When it comes to motorcycles, cruisers and customs have a look and feel all of their own. It's not about power and speed here (although some of them certainly have that too) but as the name suggests, it's about cruising in style.

The low seats, far forward foot pegs and high handlebars are the signature features of the cruiser and what makes them so unique.

In 2020, there has never been more options available when it comes to cruisers and customs and in this blog we are going to look at 10 of the very best bikes on the market today. I'm going to cover a wide range of prices, makes and styles so that hopefully there will be something here for everyone!



This one is brand new for 2020, arriving in UK showrooms in September,  the R18 is BMW's take on the cruiser. This is a big machine in every sense. It sports the largest boxer engine BMW have ever produced at 1802cc with 116.5ftlb of torque and it weighs in at a hefty 345 kilos with a full tank.

Visually the R18 has that classic Fatboy look but definitely with BMW's own unique twist. As with almost everything BMW does, this bike comes loaded with tech - expect riding modes, traction control, cruise control, ride by wire and a whole host of optional extras. There is also an optional bobber configuration which looks amazing.

This is definitely a premium bike and comes with a premium price tag, starting at £18,995. It will be interesting to see if BMW can give Harley a run for their money.

Engine Type 2 Cylinder Boxer
Engine Size 1802cc
Power 91hp at 4750rpm
Seat Height 690mm
Weight 345kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 16L


Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber was a bit of a surprise when it was announced back in 2016 but swiftly became a huge hit thanks to its gorgeous styling, affordable price and excellent performance. In 2020 the Bobber is going stronger than ever and now has a new Black edition available as well!

Aside from the styling one of the things that really makes this motorcycle unique is the way it performs, with the kind of handling and acceleration you might expect from a street bike rather than a cruiser!

The engine here is the same 1200cc parallel twin Triumph uses in the Bonneville T120 but with a 10% power increase. Despite the stripped down bobber looks, there is actually a surprising number of features here too with switchable traction control, ride by wire, ride modes and a slipper clutch.

Somehow, despite everything Triumph have packed into this bike, they've managed to keep the price down to £10,650 which I am sure has helped with its huge success. For an extra grand you can pick up a Bonneville Bobber Black which adds Brembo brakes, Showa forks, cruise control and a mean fully blacked out look.

Engine Type 8 valve, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel-twin
Engine Size 1200cc
Power 76bhp at 6100rpm
Seat Height 690mm
Weight 228kg (dry)
Tank Capacity 9L


Harley Davidson Low Rider S

When it comes to cruisers there is one name that defines the genre and that is Harley Davidson. It would be easy to do a top 10 list with nothing but Harleys on it so picking just one bike is pretty difficult. However, the Low Rider S is the bike we are going to include here because it has been given a brand new update for 2020 and I think perfectly captures that west coast style that Harley are so famous for.

The ride position on the Low Rider S is a bit more aggressive than Harley's normal fair thanks to the drag bars and foot peg position but we are still very much in classic custom territory here. The style of this bike is gorgeous too with its largely blacked out detailing and modern headlight cover.

Harley like to keep things simple, so aside from ABS and a keyless ignition, there are no fancy rider aids to be found here. The star of the show is the engine, the Milwaukee-Eight 114, the most powerful engine in the Harley line-up. This is a 1868cc V-twin putting out 93hp at 5020rpm so despite the typically hefty weight, the Low Rider S still has plenty of pull and according to Harley offers exceptional agility and handling.

Another thing worth mentioning is the sound of this engine. A real Harley trademark, is there anything else that sounds this good when you pull the throttle?

The price of the Low Rider S from Harley Davidson starts at £15,825 which is definitely at the steeper end but Harleys tend to retain their value very well so purchasing brand new is generally a safe investment.

