There is no denying we've had to wait a little while for a new Euro 5 125cc scooter from Aprilia. But at EICMA 2021, they launched their all-new SR GT. They may well be known for their sporty scooters and motorcycles, but with this model, they’ve gone with full-on adventure styling with a sprinkling of sporty aspects too.

Though this new model hasn’t hit dealers just yet, the Italian manufacturer has spilled some beans on what we can expect, and this blog explains those beans in a little more detail.

The first bit of sporty spec we’re covering is that lively i-get engine housed in the SR GT. The 125cc version will be putting out almost 15hp which is the legal limit for a 125cc ridden on a CBT. This isn’t just great to see but also means it should be up there with the best for acceleration and top speed in this scooter category. Given the spec, I would expect the SR GT to be using the same i-get engine that’s found in the Piaggio Medley. Don’t’ get me wrong, this would be no bad thing at all as the Medley was great fun! You can see the fun had by Brett in his Piaggio Medley road test review.

Now, as well as the 125cc, Aprilia will also be releasing a 200cc version which kicks out 17 Italian horses. I fully expect the SR GT to hit UK shores, but are we going to see the 200cc? Only time will tell, and it will be interesting to see what is confirmed over the next few days.

I think it's true to say when Aprilia launches a bike you expect a certain high level of design and styling, and the SR GT definitely doesn't disappoint. Its true sporting soul is captured clearly through those tight, clean and dynamic lines.

And, to sweeten the deal, it will also be available in six different paint finishes (‘Street Grey’, ‘Aprilia Black’, ‘Infinity Blue’, ‘Street Gold’, ‘Iridium Grey’ and ‘Red Raceway’) so you’ll have plenty of choice and less chance of your mate going for the same colour – unless it’s intentional, of course!

Personally, I really like the ‘Street Gold’ variant, it’s bright, bold, gritty and will definitely turn a few heads.

When looking at the SR GT, it mixes fun, sporty, adventure and practicality into one, and I think they have done a great job! This isn’t just a scooter that will appeal to the younger generation, it has enough smart and practical features to suit most scooter riders and commuters too!

Built for urban commuting and the odd adventure out of town, the SR GT sits upon a double-cradle steel frame.

Aprilia suggests that its sportiness goes beyond looks and this can be seen through the compact design that includes reduced overhangs and wide naked motorcycle-type handlebars (think Honda PCX) and a more forward riding position that allows for a more relaxed riding style.

With a little more bulk than some of its competitors and features such as the double fairing with suspended windshield, you’ll feel more protected and confident when making those slightly longer journeys.

Designed for improved comfort, handling, safety and control on all types of terrain and rather unsurprisingly with that adventure style front, the SR GT comes with substantial and long-travel suspension at the front with a rather generous 175mm of ground clearance.

On the back, we expect to see double hydraulic shock absorbers with adjustable preload.

Getting onto those brakes now and we are expecting a 260mm wavy disc at the front on both models, and a 220mm on the back (but not on the 125cc variant). And it’s looking likely that the 125cc version will run CBS whilst the 200cc has ABS.

Set to handle urban commutes, the SR GT is riding into 2022 with a 14" wheel on the front with a 110 wide tyre and a 13" on the rear with a 130 wide tyre. Aprilia have also gone with all-surface tyres, so the SR GT is ready for not only urban traffic but off-road tracks also.

To make it even more suitable for all-day, everyday riding, Aprilia has equipped the SR GT with a few modern-day practicalities. This includes full LED lighting, a 25L under-seat storage compartment with the capacity to fit a full-face helmet (check yours before buying though), USB port located in the leg shield and ‘advanced’ LCD dash. Whilst these are basic features that are more than expected on a scooter of this kind it’s still nice and necessary to point out and have them to suit our convenient way of living.

As an optional extra you can also choose to add ‘Aprilia MIA’ which allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth.

With the initial news of this model released during EICMA, Aprilia are staying pretty hush about the finer details, and this includes the price and release date. Though I think it’s fair to say that with this spec, it will be on the more premium side of the market, and I would guess similar to that of the Piaggio Medley.

We all know price and release date are a couple of the most anticipated pieces of information, especially if you’re looking to purchase, but I’m sure it won’t be long until more is released.

Keep it BikeMatters though and we’ll update you as soon as more is released. Whilst you wait why not take a read through our top 10 125cc scooters list?  

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