Often thought of as the only options for boring commutes into and out of the office, maxi scooters are certainly adept at navigating the urban jungle – but there is so much more to them than just being a dross commuter tool.

But what is a maxi scooter? It’s worth making sure we’re all on the same page, here. We’d say a maxi scooter will have an engine bigger than 300 cc, most often 350 and up to 850cc, with bigger dimensions, stability, and style than your average 50 cc or 125 cc scoot.

Hugely popular in Europe, the typical maxi scooter will have a comfortable ride position, surprisingly adept performance, and more storage space than you will know what to do with. Some of the top picks are decked out with some serious spec, technology, and performance, and they will certainly surprise you at the classic red-light Grand Prix!

So whether you’re a commuter, a sports bike rider looking for a comfier ride, or simply after the latest and available greatest in the scooter world today - let’s twist and go through the 10 best maxi scooters for 2023.

Piaggio Beverly S 400 2023 scooter

10 Piaggio Beverly S 400

Kicking off our top 10, we have the Piaggio Beverly S 400. It wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of Italy, and it’s no surprise that the Italian marque has such success with its largest capacity two-wheeled offering – though it’s in at 10 on our list as it’s not quite the large scale maxi scooter you may be expecting for the money – priced up at £6,000.

Updated in 2022, the new 399 cc HPE single-cylinder comes in for the outgoing 350 unit, with work done to further reduce vibration and noise levels with more performance, to the tune of 34.9 bhp & 37.7 Nm of torque (and weighing at 195kg has good power to weight ratio), ensuring the Beverly 400 is sure to be spritely.

This model is given larger tyres (16” front and 14” rear, with newly designed 7 spoke alloy wheels) to keep it stable on town roads –  plus Piaggio MIA smartphone integration on the new 5.5” LCD display, luggage rack, LED lighting, new Showa suspension and an overall new style that Piaggio has mastered over the years.

It has a fairly small 12-litre fuel tank compared to the others on this list (it’s the smallest), but if you’re after a bit of Piaggio love it comes in 4 colours: Arancio Sunset, Argento Cometa (grey), Nero Meteora, and Nero Tempesta.

Price £6,000
Engine 399 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder, 34.9 BHP, 37.7 Nm torque, 
Fuel Tank 12 Litres
Seat Height 790 mm
Brakes F: 300 mm disc
R: 240mm disc
Suspension F: Showa 35mm Hydraulic telescopic fork
R: Dual hydraulic shock absorbers with preload adjust
Weight 195 kg


2023 BMW CE04 electric scooter

9 BMW CE 04

Perhaps a surprising option in at #9 is the all-electric BMW CE 04. Now, this thing is absolutely rapid off the line – providing peak power of around 42 bhp to play with, and 62 Nm of torque (applied instantly to the back wheel with a belt drive) from the permanent-magnet liquid-cooled synchronous machine motor.

The 148 V battery with 40 lithium-ion cells will charge from 0% to 80% in 65 minutes with a 6.9 Kw BMW quick charger installed, otherwise, it's 3 and a half hours wait to 80%, and the question on everyone’s lips is the range: a total of 80 miles if ridden sensibly.

Having tested this scooter at the launch in Barcelona, I can attest to the fact that it’s seriously fun to ride, though a bit of an odd-looking scoot. Irrespective of performance, the recharge rate and range could take this off the list for some riders who will need more distance per charge, hence the #9 spot.

The initial purchase price may also dissuade some, with dealers looking for £12,850 and up from new. Granted, the initial cost will spread over the lifetime of the bike, with running costs of electric machines generally lower than internal combustion engines (depending on the price of electricity at home!).

Ride quality is superb with a seriously low centre of gravity (it weighs a hefty 231 kg) and long 1675 mm wheelbase, and there is a host of accessory options for storing your items should the under-seat compartment (accessed from the side) not be enough.

It’s naturally a tech-heavy machine, with riding modes and an energy recovery system to help conserve the battery – I’d imagine wealthier scooter riders may look to one of these to stand out in the crowd! Ideally, you’d get more than a maximum of 80 miles from a full charge, but we can only hope the battery technology advances rapidly.

Price £12,850
Engine Permanent-magnet liquid-cooled synchronous motor, 42 bhp, 62 Nm torque, 
Battery 148 V battery with 40 lithium-ion cells, 80-mile range
Seat Height 780 mm
Brakes F: Twin 265 mm disc, 4 piston)
R: 265mm disc, 1 piston
Suspension F: Telescopic forks
R: Single-sided swinging arm with central spring strut
Weight 231 kg


Suzuki Burgman 400 scooter 2023

8 Suzuki Burgman 400

A long-running stalwart of the scooter world is the Burgman – or Burgerman, as I affectionately call it. It lands at #8 with an overall package that will certainly appeal to any maxi scooter fan. Or is it just getting long in the tooth...

