Taking a step into the English Electric Motor Co. I was greeted with my steed for the day a NIU NGT, a rather funky looking electric scooter sporting an amazing EEMC full vinyl wrap!

I had never ridden an electric scooter before, so I was slightly apprehensive with how this silent scooter would be, could I be converted to enjoy life on an electric scooter?

NIU NGT Styling

Honestly, I quite like the minimal yet slightly sporty looks of the NIU NGT – I appreciate it might not be for everyone, but I was quite impressed. The large circular LED light at the front is probably the biggest controversial point when it comes to the looks of the NGT, but I think it fits in well with the futuristic and sleek body shape of this scooter.

The small yet sporty windscreen (if you can call it that) looks great along with those exposed front forks.  When it comes to available colourways, you have your three options… white & red, black & red and black & white – me though, I had the black and purple livery of the English Electric Motor Co, which we all loved, shame such a livery isn’t available as standard!

NIU NGT Dash & Controls

When it comes to dashboards on small scooters, the NIU NGT is right up there for me. Packing a full colour smart display, the dash is great and matches in perfectly with the aesthetics.

The display gives a lot of information but is shown nice and clearly, so reading it on the go is easy - even for first time riders. Displaying speed, rider mode, battery life, clock, power output and the normal dashboard symbols, this dash really does give you all the information you need.

Though we didn’t test it at the time due to restraints, the NIU also connects to its own app, where you can check riding history, power stats, previous locations, vehicle diagnostics, anti-thefts alerts and much more!

Onto the switch gear and all is nice and solid with no concerns. There were a few nice little features here, the indicators are auto-off, there is a USB charging port and cruise control - not a bad spec for a little electric scooter is it!

NIU NGT Brakes, Suspension & Comfort

Onto braking and the NGT has 220mm front dual piston disc brakes and 180mm dual piston disc on the rear, as you’d expect for this category bike it uses a combined braking system.  The brakes give decent enough stopping power which led me to have no concerns here. It would have been great to have ABS, but this really isn’t common on 125cc (and equivalent) bikes. The NGT even has EBS (Energy Recovery System) so it converts energy from braking into battery power!

Suspension is provided by hydraulic shocks at the front and rear. Clearly, this scooter is more designed with inner cities and towns in mind, than the rough rural lanes of the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside that we used for testing.

The suspension though did a respectable job considering the abuse it took from us. With relatively small wheels and on bumpy roads you expect the journey to be a bit rough at times and it is (though quite good fun too if you are that way inclined), get onto the smoother roads and expect to see the NGT scoot about on and provide you with a pleasant smooth journey. It includes a typical scooter seat so is also comfortable.

NIU NGT Motor & Batteries

When it comes to the batteries and the motor, NIU pack some big names in the technology market, so you'll get some major reassurances in what they have to offer.

Power is supplied from two removable 60v high performance Panasonic batteries, with a charge time of just three and a half hours. The stated range is up to 60 miles, and I believe that to be accurate if used in the more reserved modes. Do expect this figure to drop slightly if you have the NGT in sport mode (mode three) for most of the time, though I would still expect around 40ish miles in mode three! I don’t think many 125cc or equivalent machines do regular 40+ mile journeys in one day.

The NIU NGT is powered by an in rear wheel 3000w Bosch motor, which offers pretty decent acceleration! Packing three modes: E-save for those slow congested journeys around towns and cities that will see you restricted to 15mph, Dynamic for those times you don’t want to go above 30mph and then there is the mode I used for 98% of the time - Sport.

Sport is the go-to mode, and the one I’d probably just keep it in all the time if I had one. Max speed and acceleration for Sport mode is a lot of fun, giving spritely acceleration and will see you comfortably hit 45mph. Sadly, though there isn’t really much beyond 45mph, but then again, the NGT is really designed for that.

It is an urban scooter at heart, and it offers pretty good performance for that. From a standing start it does pick up well, and to 40mph you definitely won’t have too much hassle keeping up with other vehicles on the road.

On the Road

Sitting on this electrical beast, you do notice it is a small little thing even for me at a mighty 5’ 6” tall (or should that be small?). Surprisingly though, there was ample leg room, even Alex at 6’ 4” got on fine during a jolly buzz around the local roads, though not sure if it would manage being a daily ride for him, knees were still pretty high and near handlebars, so could potentially start to get uncomfortable.

The stance of the NGT is slightly sporty, and that windshield helps give that impression when you are sitting on the bike. Switch gear all felt good and it takes a mere few seconds to familiarise yourself with the NGT before you are confident enough to get going.

Tell the scooter you are ready with a simple button push; the awesome colour screen then indicates this with the code word ‘ready’ appearing on screen and you are good to launch almost silently into motion.

For such a ride you instantly expect to hear that typical pea shooter scooter exhaust sound but there was only a very small whine omitting from the electric components of the NIU NGT.

 I started off in mode one, but within a few yards of starting my journey, I soon rifled my way to mode three to enjoy the benefits of that 3000w motor, plus I didn’t fancy doing 15/30mph on national speed limit country lanes!

Take the whole ‘electric power’ out of the equation and the NGT gives a typical scooter ride - very easy to throw around bends, small and easy to filter and has that good general scooter feeling to it.

Acceleration as already mentioned is pretty dandy to around 40mph and will surprise a few people with just how quick it is. Slightly gutting that it max’s out as 45mph though. Being capable of just 45mph restricts this one to being purely an urban scooter for me. Maybe one day soon we’ll see a version capable of 60-65mph with a decent battery life to match the increased performance.

If you are looking at a scooter, you’d be expecting a twist n go transmission anyway, so the jump to electric will be far less of a change than that of a combustion motorcycle to an electric one.

Manual handling of the scooter feels slightly different, with one battery in the foot pan and another just below the seat, so you do notice the weight is spread differently to a normal scooter. Nothing to worry about, it is still a very light machine at 105kgs, but for me with the battery just below the seat makes it feel slightly more top heavy than usual.

NIU NGT Summary

Riding the NIU NGT was a fun experience for me, I was concerned about the lack of noise, which admittedly I still have apprehensions about (I like people to hear where I am), but apart from that the NGT gives a fun and enjoyable ride primed for urban commutes.

Packing decent spec, respectable charge time and a motor that offers quick acceleration I expect to see the NGT do well, it still provides a typical fun scooter ride while being extremely economical. Shame you hit a wall at 45mph, but then again, the NGT isn’t for faster roads.

Throw in the current UK Government grant and a new NGT could be yours for £3,196. It's not cheap but remember servicing should be quite minimal as it includes far less parts and it will cost about 1p a mile on electricity, oh and don’t forget it will be zero annual road tax too! Overall there is money to be saved over time with the NGT.    

If the NGT isn't for you then make sure to check out our top 10 best electric scooters and mopeds. With a variety of different options all ranging in price and styling, we're sure there will be something on there that will tick all your boxes! 


Model Name Niu NGT
Battery 2 x 60v Panasonic lithium batteries
Max Speed 45 MPH
Motor 3000w Bosch
Start Type Electric
Front Brake 220mm - dual piston disk
Rear Brake 180mm - dual piston disk
Front Suspension Hydraulic shocks
Rear Suspension Hydraulic shocks
Seat Height 780mm
Weight 105kg
Speedo Digital
Stand Centre and Side Stand
Warranty 2 Year Motorcycle Warranty & 3 Year (20,000 mile) Battery Warranty 
Price (correct at time of article) £3,196 (including grant)
Website http://www.englishelectricmotorco.com/niu-n-series-ngt-electric-scooter-moped/


Watch the full NIU NGT Review on YouTube!

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