Husqvarna has announced their all-new, learner-friendly 125cc motorcycle – the Svartpilen 125!

Whilst it is an absolute stunner, that’s not all…it’s also kitted out, head to toe, with top-of-the-range spec. So, in this new blog, to save unnecessary waffle, we are giving you a quick-fire rundown of 7 specific things to know about the all-new Svartpilen 125!

Let’s address the elephant in the room with this one, as rather unsurprisingly, given KTM’s ownership of Husqvarna, the Svartpilen will be sharing some of its features with its Austrian cousin – the Duke 125.

This will include its now Euro 5 compliant twin-cam, four-valve, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 125cc engine. The beating heart of the Svartpilen 125 is set to produce 14.7hp at 9,500rpm, so in regard to power, it is maxed out as far as it can for a learner-legal 125 in the UK and we’re loving it!

A major part of the Svartpilen style is that incredible-looking, yet familiar, trellis frame. Made from high-strength steel using hydro-formed tubes, this awesome-looking frame is strong but also lightweight. Designed with handling in mind, the spritely Svartpilen is going to be rather agile too, so this really should offer impressive performance for a naked 125cc!

We’re onto the brakes now and, with a front 320mm and rear 230mm which are backed up ByBre brake calipers (with a four-piston caliper at the front and single-piston floating caliper at the rear), it’s discs all around on the Svartpilen 125!

Better still, the Svartpilen also comes with two-channel BOSCH ABS as standard, with the option of a Supermoto mode, for those who want to disengage the ABS on the rear wheel and get a bit of skidding action!

I wasn’t lying when I said the was jam-packed with impressive features because it also includes WP 43mm open cartridge forks at the front and WP monoshock at the rear which, may I add, look awesome under that low-profile seat!

Combine that with the gorgeous trellis frame mentioned earlier and the Svartpilen really should handle superbly!

Stunning yet simplistic 17” spoked wheels have been built to be robust and withstand all challenging urban environments. These practical wheels also look amazing and match incredibly well with the Svartpilen unique futuristic looks.

When it comes to the rubber, Husqvarna have again gone with the more premium choice of Pirelli’s Scorpion Rally STR tyres, known for their notable grip and tread pattern

We can’t get all the way through this blog without talking about the Svartpilen’s overall aesthetics. As I’ve already mentioned, this bike is an absolute stunner! The current line-up of Husqvarna bikes offers that great mix of classic and, even cafe racer Esq looks, matched with uber-modern Swedish style, resulting in an impressive, unique, and even futuristic styled bike. There really is no exception when it comes to the Svartpilen 125!

And it’s also clear to see that Husqvarna have really paid attention to the detail on this little beastie and have crammed as many great components in as possible. They haven’t stopped there either because they’re offering the choice of adding a few extras for those wanting to splash the cash further including CNC machined covers and Akrapovic slip-on exhaust, to name just a few.

With the main spec covered, now we can move onto that all-important decision-maker – the price. We’ve already discussed the premium components this bike is packing so, we know the Svartpilen won’t be a low-budget option. We also know, given its relationship with KTM and spec similarities with the Duke 125, where the price will roughly fall.

So without wasting any more time, the Svartpilen 125 is set to start at £4,499 – which is only £200 more than its competitor the 2021 Duke 125. What are your thoughts on that one?!

Engine 125cc, 15 hp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 9.5L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 835mm
Weight 146kg
Price £4,499

Well, there you have it! That’s the 7 most important things you need to know about Husqvarna’s Svartpilen 125, which may I add, should be hitting UK shores this month! Are you excited about its arrival? Let us know what you think of this all-new model in the comments below!

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