Quad bikes are some of the most uncommon vehicles seen on UK roads and in fact, most people think of them as purely off-road machines.

In truth, however, so long as the quad or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) meets all safety standards and has been approved for road use, they can be ridden on public roads too.

How to make a quad bike road-legal

So how do you go about getting on the roads on your quadbike legally? Well, we have the answer.

Pretty much any quad or ATV can be converted to meet road safety standards, however, it is worth checking with the dealership or owner you are buying from to make sure it's ready to go immediately.

Before hitting the roads, you will need to make sure your quad is registered and has front and rear number plates, as well as an MOT, tax, and insurance. You will also need to have obtained your full drivers' licence (or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997) as well - a motorcycle licence will simply not be enough.

Last but not least, unlike motorcycles, it is not required that you wear a crash helmet. However, I would strongly recommend you do so as accidents can happen and a crash helmet could save your life!

If you do have any other questions or queries about anything ATV or Quad bikes, make sure to check out our guide on all you need to know!

So with that all being said, let's kickstart our top 10 best road legal quads for 2023 blog!

1. ‎Polaris Sportsman range

Kicking off the list, we have the Polaris Sportsman!

The Sportsman has a reputation for excellent riding and handling, coming packed with an integrated Engine Braking System, on-demand AWD/4WD, electric-powered steering, and a suspension set-up acclaimed to be like no other.

A nice touch with the Sportsman is its attention to detail and styling, coming with a wide range of colour options depending on which model and integrated headlights, giving off that aggressive road presence we all know and love.

The Sportsman comes in a variety of utility, sports, and touring options, as well as coming in 570cc, 570cc, and 1000cc power variations ranging between £8,399 and £16,199 (excluding VAT) - There really is something for everyone to suit their individual riding style and budget.

2. Yamaha YFM (Raptor) range

Up next on our list has got to be the Yamaha YFM range.

Yamaha has been among the most respected names in the motorcycle industry for many years and has had a similar impact in the quad and ATV world. Yamaha's Raptor series is one of the biggest-selling and most popular quads of all time although here in the UK.

The Raptor (YFM) range comes packed with aggressive, menacing styling as well as benefits from Yamaha’s cutting-edge engineering and technology such as adjustable suspension, high torque performance, fuel injection systems, and even a slipper clutch – All for £11,250!

3. Can-Am Renegade range

Sitting at third, here we have the Can-Am Renegade!

The original Renegade was first released in 2008, and since then each year the models have only gotten better. The Renegade comes in a few different versions and engine sizes, but the most impressive is the mighty Renegade X MR 1000R.

Designed as a true performance adventure quad, the Renegade comes equipped with high-tech features like intelligent throttle control, electronic fuel injection, switchable 4WD, and tri-mode power steering.

When it comes to the suspension on the Renegade, the Renegade X xc 1000R, 1000 & 650, and X MR 1000R models are fitted with preload-adjustable FOX 1.5 PODIUM shocks calibrated for better handling over both lower/higher speed bumps.

I think it’s fair to say that the Renegade is by far one of the best-looking quads on this list, coming packed with some fairly impressive tech, all for the reasonable starting price of £12,707.

4. CF Moto C Force range

Coming in at fourth, here we have the CFMOTO CFORCE…

This quad is built with utility in mind, with the largest iteration coming packed with an impressive 963cc engine and 80hp so you can get maximum effectiveness out of its in-built tow-bar and front winch.

The C Force also comes equipped with fox preload-adjustable forks, fitted for the ultimate control regardless of the terrain, and Tri-mode intelligent Throttle Control to provide that consistently smooth power delivery.

Coming in many different varieties and engine sizes, you can guarantee that you will find a C Force perfect for you, running from £5,199 to £11,699 - making something to suit every type of budget!

5. ‎Kymco MXU range

Sitting fifth on the list is the Kymco MXU.

Kymco has been around since the 60s, originally being set up to produce high-quality components for bigger manufacturers such as Honda. A few years down the line, Kymco are crushing the maxi-scooter scene with the likes of the DTX360 and are a part of the ATV market as well.

The MXU comes in a variety of power output options ranging from 300cc to 700cc. However, all models come equipped with a front winch and rear tow bar, as well as switchable 2WD/4WD as standard.

While it may not be the most powerful quad on this list by any means, the MXU is a reliable and functional quad built for novice quad riders and those who want to have fun on a limited budget with the base level model starting from £6,349.

6. Honda TRX range

Up next on the list is the Honda TRX range, another one of the UK's best-selling ATVs!

The TRX models have been around for a long time and are perfectly engineered to tackle even the most demanding of conditions thanks to Honda's famous build quality and reliability.

There are a variety of engine sizes to choose from between 260-680cc, coming in both automatic and manual transmission options. The TRX also comes equipped with reverse gear as well as power steering, a digital display, an electronic start, and a 385kg towing capacity - making it perfect for those agricultural and farming tasks that the TRX was designed for.

When it comes to the pricing of the TRX, the base entry model will take you back £8,150 meaning it is one of the more affordable option for those on a budget!

7. Yamaha Kodiak range

Coming in at 7, we have another offering from Yamaha, the Kodiak…

The Yamaha Kodiak is a great utility ATV, offering road use qualities and coming equipped with powered steering and switchable 2WD and 4WD, the Kodiak can also carry and tow heavy payloads.

Overall the Kodiak is a great ATV for anyone looking for a high-quality all-rounder, so even if you’re mainly using your quad for agricultural and farming purposes, you are able to use this beauty on the roads just as easily.

In terms of pricing, the Kodiak starts from £11,250.00, making it one of the more affordable offerings on this list!

8. Suzuki KingQuad range

Taking the eighth spot on our list has got to be the KingQuad - an ATV Suzuki claims to have been in the works for over 30 years!

The Suzuki KingQuad is arguably one of the most aggressive and attractive-looking quads on our list, coming packed with the finest technology from the 500X to the 750XPZ offering the perfect balance of technical spec, handling, and toughness for riders to tackle any type of terrain.

Coming in nonpowered steering and power steering variations, the KingQuad can cost between £10,679-£12,815 depending on which model you choose.

9. Can-Am Outlander range

In at ninth, we have the Can-Am Outlander.

Coming equipped with the top-of-the-range Rotax V-Twin engines in 91hp (1000R), 80hp (1000), and 59hp (650) and Intelligent Throttle Control, helping the Outlander feel responsive and controllable.

The Outlander also comes packed with Tortional Trailing Arm independent rear suspension, FOX Racing Shocks, and a 1,588 kg Can-Am HD winch all as standard across each model!

When it comes to the price of the Outlander, it is one of the more expensive on this list starting at £13,807 - but we’d definitely argue that it’s worth it!

10. TGB Blade

Coming in at number 10 and taking the top spot in the TGB Blade!

The Blade series has been sold worldwide now for over 20 years and comes stacked with features such as a 4-Stroke V-Twin engine, switchable 4-wheel drive, 14-inch wheels, and lastly, the choice between front and rear differential steering or optional Electric Power steering depending on which Blade model takes your fancy.

The LTX version has also had a new facelift for this year, coming equipped with hi-lite LED lighting and an aggressive front body panel.

Overall, the TGB Blade is the ideal ATV workhouse, perfect for any agricultural task or type of terrain -all from the starting price of £6499 (also making this one of the most affordable choices on this list)!

The last stop!

So there you have it, there are our top 10 choices ready to take 2023 by storm!

If you do own a Road Legal quadbike or are looking to purchase one - make sure to get a quad bike insurance quote direct with Lexham.

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