Have you been thinking about getting a quad bike? Maybe it’s one of your lifelong dreams or wants.

Seeing a quad bike up and about on the roads isn’t particularly common, however, they are slowly becoming a more regular sight. With an increasing number of quad bikes becoming road legal, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a few of these bad boys popping up on our roads in the future.

What licence do I need to ride a quad bike?

Before we kick off with the list of suitable quads, I just wanted to answer a very popular question. A few of you may be wondering what sort of licence you need to be riding a quad bike, and the answer is - all you need is a full UK car driving licence (category B or B1).

If you have any more questions or queries, please feel free to check out our Quad Bikes - All You Need to Know & FAQs.

So, let's get to it, shall we? Here we have compiled a list of the best quad bikes for beginners to get you out on the roads today!

1. Honda TRX420

Honda’s Fourtrax has been around on the market for a while now, an ATV that focuses on agriculture and farming is one of the UK’s best sellers.

Both automatic and manual transmissions are available with a reverse gear alongside powered steering, digital display, and electronic start as standard. However, one thing to note is that Honda’s towing capacity stands at 385kg, which is comparatively low when looking at its competitors.

It is fair to say that the 420 is a well-made bike, with its pipework, cabling, and detailing all impressively neat within the bike's infrastructure. And that is all thanks to Honda’s famous build quality and reliability that is yet to let us down.

All of this in addition to the £7350 price tag, I’d say this quad makes for a rather substantial first quad!

Engine   420cc, Liquid-cooled (26.6hp)
Fuel tank 14.9L
Brakes Hydraulic Discs
Suspension Front: Independent double-wishbone; 185mm travel
Rear: Independent dual-arm; 215mm travel
Seat height 880mm
Weight 311kg
Tow Capacity 385kg 
Price Manual: £7,350    Automatic: £7,950 

2. CFMOTO Force 520

This powerful and responsive ATV is ready to be registered for full road use!

The 495cc, liquid-cooled engine provides a smooth ride while delivering power almost instantly. Its Canadian-made gearbox boats a smooth acceleration and ease to ride, in addition to the 2WD/4WD and diff lock abilities, which means that this bike can tackle any terrain with ease.

In terms of build quality, CFMoto has smashed it out of the park with this one. The bike comes equipped with some of the highest intensity LED headlights, alongside an aggressive yet suave styling, with all cables hidden within the frame, allows the Chinese-built quad to compete with the big boys such as Honda.

Easy to use, budget-friendly, and reliable, what more could you want?  The CForce520 makes a brilliant bike for anyone wanting to hop on a quad!

Engine   495cc, Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled (36.2hp)
Fuel tank 14L
Brakes Front: Wheel side brake
Rear: Wheel central axle + central axle parking
Suspension Double arm independent suspension
Seat height 530mm
Weight 358kg
Tow Capacity 600kg 
Price £6,299 + OTR

3. Quadzilla QZ300

The Quazilla QZ300 is the budget-friendly king of this list…

The liquid-cooled, 400cc engine gives off 31hp, just enough for any first-time riders or those wanting to take their quads onto the roads. On top of this, the Quadzilla comes supplied with double A-arm suspension, making tackling bumpy roads or terrain a breeze.

Something that makes the Quadzilla so special is its high-range spec. Coming fully equipped with modern LED daytime running lights, a comfortable backrest seat, a tow ball, durable steel wheels, a clear digital meter, and an electric winch.

Overall, the QZ300 offers way more bang for your buck as one of the most affordable on the list at £3999, whilst not scrimping on the tech.

Engine  400cc, Liquid-cooled (31hp)
Fuel tank N/A
Brakes Hydraulic Discs
  Double A arm
Seat height 865mm
Weight 324kg (dry)
Tow Capacity 500kg
Price £3,999 + OTR

4. TGB Blade 520SL

Powerful, agile, and durable. The TGB Blade 520SL offers everything you may need in a quad bike.

The TGB Blade is powered by the tried and tested 503cc, liquid-cooled engine that the TCB Blade series has favoured for a few years now. However, the newest model has been equipped with electronic fuel injection. This bike should be a little powerhouse on any type of terrain.

Built with the agricultural worker in mind, this quad comes with an EPS system making handling a dream. Coming in a naughty-looking colourway, the 520 makes its presence known on the roads.

The TBG Blade 520SL is a quadbike that offers 39hp on a budget, looking tremendously good while at it too!

Engine  503cc, 4-Stroke Cylinder (35hp)
Fuel tank 18L
Brakes Disc
Suspension Front: Adjustable Rear: Swingarm
Seat height 920mm
Weight 330kg
Tow Capacity 850kg
Price £6,999

5. Segway Snarler ATV6 S

Does the name Segway ring a bell? You may remember one of its first-ever products that went viral worldwide, the personal transporter.

This year Segway has come into competition hot with their Snarler. The 570cc engine gives off 44hp, and without being a powerhouse (ideal for beginners), it responds well and produces solid acceleration. For 2022, Segway has a hybrid option for their quads, which may be an appealing factor for some.

Giving us three new colourways, all equally as aggressive and flashy. The shape of this bike allows you to move about confidently and comfortably, thanks to the precise braking, steering, and 930mm seating. In terms of spec, the Snarler comes equipped with full LED lights, EPS, digital display, and phone connectivity.

However, the highest spec comes with a high-end price tag, with the Segway Snarler costing £7,999 - However, I’d debate it’s totally worth it?

Engine  570cc, 4-Stroke Single-cylinder, DOHC Engine (44hp)
Fuel tank 27.7L
Brakes Four-wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake
Suspension Dual A-arm
Seat height 930mm
Weight 359kg
Tow Capacity 300kg
Price £7,999

6. KYMCO MXU 550i

The Taiwanese firm KYMCO has been around for a while now, and though they aren’t as well known in the UK, they are an extremely popular brand around the rest of the world, especially in Asia.

The MXU550i is a utility-style bike powered by a 501cc engine, giving off 45hp. This little powerhouse is a functional, reliable, and affordable quad. Making it more than suitable enough for a first quadbike.

In terms of styling, KYMCO has kept it simple yet effective. Fully equipped with a front winch, rear tow bar, as well as switchable 4-WD, and diff lock as standard the MXU500i provides a fairly mid-spec quad.

KYMCO has really designed this to be a versatile and dependable workhorse. With all the features and spec required to be a great premium mid-weight quad, just expect a premium price as it comes in at £9,749.

Engine  501cc, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled (45hp)
Fuel tank 16.5L
Brakes Disc
Suspension Adjustable Hydraulic shock absorbers
Seat height 962mm
Weight 333kg (dry)
Tow Capacity 427kg
Price £9,749

And there we have it, the list of the best neginner quad bikes has come to an end. Are you interested in getting a quad, let us know what you are interested in the most in the comments section below.

What makes a quad-bike beginner friendly?

The list we have chosen are all mid-range quads, which aren’t too big, and aren’t too powerful or sporty, these choices are all user-friendly quad bikes which are easy to master.

If you are looking for a quad bike for the more advanced rider either for utility use, or maybe a full-on sports offering, then make sure to check out our top 10 quads article for inspiration!

If you own a Road Legal quadbike or are looking to purchase one - make sure to get a Quad Bike Insurance quote direct with Lexham!