine, it does have some key differences that make it its own unique beast.

Firstly, the visuals are noticeably different, with the Rogue doing away with the chrome details in exchange for a fully blacked-out affair and very stylish quarter fairing up front. The outlaw styling is completed with some mini-ape bars and a slightly more aggressive ride position.

The front wheel has been upsized to 19’’ and the chunky Pirelli Night Dragon tyres have been swapped out for some fresh Metzeler Cruisetec rubber, featuring a slightly smaller sidewall profile. The aim is to give the Rogue a little bit more agility to match its aggressive set-up.

With that said, the Rogue is still a manageable bike and like the regular Scout, can come in an A2 variant as well. A brand new 2024 Scout Rogue starts at £13,995, so it is an extra grand over the base model, but for me, this is the sweetest looking cruiser in its category!

7. FTR

Sitting at Seventh is the FTR!

The FTR is unique among Indian’s lineup as a full-on super-naked street bike. Based on Indian's championship winning FTR 750 flat, the latest 2024 FTR is purely street focused, although there is a ‘Rally’ edition that adds some Pirelli Scorpion Rally tyres and larger wheels for a bit of scrambler versatility.

The standard FTR model enters hooligan territory, with high torque at the low end and an impressive 120hp, 1203cc V-Twin engine that takes no prisoners. Although it uses the same base engine as the Scout, it has been heavily revised for increased power and pull, the fact that it weighs 33kg less than the cruiser at 233kg wet, only compounds the effect. This is a bike that can hold its own among the top hooligans in the class.

The FTR features an upright and aggressive riding position and comes packed full of tech including switchable ABS, cruise control and fully adjustable suspension. If you have the budget for it, the FTR R Carbon is available and packs in even more tech, with an upgraded Ohlins suspension and large LCD screen with multimedia connectivity. As the name suggests you can expect plenty of lovely carbon detailing on the visuals too.

The FTR starts at £12,995 and as of 2024 has a bunch of variations, including the FTR Rally, FTR S, FTR R Carbon and the rare, limited edition FTR 100% R Carbon. With plenty of options depending on your budget, Indian, have you covered!

6. Chief Bobber Dark Horse

The Chief range is the next step up from Indian’s entry level Scout with more size and power across the board. The Chief comes in a variety of options, however the first one we will look at is the Chief Bobber Dark Horse.

The Chief Bobber is Indian’s answer to the Harley Fat Boy, with its chunky styling, huge 132mm telescopic forks and powerful torque filled engine. The Chief swaps the chrome detailing of its rival for an all blacked out affair to give its own individual flavour, and a very tasty one at that.

The engine used in all Chief models is the Thunderstroke 116, an 1890cc air-cooled V-Twin with a gigantic 162Nm of torque for smooth pull across the board. They all share the same suite of tech features too, coming equipped with keyless ignition, ABS, cruise control, multiple ride modes and a 4” touch screen display with built in navigation. A great package compared to its stripped-down rivals.

The main difference on this variation are the mini-ape bars, which complete the bobber style and give the Dark Horse its own unique stance and feel. Overall, the Chief range is a great option for anyone looking to step up to a meaty cruiser, and the Bobber Dark Horse does it in supreme style. The Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse starts at £19,695 brand new.

5. Super Chief Limited 2024

With each model year, Indian Motorcycle produces a few limited-edition variants that will only be produced for that year. It’s a chance to own something a bit special, and one of the models up for a limited edition for 2024 is the Chief. Meet the Super Chief Limited 2024.

If you checked out the Chief Bobber Dark Horse earlier, you will already know the basic setup. A chunky 1890cc, air-cooled V-Twin with a gigantic 162Nm of torque up its sleeve. It has the familiar 4” digital display, cunningly disguised as a traditional speedo, but with a touchscreen satnav and multimedia connectivity built in. We get the suite of rider modes, cruise control, ABS and keyless ignition too. Overall, this is one of the best tech packages in its traditionally stripped-back class.

What is new with the 2024 Super Chief Limited is mostly cosmetic, trading its blacked-out detailing for gleaming chrome and adding a traditional-looking front screen and leather saddlebags. The result is a motorcycle that looks like a classic cruiser, with modern style touches everywhere. You can also get a metallic blue or metallic pearl maroon colour scheme for an extra £500, and both look delightful. Starting at £22,295, this is going to be one of the most sought after cruisers in 2024!

4. Chieftain Limited 2024

The next Limited model for 2024 comes from Indian's premium range of motorcycles, the touring focused Chieftain. Beautiful looks, and luxurious features, this is a fantastic old-school tourer that has just been made even more interesting than it already was!

The chieftain is powered by the mighty Thunderstroke 116 engine, an 1890cc beast which has recently been improved by having its already generous torque ramped up further to a peak of 171Nm. Even more impressive is that this peak comes at just 3000 rpm, so despite its large size, this motorcycle will have no problems pulling swiftly off the line. The Chieftain is further bolstered with a 20-litre fuel tank to support its touring focus.

