The Sinnis SM-R is brand new for 2022. Announced in June, it features Sinnis’ most powerful 125cc engine to date.

Its looks, feel, and power all combine to create a fantastic budget spec supermoto, but the question is - does that impressive spec make a decent 125cc motard?

I got the pleasure of putting this little 125cc beauty through its paces, on and off the road, and here are my thoughts!

Styling and Design

Alongside its sibling the SM-XE, the SM-R looks brilliant! The design is impressive and has a great look about it, especially for what is a budget-friendly Chinese bike, it looks the part and the finish (on the brand-new bike we had in at least) seems pretty good! The panel work looks sturdy, and it is, there are no loose-fitting plastics here. The modern graphics pop out of the paintwork.

For colourways we have grey with cyber yellow or black with laser blue, both look trendy and crisp. LED lighting throughout bolsters this modern feel, whilst providing great visibility night and day. The monstrous 54mm diameter forks up front not only provide a cushty front end but establish the supermoto styling here.

Sinnis SM-R 125 whole bike


The liquid-cooled 125cc DOHC four-valve single cylinder pumps out 14,8bhp at 9,000rpm and 11.5nm at 8,500rpm.

These are some solid figures from a Chinese cheaper offering, squaring up to some of the big players out there. This puts you right at the power limit available to A1 licence holders, just how we like it!

When it comes to acceleration, it’s a spritely machine up to around 45mph, from that point on things start to slow down. As for the gearing, the first three gears are incredibly short. I found myself pulling away from junctions and almost complete stops in second gear. Higher up, things are a little more spread out, but the bike will sit comfortably at 30mph between gears three and six.

Sinnis SM-R 125 Top Speed

Sinnis have claimed that the SM-R can reach top speeds of over 60mph. 

When out on the road, I had it at 65mph bouncing off the limiter, so as for an everyday top speed I would say you’ll be reaching a comfortable 60-62mph. Whilst teasing the redline, the vibrations are minimal and it’s a relaxed ride, minus the full-blast wind slamming your entire upper body – as expected from this motard-style offering.

Sinnis SM-R 125 engine

Brakes and Suspension

Up front, we’re running a 290mm single wavey disc and to the rear a 240mm single wavey disc with two-piston calipers on both. Notably, though we have ABS here which is awesome. All the other bikes we have had in from Sinnis have lacked this feature. Stopping distances are reduced and lend the rider that anti-lock safety net, I am a massive fan.

The brakes were solid, on and off the road, I felt very comfortable, and the forgiving nature of the ABS substantiated that comfort. It’s really positive seeing these budget Chinese offerings taking the extra steps towards including quality safety systems such as ABS.

The suspension was plush, breezing across all lumps and bumps I had no concerns whatsoever. The Supermoto looks go beyond appearances, this bike is capable and can brandish the SM title. 54mm diameter forks provide a lavish front end and a mono-shock keeps your rear from being thrashed.

Sinnis SM-R 125 brakes suspension and chassis

Technology, Dash and Switchgear

The SM-R looks great, and for a Chinese bike it’s really upping the quality and premium feeling. How will it last out on the British roads through rain and shine and what will the resell value be like? I honestly can’t tell you, but time certainly will. 

Hidden in the fantastic spec of this bike are some budget aspects, namely the switchgear. Compared to other members of the Sinnis family, this feels quite plastic-y and less premium to the touch but certainly gets the job done. The dash is also relatively basic though forgiven for this style of bike and its very digestible price tag of £3,399.

Sinnis SM-R 125 LCD Dash

Seat Height

It is worth noting that the SM-R is a tall bike, with the seat height coming in at 885mm. Riders under about 5’10 beware, in true Motard style you’re going to be playing hopscotch all the way to the traffic lights.

Fuel Tank and MPG

As expected from a bike of this lineage, the fuel tank on the SM-R is small. 6.5 Litres doesn’t sound like a lot, but with an average of 80 miles per gallon we can expect between 95 – 125 miles (150 -200 kilometres).


All in, the SM-R weighs 141kg which puts it somewhere in the middle-weight region of the 125cc world, but it’s still by no means cumbersome.

On the road, the weight seemingly disappears and off the road, it’s not severe either. Several times I nearly lost the bike from under me on the dirt, but this fair weight allowed me to recover it, with no problem at all.

Sinnis SM-R 125 scenic image

Sinnis SM-R 125 Rivals

The main rival of the SM-R is without a doubt the Aprilia SX125. On paper, the performance of these bikes is very similar, in horsepower, torque, and top speed, but the Aprilia takes advantage on power to weight ratio, fuel efficiency, and brand reputation.

Undercutting the SM-R by 7 kilos, the Aprilia doesn’t have to work as hard and as a result, gains better figures with respect to miles per gallon and it benefits from a pint or so (weekend blues) extra in the tank. Aprilia is also a household name in the motorcycling world and has a large following of trusting customers who would choose the SX125 for the brand alone.

But all of these quite minor performance benefits do come at a price of £3,850, almost £500 more than the SM-R. For those on a budget, the SM-R does make a great offering in the 125cc class with its unique looks, high spec, and after-care, but you’re forgiven if you are unsure of the lesser-known brand name, Sinnis.

Sinnis SM-R 125 Price

As I mentioned previously, at the time of writing you can pick up your very own Sinnis SM-R 125 for £3,399.

Alongside this competitive sum, you get a two-year warranty in the form of a first year with parts, labour, and breakdown cover, followed by the second year of parts-only cover. Peace of mind when buying from a lesser-known manufacturer such as Sinnis.

Final Thoughts on the Sinnis SM-R 125

This bike offers a very competitive package at an extremely competitive price tag.

If you’re in the market for your first bike, are a fan of the supermoto style, feel and versatility, want to cut around the town and the trails, and save yourself a wad of cash, this bike is a fantastic option.

Whilst we won’t know quite how long one of these bikes will last, the 2-year warranty from Sinnis offers you peace of mind knowing your ride will be covered before you up the ante with a full licence.


  • Great engine
  • Fantastic looks
  • Very competitive price


  • Lesser-known brand
  • Low-quality switchgear
  • Unknown longevity/expected lower resale price
Sinnis SM-R 125 ride on

The Last Stop!

I hope you enjoyed my full road test review on the new Sinnis SM-R!

If you do have your very own Sinnis SM-R, or perhaps another motorcycle you need to insure - make sure to get a motorcycle insurance quotation with Lexham!

Sinnis SM-R 125 Specification (2022-onwards)

Engine 124cc, Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder DOCH
Fuel tank 6.5L
Brakes Front: 290mm Disc (ABS)
Rear: 240mm Disc (ABS)
Suspension Front: USD telescopic forks
Rear: Preloaded, Single shock
Seat height 885mm
Weight 140kg
Price £3,399

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