When it comes to motorcycles, nothing exudes cool quite like a custom cruiser. Typically heavyweight beasts with high bars and forward footpegs, riding in style is the name of the game here.

Currently, in 2022 there is a huge range of cruisers on offer from giant luxury tourers to stylish outlaws and now there are even a few lighter weight budget options to make them a bit more accessible too. I have tried to include something for everyone on this list, but each motorcycle is a winner in its own right, so without further delay – here are 10 of the absolute best cruisers on offer in 2022!

1. Harley Davidson Softail Standard

Similar to Indian, Harley has provided a stripped-down and thoroughly classic looking design for their new Softail Standard and it works an absolute treat.

The visuals speak for themselves, it's hard not to fall in love with this minimalist design and customisers will see this as the perfect canvas. The Softail Standard uses the smaller of HD's Milwaukee-Eight engines, the 107 version but make no mistake, at 1745cc this traditional air-cooled V-twin is still packing plenty of raw muscle. The maximum power output is 86 hp, which on a 291kg machine, means it isn't built for raw speed but the 144 Nm peak torque at 3250 rpm gives it plenty of pull at the low end and excels at doing what it is designed to do: cruising.

When it comes to high-tech gadgets and rider aids, Harley has kept it pretty simple – there aren't any. For some people that might be a bonus as it rides as traditionally as it looks, with only the mandatory ABS as its sole concession. After the death of the old Sportster range at the hands of Euro 5, the Softail Standard is now the cheapest cruiser in Harley's lineup, coming in at £13,795. It isn't exactly 'budget' but if you are after the authentic Harley experience this is the most affordable way to get it.

Engine 1745cc, 86 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 13.2L
Brakes Front: 4-piston fixed 
Rear: 2-piston floating
Suspension Front: Dual-bending valve 49 mm telescopic with aluminium fork triple clamps; dual rate spring
Rear: Hidden, free piston, coil-over monoshock; 43mm stroke; cam-style preload adjustment
Seat height 680mm
Weight 291kg
Price £13,795

2. Kawasaki Vulcan S

Another great accessible option here from Kawasaki, the Vulcan S has its own unique styling and offers decent 60bhp performance that is perfect for newcomers. An A2 version is also available pushing out that accessibility even further.

The Vulcan S is another relatively lightweight option at 229 kilos with a full tank, making it easier to manoeuvre and more agile than some of the bulkier cruisers on the list. The curvy visual design gives it a slightly futuristic look and it comes in black, black and green or a new for 2022 red colour scheme that all look great.

There isn't much in the way of rider aids or fancy tech but that is reflected in the price, starting at £6,949 this is one of the most affordable cruisers on the market.

Engine 649cc, 60 bhp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 14L
Brakes Front: Single 300 mm disc. Caliper: Dual-piston
Rear: Single 250 mm disc. Caliper: Single-piston
Suspension Front: 41 mm telescopic fork
Rear: Offset laydown single-shock, linkage equipped, with 7-way adjustable preload
Seat height 705mm
Weight 229kg
Price £6,949

3. BMW R 18

A relative newcomer, BMW introduced this beauty in 2020 and it features the largest engine they have ever produced. In fact, the R 18's giant 1802cc boxer engine is the centrepiece of the bike's design with its huge cylinders literally spilling out of the frame.

When it comes to features, the R 18 is a little more stripped down than BMW's usual offerings, but it does have an onboard computer with optional ride modes and keyless ignition. One unique feature of the R 18 is its reverse gear, not essential but definitely a nice quality of life feature when you are manoeuvring a motorcycle that weighs 345 kilos!

The finish on this BMW is excellent as you would expect, and it does add its own unique twist to the Fat Boy formula. Some extra cosmetic options were added last year as well, including a very special-looking 'Galaxy Dust' paint scheme. The BMW R 18 starts at £16,990 so it definitely isn't for those with small budgets but to say this thing is a head turner would be an understatement.

Engine 1802cc, 91 hp, air and oil-cooled
Fuel tank 16L
Brakes Front: Twin disc brake, diameter 300 mm, four-piston fixed calipers
Rear: Single disc brakes, diameter 300 mm, four-piston fixed calipers
Suspension Front: Telescopic fork
Rear: Steel swinging fork with central shock strut
Seat height 690mm
Weight 345kg
Price £16,990

4. Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

This one is a bit more upright than a traditional cruiser, but the V9 Bobber is oozing vintage Italian style and comes fully blacked out with a matte finish and that signature Moto Guzzi bulging engine.

The standard version features the latest Euro 5 compliant air-cooled 853cc V-twin engine with a 65 bhp output. There is also an A2 version available, making this model a great choice for new riders, although there is plenty for veteran riders to love too.

