Are you new to the world of scooters & motorcycles and looking for information which will help get you on the road?

Well we've built a hub full of articles and videos you might find useful to start you on your two wheel journey! We cover everything from Compulsory Basic Training guides to our popular top 10 videos!

The benefits of scooter and motorcycles ‎‎

To non-bikers it can come as quite a surprise the sheer amount of benefits two wheels has to offer. Now more than ever with the importance of social distancing, scooters and motorcycles are again pushed to the fore front of commuting options as they are a perfect option to commute in isolation while being extremely economical. Want to know more benefits they have to offer?

What licence do I need?

In the UK you can ride a 50cc scooter from the age of 16 as long as you have undertaken a CBT and have a valid certificate. From the age of 17 you can ride up to a 125cc (max 11kw) again as along as you have a valid CBT. If you are looking at other options though why not check out our article discussing motorcycle licencing options.

‎What type motorcycle should I get?

Sometimes it can be overwhelming with such a large choice of scooters and motorcycles available as to what one you should actually get. The heart can also rule the mind, and you might buy something purely on looks rather than other important factors. To help you find the best style of motorcycle for you, we've put together a quick interactive first motorcycle quiz to help you choose the right type of motorcycle for you.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Looking to understand what Compulsory Basic Training is and what it entails? We've got both our popular CBT Pass! A step by step guide YouTube video and our CBT Guide article ready to help you!


Motorcycle Mod 1 and 2 training

So it is time to take the next step and get your Motorcycle Licence! Well that's great news; to help you take that next step we've got videos and guides to help you progress to get your motorcycle licence 

Social distancing for commuters

With government advice to avoid public transport during the Covid-19 pandemic, many commuters are now left with very little viable options to commute safely. Scooters & Motorcycles offer freedom and isolation like no other transport while offering truly great economical performance and plenty of free parking. To find out the future of commuting and how to commute while social distancing check out our articles below.


Scooter and motorcycle insurance

Are you looking for insurance on your Moped, Scooter or Motorcycle? Make sure to get a motorcycle insurance quote direct with Lexham!