With all the new A2-friendly bikes available and being produced there’s never been a better time to get into motorcycles!

If you have ever dreamed of getting on a motorcycle one of the things that can put new riders off is the bikes available to them. Previously it could be disheartening to know that your dream bike was so far away as you were forced to ride bikes you had no interest in to gain the necessary experience.

New riders under the age of 24 are restricted to bikes with a power output of up to 35kw/47bhp for 2 years. At the same time riders, 24 and over who qualify for direct access to an unrestricted licence may need to start off on a lower-powered bike while they gain more experience for both safety and financial reasons.

Finding barriers between you and a bike you find exciting and attractive could sometimes put people off the entire process. But things have changed. Motorcycle manufacturers recognised this need and have started filling it. The modern a2 friendly bikes are high quality and stylish, the kind of bikes any rider could be proud to own. Perfect for new riders and experienced alike, their nimble handling makes them great and affordable commuter bikes.

Make no mistake simply because these bikes fall into the 47bhp restricted category they are far from mopeds, these are fully fledged motorcycles with the extra power and comfort that brings, many capable of speeds up to 90mph!

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki was one of the first to start targeting this growing market with the release of the Ninja 300. With looks based on the ZX10, excellent performance, and technology - including a slipper clutch this bike looks and feels like a supersport. A slightly elevated riding position, combined with its excellent handling make this an outstanding commuter bike and a bike that ticks all the boxes for a new rider.

Kawasaki Z300

New for 2015 Kawasaki introduced a naked version of its Ninja 300 the Z300. Like the Ninja, the z300 takes its visual styling straight form its big brother the Z800 with an aggressive super naked design. All the performance of the ninja 300; highly agile for getting through the traffic and an upright riding position for that comfortable commute. Perfect for those who prefer the rugged look and feel of a street bike.

Yamaha YZF-R3

Another bike brand new in 2015 was Yamaha’s answer to the Ninja, the new YZF-R3. This new bike fills all the demands a rider could place on it: cutting edge styling, a sporty but comfortable riding position, lightweight and agile with modern features such as ABS as standard. Although its R series heritage is clear it has its own unique design that will make you stand out.

Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha’s exciting and muscular street bike enters the A2-friendly market new for 2016. With a liquid-cooled twin cylinder engine and lightweight chassis derived from the R3, it offers the same excellent performance inside the aggressive MT range styling. This bike will turn heads!

Also, if you like what you see with the Yamaha MT-03, we have a full road-test review ready for you to look at!

Honda CBR 500R

Another new entry for 2016, Hondas update to their CBR500R. Larger than its 300cc counterpart it still fits into the A2 category. The visual styling is derived from the Fireblade with a leaner and sportier design than the previous CBR500 and improved airflow. As usual in A2 machines aimed at commuting it has an elevated handle bar position for a more comfortable ride and forms a good bridge between an A2 supersport and larger powered models.

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