This is the lightest motorcycle on the list, weighing in at just 210 kilos with a full tank and comes with Brembo brakes, 2 channel ABS, traction control and a sweet-looking DRL headlight with the Mandello Eagle on the front. Starting at £9,600, the Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber is a great all-rounder and will suit anyone looking for a less extreme riding position or lovers of vintage Italian motorcycles.

Engine 853cc, 65 bhp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 15L
Brakes Front: Stainless steel floating disc Ø 320 mm, Brembo caliper with 4 differentiated and opposed pistons
Rear: Stainless steel disc Ø 260 mm, floating 2 pistons caliper
Suspension Front: Hydraulic telescopic fork Ø 40 mm
Rear: Swingarm Twin-sided with two spring preload adjustable shock absorbers
Seat height 785mm
Weight 194kg
Price £9,600

5. Triumph Speedmaster

Triumph's Bonneville Speedmaster was given a fresh update at the tail end of last year with a Euro 5 compliant engine that gives a small boost to its 77 bhp output along with a new seat to improve comfort on longer journeys.

The Speedmaster uses the same base as the fantastic Bonneville Bobber (another cruiser that could easily make this list) but exchanges the aggressive outlaw styling for a more laid-back and refined cruiser vibe that can also support a pillion. The Speedmaster is a perfect example of what Triumph do best; creating classic, vintage-looking motorcycles that still offer cutting-edge technology and performance.

The liquid-cooled 1200cc parallel-twin engine provides a generous 106 Nm of torque, peaking at 4000 rpm. All of Triumph's usual spec is here too with ride-by-wire throttle technology, the familiar road and rain modes, ABS and traction control plus Showa forks and Brembo brakes.

With a 10,000-mile service interval, Triumph are very confident in the build quality and reliability of the Bonneville and the £12,450 starting price is very competitive when compared to its nearest rivals. Definitely worth serious consideration for anyone in the market for a cruiser in 2022.

Engine 1200cc, 77 bhp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 12L
Brakes Front: Twin Ø310mm disc, Brembo 2-piston sliding axial calipers, ABS
Rear: Single Ø255mm disc, Nissin single piston sliding axial caliper, ABS
Suspension Front: Ø 47 mm Showa cartridge forks
Rear: Mono-shock RSU with linkage and preload adjustment
Seat height 705mm
Weight 236kg (wet)
Price £12,450

6. Ducati XDiavel

Despite first arriving in 2016, the XDiavel still looks like something from the future, a muscular street naked somehow elongated to give a cruiser-style riding position. Definitely not one for traditionalists but the Ducati still ticks many of the traditional cruiser boxes, alongside class-leading agility and performance.

As of 2021 the mighty Testastretta DVT 1262 engine is now fully Euro 5 compliant and has even had its power output upped to 158 bhp! When you combine this with the XDiavel's comparatively low weight of 221kg, you end up with a seriously formidable street weapon but one that has the ability to do some stylish low-speed cruising as well.

In 2022, the XDiavel comes in 3 flavours with the XDiavel Dark forming the entry point at £17,143, it still comes fully loaded with cornering ABS, traction control, slipper clutch and ride modes. For an extra 3 grand, the XDiavel S adds Brembo brakes and a new multimedia system for its full colour TFT dash. Finally, if you are looking for the absolute deluxe version, the XDiavel Black Star comes in at £21,295 and adds further luxury features and extra style details all over.

Engine 1262cc, 158 bhp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 18L
Brakes Front: 2 x 320mm semi-floating discs
Rear: 265mm disc
Suspension Pre-load and adjustable monoshock
Seat height 755mm
Weight 221kg
Price £17,143

7. Honda CMX1100 Rebel

Following on from the success of Honda's A2 friendly Rebel 500 (also an excellent accessible choice for this category by the way) we now have the beefier CMX1100 Rebel, taking the same stripped-down chopper styling and upping the power and performance.

With that said, it is still one of the most accessible options on the list for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is relatively lightweight at 223 kilos and combined with a low centre of gravity, offers more agile handling than many of the other cruisers here. The 1084cc Euro 5 parallel-twin engine puts out 85 hp which will provide plenty of go and fun factor while still being manageable for less experienced riders.

Finally, the price point puts this into the budget range when it comes to cruisers, starting at £9,099 you get an awful lot of bang for your buck here with ABS, traction control, ride modes and an engine derived from the new Africa Twin. The CMX1100 looks great, is fun to ride and won't break the bank, what's not to love?

Engine 1084cc, 85 hp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 13.6L
Brakes Front: Radial mounted monoblock four-piston brake caliper, 330mm floating single disc
Rear: Two Single piston caliper, 256mm single disc
Suspension Front: Preload adjustable 43mm cartridge style
Rear: Preload adjustable twin piggyback rear shock
Seat height 700mm
Weight 223kg
Price £9,099

8. Indian Chief Dark Horse

The very first Indian Chief was produced a century ago now and it's great to see this classic cruiser looking better than ever in 2022.

