Cruisers have been around for a very long time, and with that their popularity hasn’t decreased. With manufacturers producing new and exciting cruisers each and every year, it allows you to find a bike that truly suits you.

Feel free to join me while I kickstart this year’s countdown of the best A2-friendly cruisers available for 2022.

When it comes to the CMX500, the words ‘affordable’ and ‘enjoyable’ spring to mind, making it the perfect bike for new riders. Honda has built the foundations for a great modern cruiser.

The 191kg weight and 690mm seat height, alongside the relaxed riding position, assist and slipper clutch, and lastly the 471cc engine, allow you to commute day-to-day comfortably and confidently.

Speaking of the engine, its liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder, Euro 5 compliant nature allows you to be bang on the money with 47hp making it A2 licence friendly without the need of a restrictor kit.

Design is something that Honda never fails to impress us with, and they haven’t fallen short this year either. The CMX500 is styled with those classic bad-boy cruiser looks, which include the likes of the slim chassis, low seat, and fat rims. The negative LCD dash and round LED headlight add those nice practical touches that fit the overall look of the bike seamlessly.

It’s no secret that the Honda Rebel has been an extremely influential model in the market these past few years. If you have an eye for cruiser styling, I don't think you will find anything that can match this in the A2 category, especially for the sweet £6,199 price tag too!

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Engine 471cc, Liquid-cooled, DOHC (47hp)
Fuel tank 11.2L
Brakes Front and rear disc, ABS
Seat height 690mm
Weight 191kg
Price £6,199

The Royal Enfield’s Meteor is the perfect quintessential old-school cruiser. Affordable and nice to look at, what more could you want?

From the shape of the tank and analog speedo to the high-gloss finish and steel frame, the styling embodies that lovely cruiser-inspired spirit we all know and love. There are other things here that come into play, thanks to the way the Meteor is designed it offers a good level of comfort, control, and stability.

At the heart of the Meteor, there is a brand new, 349cc, air-oil cooled engine that produces not as much power as one would hope. However, that exhaust note that the bike gives off is distinctively Royal Enfield.

As for the tech, the bike is equipped with USB ports, Smartphone connectivity, a Tripper navigation system, and LED lights. So although the tech isn't groundbreaking, it is a decent amount for such a budget-friendly bike.

The price of this bike is dependent on which colourway you choose, starting at £3,879 (including a 3-year roadside cover and warranty) the dent in your pocket will be significantly smaller when you compared it to other bikes on this list.

A combination of its retro-styling, personality, and price allows the Meteor to be a shining star. – It’s just s shame it doesn’t kick out a bit more power.

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Engine 349cc, air-cooled (20.2hp)
Fuel tank 15L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 765mm
Weight 191kg
Price £3,879 (Fireball Red & Yellow), £3,959 (Stellar Red, Blue & Black) & £4,039 (Supernova Blue & Brown)

If you’re looking for a stylish and accommodating cruiser with a sporty feel, then the Kawasaki Vulcan S is the one for you.

With the 649cc, liquid-cooled engine that reaches the 47hp limit for this category, it has a lot of user-friendly power. Accompanied by the promising fuel economy from the 14L tank, you have yourself a decent urban commuter.

Whilst this bike may be the heaviest on the list, the slim chassis, low seat height, and relaxed riding position with adjustable footpegs, all make for easy handling and comfort- an important factor for new riders!

Taking inspiration from the bigger boys, Kawasaki has served up three new colourways for 2022, including Metallic Spark Black, Candy Crimson Red, and Metallic Grey. Giving something to appeal to the classic lovers and those needing some extra pizazz.

Overall, we can say thanks to the green giants for blessing us with an A2 dedicated bike with a reasonable price tag attached!

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Engine 649cc, liquid-cooled (47hp)
Fuel tank 14L
Brakes Front: Dual Piston, Disc     Rear: Single Piston, Disc
Seat height 705mm
Weight 229kg
Price £7,299 (Metallic Spark Black, Candy Crimson Red)                                                              £7,499 (Metallic Grey)

The 502 cruiser is Benelli’s modern take on a cruiser that offers everything to warmly welcome new riders.

When it comes to the 500cc liquid-cooled engine, it’s able to reach 47hp, which is the maximum output for an A2 complaint motorcycle. However, this bike makes a statement with its 21.5L fuel tank which is the biggest by far on this list, making it more than capable of longer journeys too.

The 502 is quite the opposite of what one would expect of a cruiser, especially for its size. In true cruiser fashion, the bike has a long wheelbase, 750mm seat height, and adjustable footrests for a smooth and leisurely riding experience. However, we think Benelli should be particularly proud of the way it handles.

Next onto the price, when we compare the Benelli pricetag of £5,599, to the Honda CMX500 Rebel’s (featured in this list), it’s only £500 cheaper. As we all know, Honda are the ‘big boys’ on the A2 cruiser scene, and with very few differences between them, has Honda managed to reign supreme again this year? You will have to let me know in the comments…

Overall, the 502 cruiser has the style, performance, and value that very few Chinese-built bikes can match, something that is helping it keep up with its Japanese rivals.

Engine 500cc, Inline 2 Cylinder (47hp)
Fuel tank 21.5L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 750mm
Weight 217kg
Price £5,599 + OTR

Making its very recent return to the market, here we have the Royal Enfield Classic.

The bike is equipped with two-channel ABS, chunky mudguards, glistening spoked wheels, and an analogue single clock to give that pure 50’s nostalgia. Its retro styling pays homage to the Classic Enfield, a prominent long-standing model in the Royal Enfields collection. It's basic, but it works a charm…

When it comes to the engine, following the introduction of its ever so slightly older sibling the Meteor, both bikes share the same 349ccc, air/oil-cooled, and 5-speed gearbox to power them. With OK acceleration and decent suspension, it might be underpowered but it is still a great, fun, and very useable cruiser motorcycle.

With an extremely affordable price tag of £4,439 and many friendly features, this bike makes a wonderful A2 option with a classic twist.

I for one would say the Royal Enfield is worthy of its space on our top 5 for 2022!

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Engine 349cc, Air/Oil-cooled (202.hp)
Fuel tank 13.5L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 805mm
Weight 195kg
Price £4,439

And there we have it! Another year's roundup has come to a close.

Do you agree with our top choices? Do you have a few thoughts of your own? Please don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts in the comments or leave us a message on Facebook!

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Despite the excitement of shiny new bikes, it is important to remember to insure! If you have your very own A2 cruiser or perhaps another motorcycle - make sure to get a motorcycles and scooter quotation direct with Lexham!