Engine Type Milwaukee-Eight 114
Engine Size 1868cc
Power 93bhp at 5020rpm
Seat Height 690mm
Weight 308kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 18.9L


Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

The other iconic name in American style cruisers, Indian Motorcycles celebrated their 100th anniversary with a brand new iteration of the Scout for 2020, the Indian Scout Bobber Twenty.

Indian, like Harley, have done away with the modern rider aids to offer a stripped down and more raw custom experience, although they have utilised ride by wire technology here and the Scout's highly responsive pulling power is one of the bike's stand out features.

The engine is a 1133cc V-twin with 94bhp maximum output so there is plenty of power on offer and despite the hefty 256 kilo weight, the scout is surprisingly agile, especially for a cruiser.

The other stand out feature is this motorcycle's fantastic design. It's a bike that is going to turn heads wherever you go. It retains the classic American cruiser vibe while giving it a modern spin with its sleek curves and stylish headlight surround. The Scout Bobber Twenty has been given mini ape handle bars, spoked wheels and a classic bobber seat to add a splash of retro and make it even more unique.

Priced at £12,899 Indian will face tough competition from Triumph but the Scout Bobber Twenty is a worthy addition to the list and a great alternative option with a style of its own.

Engine Type Liquid cooled V-Twin
Engine Size 1133cc
Power 94bhp
Seat Height 695mm
Weight 265kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 12.5L


Ducati XDiavel

When I think of Ducati's Diavel, I think of a powerful modern super-naked - not exactly a cruiser. But in 2016 the Italian giants added the XDiavel to their range, aimed at combining a traditional cruiser feel with Ducati's signature high performance and power and the XDiavel delivers.

It retains the modern beefy styling and raw power of the Diavel but with its forward pegs and higher bars, the XDiavel becomes a new breed of super cruiser. The engine is a 1262cc DVT L-twin with a whopping 152hp, making it the most powerful bike on the list. It is a machine capable of very high speeds and with the kind of responsive handling you would not normally associate with the cruiser class.

On top of the performance it comes loaded with premium components and cutting edge tech including rider modes, traction control, Bosch ABS and cruise control. The XDiavel starts at £17,595 with an S version available that packs in even more features. If you are looking for a cutting edge motorcycle and budget isn't a concern, there is nothing else quite like this.

Engine Type Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing) L-Twin
Engine Size 1262cc
Power 152bhp at 9500rpm
Seat Height 755mm
Weight 247kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 18L


Kawasaki Vulcan S

Not every cruiser is a hulking beast with a huge engine, there are now a few more accessible options to suit beginner riders and those on a tighter budget too. The first I am including is Kawasaki's Vulcan S, a pretty unique offering with it's unusual, almost futuristic styling and relatively small (in cruiser terms) 649cc engine.

The standard version puts out 60bhp so it offers a nice responsive ride that is still easy for a beginner to handle. If you don't yet have your full motorcycle licence, there is also an A2 compliant version that limits the power to 47bhp.

The Vulcan provides a stripped down experience, again doing away with most of the modern rider aids you see these days, with ABS its only real concession. Kawasaki's focus is on the basics here and the result is a bike that gets the job done at a really affordable price - just £6499 brand new.

Engine Type Parallel twin
Engine Size 649cc
Power 60bhp at 7500rpm
Seat Height 705mm
Weight 229kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 14L


Honda CMX500 Rebel

Another highly accessible motorcycle, Honda's A2 cruiser the CMX500 Rebel has just been given an update for 2020 with a few key improvements to its performance and visuals.

The Rebel uses the same 471cc engine as Honda's excellent CBR500R but with revised mapping to give it a bit more torque at the low end. The 45hp makes it another ideal bike for beginners and a very reasonable £5,799 price tag is great for the budget. As an A2 bike the insurance is also going to be lower than the larger models so you can save there too. This bike is also one of the lightest on the list and with the trademark low cruiser style seat could be a great choice for shorter riders.