In fact, the Chief has had quite an overhaul for its latest version with a much more stripped-down design that has also resulted in a nearly 50-kilo weight loss! This is still a heavyweight cruiser of course, at 291kg but now a little bit more manageable and with one of the most stylish finishes in the class.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse uses the Thunderstroke 116 engine, a 1890cc air-cooled V-twin with an impressive 162 Nm of torque at 3200 rpm. Fully blacked out, this outlaw cruiser absolutely nails the classic look and manages to still pack in a bunch of modern tech. We have cruise control, ride modes and a touchscreen display with multimedia connectivity. Indian have done a great job of disguising all this, however, with even the dash looking like a traditional circular dial.

Starting at £16,195 this is one of Indian's most affordable offerings and when it comes to authentic American cruisers, it doesn't get much better than this!

Engine 1890cc, air-cooled
Fuel tank 15.1L
Brakes Front: Single / 300mm Semi-Floating Rotor / 4 Piston Caliper
Rear: Single / 300mm Floating Rotor / 2 Piston Caliper
Suspension Front: Telescopic fork
Rear: Dual Shocks w/ adjustable preload
Seat height 662mm
Weight 291kg
Price £16,195

9. Harley Davidson Breakout

Naturally, no cruiser list could be complete without Harley Davidson, still arguably the most iconic name in the genre.

In 2022 the mighty Breakout has become one of Harley's flagship cruisers, complete with its giant 21" front wheel and long body, this is a drag-style cruiser that exudes power and style.

This time around we get the larger Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, which ups the size of the air-cooled V-twin to 1868cc while boosting the power to 94 bhp and the torque to 155 Nm. Despite the increase in engine size, the Breakout is only 3 kilos heavier than the Softail Standard which will result in a noticeable performance increase.

Harley made a big deal of the new lightweight frame used by all the Softail models in the range which allows for better handling and lean angles than ever before, but this is still a bulky cruiser that isn't exactly made for tearing up twisty B roads. But then you knew that already, this is a Harley in its purest form with all the character and street cred that go with it.

Once again Harley have chosen to skip any non-essential rider aids or technology and kept things traditional and basic. What you get is a beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycle that will turn heads and put a smile on your face wherever you go. Starting at £20,895 this one is a little bit more expensive than most of its comparable rivals with fewer features but what can I say, it's a Harley.

Engine 1868cc, 94 bhp
Fuel tank 13.2L
Brakes Front: 4-piston fixed 
Rear: 2-piston floating
Suspension Front: Dual-bending valve 49 mm telescopic with aluminium fork triple clamps; dual rate spring
Rear: Hidden, free piston, coil-over monoshock; 43mm stroke; toolless hydraulic preload adjustment
Seat height 665mm
Weight 294kg
Price £20,895

10. Triumph Rocket 3 R

The Rocket 3 R from Triumph is one formidable beast, packing the largest engine Triumph has ever produced and the highest torque of any current production motorcycle.

The engine is a whopping 2458cc inline 3-cylinder with 165 bhp and a colossal 221Nm peak torque at 4000 rpm. Triumph says it pulls clean from low revs all the way to its 7000 rpm redline and offers thrilling performance in any gear. I'm going to coin a new term here and call this a 'supercruiser', with giant performance and giant proportions this is definitely one for experienced hands and large wallets.

The latest Rocket 3 weighs in at 291 kilos which is actually a pretty big improvement on the previous iteration; thanks to a new lighter frame and engine, Triumph has managed to shave off 40 kilos. It also comes with all the bells, whistles and gadgetry you might expect from a bike of this kind, with fully adjustable Showa suspension, cornering ABS and traction control, cruise control and a hydraulic torque assist clutch to name a few.

The Triumph Rocket 3 R starts at £20,500 with a special edition available for an extra 1k. There is also the GT version which puts more emphasis on touring but uses the same basic foundation.

Engine 2458cc, 165 bhp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 18L
Brakes Front: Dual 320mm discs, Brembo M4.30 Stylema® 4-piston radial monobloc calipers, Cornering ABS
Rear: Single 300mm disc, Brembo M4.32 4-piston monobloc caliper, Cornering ABS
Suspension Front: Showa 47mm upside-down 1 1 cartridge front forks, compression and rebound adjuster. 120mm travel
Rear: Fully adjustable Showa piggyback reservoir RSU with remote hydraulic preload adjuster, 107mm rear wheel travel
Seat height 773mm
Weight 291kg
Price £20,500

The last stop

Which is your favourite on today's list? Do you currently ride a cruiser or is it your dream to own one? Let me know in the comments below now!

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