We have searched high and low to pull together a list of the ultimate Motovloggers for your viewing pleasure.

After days of research, poring through hours of footage and a little help from our friends, we’ve come up with our favourite channels. Our picks are sure to keep all levels of motorcycle enthusiasts both entertained and up to date with the motorcycle world.

Baron Von Grumble

https://www.youtube.com/user/BaronVonGrumble -259k subscribers

BaronVonGrumble is the Banksy of motovlogging. While the online biking community came to standstill for his momentous face reveal in 2016, Baron Von Grumble’s real name remains under wraps.

Witty one-liners and controversial social commentaries spike early videos of his commute through London. This earned him a dedicated fan base which has continued to grow as Baron shares bike reviews, event coverage, and various trips to Europe.

His rides are epic - our favourite sees Grumble ride across 14 countries in under 24 hours on his faithful BMW GS Adventure. He shows us exactly why two wheels are the best way to travel.

Royal Jordanian

https://www.youtube.com/user/royaljordanian - 1.2M subscribers

Royal Jordanian takes a backseat in his videos and lets his ‘daily observations’ do the talking. A lack of narrative may sound boring, but his channel is anything but.

Simply enjoying the noise from his Husqvarna Nuda 900R, KTM Super Duke 1290R, BMW S1000R Sport and Husqvarna SMR 511 is enough to keep us craving more.

Indulge in rev battles with supercars, watch run-ins with armed police and say ‘aww’ as Royal Jordanian makes sporadic good deeds. This crazy concoction makes his YouTube channel one of the most watchable on the internet.

Roadcraft Nottingham

https://www.youtube.com/user/RoadcraftNottingham - 67k subscribers

Roadcraft Nottingham is a slightly more sensible affair than some of the other YouTube channels on this list. That’s not to say they don’t have their moments!

What can you expect? There are lots of genuinely useful riding videos on Roadcraft Nottingham, including our fave - real life footage of a rider crashing on a lesson, a video we can all learn a lot from.

Bought to you by an award-winning motorcycle instructor, Roadcraft School of Motorcycling, their channel is a blend of informative riding tips and bike reviews, with the odd blooper thrown in. They include clips from motorcycling lessons, and even vids of them fiddling with new gadgets.

Roadcraft’s YouTube channel truly reflects their brand’s values - keeping a personal touch with an element humour and motorcycling enthusiasm.


https://www.youtube.com/user/rnickeymouse - 421k subscribers

Down in Southern California, stretching through the Santa Monica mountains lies a snaking road, a little over two miles long - Mulholland Highway. Whilst the rules of the road apply, the strip is considered a recreational use area and is massively popular with motorcycle and auto enthusiasts.

RNickeymouse - real name, Ken Snyder - has made a name for himself heading up ‘Mulholland Riders’ which now features around 250 videos of riders tackling the twist of this legendary road!

Snyder himself rides a Kawasaki Ninja 250. When asked about his channels success in an interview with motosport.com, he commented, “I'm surprised that my crash videos get as many views as they do. They are mostly common rider errors. Not really spectacular compared to other stuff on YouTube and I'd be the first to admit my titles are pretty boring.” Boring titles or not, his videos have earnt him a cool 312K subscribers!

The infamous road features a sign at the top of the hill which reads:

‘You are standing at the top of curves that road enthusiasts affectionately call "The Snake". Over the years Mulholland Highway has tested the merits of cars from Duesenbergs to Teslas. This particular stretch of road is a mecca for motorcyclists. It's sharp turns offer an adrenaline rush and a chance for fun, fame and often folly.’

Head to his YouTube for impressive rides, cringe-worthy crashes, and a whole host of close shaves!

Motorcycle Dreams

https://www.youtube.com/user/MotorcyclesDreams - 89k subs

The ultimate channel for a biker-lover to geek-out over. The Motorcycles Dreams YouTube page is ahead of the game reviewing the latest, the greatest and the most innovative masterpieces the motorcycle world has to offer.

The channel features a host of photo slideshow videos complete with details on the model’s features and in-depth tech spec. The videos feature photographic triumphs from the makers, as well as high-quality shots of the bikes in action.

Also hot on their channel are build projects from the big brands, including this recent Yamaha XSR900 customization video which we can’t take our eyes off of.

The Motorcycles Dreams channel is well-worth subscribing to as they have a habit of publishing manufacturer's’ official promo videos for new bikes before they do! One to watch for sure.

Adjrian Nickelodeon

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEUktMmhCaXpQG4uRoWEk1Q - 175k subs

Self-proclaimed ‘Carnival Ride’, Adirian Nickelodeon is our favourite Australian motovlogger. His videos are all about having a good time. They’ve had us on the edge of our chairs, and laughing until we fall off our seats!

He cannot stand a driver on the phone, and is not afraid to tell them exactly what he thinks! Some of his confrontational videos have had thousands of views, and hundreds of comments.

The only thing that tops the entertainment value of his clips, for us, is the sound of his Crossplane Yamaha R1. You wouldn’t want your nan to hear his fruity language, but his pure “living life at 101%” character means that each and every vid he posts is highly entertaining!

He also has a good relationship with fellow motovlogger, RidingWithTom, which means more bikes, extra fun-filled content.


https://www.youtube.com/user/Walterrificonline - 2M subs

Walterrific is one of the most funniest motovloggers on YouTube thanks to the sheer randomness of his videos. Each new upload is a step into the unknown with this guy. He certainly keeps you on your toes, and we frequently found ourselves laughing out loud while watching his exploits.

You can tell he loves his work, that's for sure. Walterrific manages to transform the most boring rides into the most interesting adventures. If you’re looking for entertainment factor - Kansas based, Walterrific is the motovlogger for you. You don’t need to take our word for it - some of his videos have pulled in millions of views!

There you have it - the crème de la crème of the motovlogging world. Whether you’re looking for epic crashes, a good laugh or reviews of the latest bikes and gear, there’s a motovlogger channel for you.

Bonus: BikeMatters!

https://www.youtube.com/c/BikeMatters - 2k subs

The team at BikeMatters are reviewing the latest bikes for you to enjoy, as well as attending motorcycle and scooter events throughout the year!

Having just only this year started bringing the latest bike reviews to the table, there's also tips on passing your CBT and Module 1 test, scooter rallies and racing, and new reveals from motorcycle shows in the UK.

Don't miss your chance to jump on board early with this channel, as they have recently just hit 2000 subs, and are on the way up to keep on going.

Subscriber counts updated 3rd September 2019


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