Similar to the Vulcan, Honda's CMX500 Rebel keeps things stripped down and simple when it comes to the rider aids but it does have ABS and a slipper clutch which is always a nice touch. There is also a new special edition variant for around £400 extra. The differences here are largely cosmetic with the special edition featuring a stylish front headlight cowl, blacked out fork gaiters and a lovely stitched seat.

Engine Type Liquid-cooled DOHC
Engine Size 471cc
Power 45bhp at 8500rpm
Seat Height 690mm
Weight 190kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 11.2L


Yamaha XV950R

The last of the Japanese cruisers on the list, the XV950R occupies the middle ground between the high capacity models and the smaller A2 machines.

Yamaha first brought out the XV950 in 2013 so it has actually been around for quite a while and in 2020 it remains a great middleweight option. The 942cc might seem high but this cruiser's 53hp and 252kg kerb weight actually put it in a good spot for novice riders. There will still be plenty of go but without being too intimidating. It's becoming a bit of a trademark for Yamaha but the power delivery comes quite low in the rev ranges here which is going to give this bike a nice responsive ride that is well suited to urban areas.

This is another stripped down cruiser without too much fancy tech aside from ABS. What you do get is Yamaha's high build quality and reliability, and with a model range that has been around as long as this, they must be doing something right with plenty of user reviews to back that up. It also looks great too, especially in the latest Tech Graphite colour scheme.

The price of this bike just like everything else, sits in the middle of the pack starting at £9,047.

Engine Type V-type 2 cylinder, 4 valve SOHC
Engine Size 942cc
Power 53bhp at 5500rpm
Seat Height 690mm
Weight 252kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 13L


Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

This is Moto Guzzi's take on the bobber but it is very different from the usual American style bikes we see in this category. Guzzi's bobber is infused with classic Italian style to create yet another very unique offering.

The V9 Bobber also sits in the middle ground of this list, with an 853cc V-twin engine and 54.2 hp maximum power, it makes for another motorcycle that is great for a wide range of riders. There is plenty of power for all your every day riding needs but it's mellow enough for beginner riders too, although it would need to be restricted for an A2 licence holder.

As I said earlier, it isn't a traditional American style bobber but the unique Moto Guzzi styling does make this a real head turner and the philosophy behind the bike is just the same - cruising in style. The V9 Bobber starts at £8,999 and features switchable traction control and ABS with high quality Brembo brakes and Kayaba suspension.

Engine Type 90° V-twin, 2 valve per cylinder
Engine Size 853cc
Power 54bhp at 6250rpm
Seat Height 808mm
Weight 199kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 15L


Royal Enfield Classic 500

The Classic 500 from Royal Enfield is the smallest option on this list and lives up to its name as a true classic style motorcycle.

Royal Enfield have been going from strength to strength in recent years constantly improving their machines while retaining the features that make them unique. Stripped down bikes that focus on delivering an authentic classic experience for a budget price. The Classic 500 is no different, it is the cheapest bike I have included, starting at £4,699 and available in a range of different finishes that all look fantastic.

I said the Classic 500 was a stripped down model and I wasn't joking - there isn't even a fuel gauge on this bike but the latest 2020 models do have ABS. The lack of modern features can actually be a selling point for some people, all the vibrations and character of a true classic motorcycle are in full effect here.

The engine is a 499cc single with just 27.2 bhp maximum power so this is another very accessible bike that is A2 friendly. It can handle your commutes and cruise steadily but don't expect high performance. But then that isn't what the classic is about. It's about cruising in style and enjoying the motorcycle experience and if you are on a tight budget, this could be a great choice if you can find one for sale still - it's not in production anymore!

Engine Type Signle cylinder, 4 stroke, twinspark
Engine Size 499cc
Power 27.2bhp at 5250rpm
Seat Height 800mm
Weight 195kg (wet)
Tank Capacity 13.5L


The cruiser category really is stacked right now, there are so many other great bikes that could have been included in this list, why not let us know on social media what some of your favourites are?

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