The Chieftain comes with the now familiar technology package of 3 ride modes, cruise control, ABS and keyless ignition. It also features a beautifully designed front fairing with electric wind shield that can rise and fall with the push of a button. The cockpit even has built in speakers, so you can listen to high quality audio while cruising! The touchscreen display has been expanded to 7” and features built in navigation and multimedia connectivity as well. If all this wasn't enough the Chieftain comes with 68 litres of storage space thanks to its power locking saddlebags!

The Chieftain Limited 2024 features the premium chrome detailing seen on the other limited models and has also had its stance lowered for a surprisingly agile ride. The 2024 limited paint schemes of metallic blue and metallic maroon are both available on this model and look stunning. If you prefer Indians more aggressive outlaw styling, the standard Dark Horse version is also available with blacked-out details and a choice of matte finishes, with black, white and grey available.

The Chieftain Limited 2024 starts from £25,895, while the Dark Horse version begins at £26,395. If you have the budget and are looking for a luxurious tourer with gorgeous cruiser styling, look no further!

3. Roadmaster

The Roadmaster is Indian's ultimate touring option which in their own words, comes fully loaded with the most extensive package of touring amenities in their entire range.

Once again powered by the Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin engine, the Roadmaster basically takes everything the Chieftain has and raises it to the next level. All the same features and technology, including ride modes, cruise control and audio system are present, but we also get Rear Cylinder Deactivation technology, a premium touring seat that looks like an armchair and a whopping 137 litres of cargo space.

One thing to bear in mind with the Roadmaster is the size of this motorcycle. Once you are cruising it isn't such a big issue but at slow speeds and at a standstill, the hefty 412 kilo weight of this bike could become an issue if you aren't prepared for it.

Still, this is one of the most stylish and comfortable ways to go touring you will find anywhere, so long as you can afford the £28,495 entry price. Aside from the beautiful black, titanium and blue/silver paint schemes, there is a limited 2024 Black Azure edition which looks amazing for an extra £300.

2. Challenger Limited 2024

While still clearly an American tourer, the Challenger seems to combine all of Indian's motorcycle know-how, offering cruising, touring, and performance all rolled into one. Combined with a premium suite of tech features, it is one of Indian Motorcycle’s most sophisticated models yet.

Like the Chieftain, the Challenger Limited comes with paint-matched saddlebags and a chunky front fairing with built in audio speakers. It also comes with familiar ride modes, cruise control and a 7" display panel. On top of the usual spec, the Challenger utilises Smart Lean Technology, traction control, an assist clutch, Brembo brakes and an adjustable rear shock. It is one of the most kitted-out models in the category.

The biggest difference on this bike is the brand-new engine - the Indian Motorcycle PowerPlus, the company's most powerful ever liquid cooled V-Twin. At 1768cc, it is slightly smaller than their air-cooled counterparts but don’t let that fool you. This powerplant puts out an impressive 122hp while offering the highest torque in Indian’s entire range – a gigantic 178Nm @3800rpm. The modern liquid-cooled engine means it weighs less than their other tourers too, at 381kg wet. That is 30kg lighter than the Roadmaster! The lighter weight combined with the readily available torque means this motorcycle can reach 60mph in 3.9 seconds. For a bike of this size that is some seriously impressive performance.

As with all Indian bikes, this one is a real head-turner with a choice of finishes, including the standard Dark Horse edition. The limited 2024 option goes with the fully chromed look along with gloss black, metallic white or my personal favourite – sunset red paint jobs. If you really want to push the boat out, the Challenger Elite is available, which adds all sorts of custom design features and detailing. With a considerably larger price tag and only 300 models made, the Elite is the most exclusive model in the lineup.

The Indian Challenger Limited 2024 starts at £27,595, but if you have the means, this is one impressive motorcycle.

1. Pursuit Dark Horse

The final Indian Motorcycle on the list is one of the newest models in their line-up, the Pursuit Dark Horse. Starting with the base Challenger and adding in even more luxury features and a huge amount of storage, the Pursuit could be the ultimate American tourer.

The engine is the same liquid cooled V-Twin first seen in the Challenger, the latest Indian PowerPlus with its 178Nm of peak torque. It also features the same luxury suite of tech features, but there are some interesting additions to make the Pursuit a unique offering.

Firstly, a redesigned chassis mounted fairing provides even more wind resistance and comfort, with a taller front screen that can be electronically lowered at the push of a button. There is also a huge top box in addition to the paint matched saddle bags for a total of 133 litres of storage space. The luggage space is fully waterproof and can be remotely locked. If you find yourself on a trip with fewer storage demands, the top box has a quick release mechanism and can be completely removed to reduce weight.

The pillion has been well taken care of on the Pursuit, with a luxurious armchair style rear seat, as well as the addition of an electronically adjustable FOX rear suspension. Both rider and pillion seats come with electronic heating as well to push up the comfort even further.

The Pursuit Dark Horse goes for the familiar blacked-out detailing and a choice of colours including the gorgeous Springfield blue. There is a 2024 Limited version too if you would prefer a more traditional chrome look with even more finishes available. Either way this a beautiful and luxurious ride, but it is the most expensive on the list, with an equally luxurious £29,795 price tag.

The Last Stop!

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed my rundown on the best Indian Motorcycles ready to take 2024 by storm!

Which one was your favourite? Make sure to me know in the comment section below!