Though it hasn’t necessarily been updated extensively over the years, the previous Burgman 650 is not able to beat the strict Euro 5 rules, this 400 class edition is priced at a lofty £6,999 when compared to some of the similar-sized rivals, but for your money you get an updated 400cc single-cylinder motor with 28.8 bhp, 35.2 Nm of torque, and a 13.5-litre tank that will get you approximately 209 miles per fill-up. It’s easy to get along with, too – a low 755 mm seat and 218 kg kerb weight making this a doddle to get along with for practically every rider.

It has been around for years and is performing well in the sales charts for scooter sales, despite no huge upgrades in the last few years. It would appear Suzuki isn’t keen on messing with a winning formula, for all the right or wrong reasons. Why mess with something that works?

You’ll no doubt see this sleek scoot in towns and cities everywhere, and it slots in on this list due as a solid all-round performer!

Price £6,999
Engine 400cc single-cylinder, 28.8 bhp, 35.2 Nm torque 
Fuel Tank 13.5 Litres
Seat Height 755 mm
Brakes F: Twin disc
R: Single disc
Suspension F: Telescopic fork
R: Link type spring
Weight 218 kg


2023 Sym Maxsym TL 508 with palm trees

7 Sym Maxsym TL 508

Sym’s flagship maxi scooter is a strong contender at #7, with the Maxsym TL 508 providing quite a tempting offering with its 508cc twin putting out 44.9 bhp and 49.9 Nm of torque. Weighing in at 227 kg and 50/50 weight distribution, the spec on paper is tempting – though it is a fairly pricey option at £8,999 from the manufacturer based in Taiwan.

With a focus on the power and ride, the TL is well deserving of its slot on the list at #7, with the spec on paper promising a very engaging ride alongside the typical maxi scooter features – a 795mm seat, 4.5” TFT instrument cluster, keyless ignition and adjustable windscreen offering a premium ride for a commute.

Perhaps it could have a bigger tank to prolong your journeys, and at just shy of £9k it is one of the more expensive models on the list, particularly compared to its similar-powered rivals. Would you buy one to stand out over the top-selling Japanese options?

Price £8,999
Engine 508cc twin-cylinder, 44.9 bhp, 49.9 Nm 
Fuel Tank 12.5 Litres
Seat Height 795 mm
Brakes F: Twin 275 mm disc
R: 275 mm disc
Suspension F: USD front fork
R: Multi-link side mono-shock absorber
Weight 227 kg


Kymco AK550 Premium 2023 maxi scooter

6 Kymco AK550 Premium

We tested the Kymco AK550 here at Lexham / BikeMatters a few years ago, it impressed us then and it continues to impress us now. Priced at £10,399, the AK550 certainly is a premium option, though no surprises from the name.

With a centre console supposedly inspired by piano keys, this symphony-on-wheels is propelled by an inline 550 cc twin with 51 bhp and 52 Nm of torque – alongside riding modes, cruise control, traction control and an electronic throttle.

It’s certainly a heavy scooter, with the dry weight listed as 223 kg, and dealerships are hard to come by, but the spec on offer is nonetheless impressive, provided you can pocket the Premium price tag.

For those wanting a large-capacity maxi scooter with power & spec, the AK550 is a solid option to consider – though it may not be readily available with a small dealer network in the UK.

Price £10,399
Engine 550 cc inline-twin, 51 bhp, 52 Nm torque 
Fuel Tank 14.5 Litres
Seat Height 785 mm
Brakes F: Twin 270 mm disc
R: 260 mm disc
Suspension F: USD front fork
R: Unit swinging arm
Weight 223 kg


Peugeot XP400 Allure 2023 maxi scooter

5 Peugeot XP400 Allure

Freshly revealed this year, Peugeot has shown off its newest and largest scooter in the XP400 Allure (alongside the GT variant with spoked wheels, inspired by the recent emergence of adventure scooters like the Honda ADV350 and Lexmoto XDV300).

Fitted with a PowerMotion 400cc single-cylinder, with 36.7 bhp peak power and 38.1 Nm of peak torque – big numbers indeed – and weighing in at 231 kg wet. It’s a smart-looking scoot, with a TFT display, USB socket, LED lights, twin brake discs up front and storage space under-seat for a lid.

It’ll be interesting to see how the XP400 series fairs for Peugeot, with specs that certainly put it up there as one to consider in the 400cc scooter market. Though the £7,349 price tag does mean it’s a hefty proposition on the wallet, too.

Peugeot hopes this will be the flagship to lead them back into the front-runners of the maxi-scooter market, could the XP400 duo be what the French manufacturer has been waiting for?

Price £7,349
Engine 400cc single-cylinder PowerMotion, 36.7 bhp, 38.1 Nm torque 
Fuel Tank 13.5 Litres
Seat Height 815 mm
Brakes F: Twin 295 mm disc
R: 240 mm disc
Suspension F: 41mm inverted front fork
R: Combined spring hydraulic shock absorber
Weight 231 kg


2023 BMW C 400 GT maxi scooter

4 BMW C 400 GT

Just missing out on a top-three spot is the BMW C 400 GT. From £7,340 for the 350 cc single (with 33.5 bhp and 35 Nm of torque) this is an exclusive offering from the Bavarian giants. It also comes in an ‘X’ variant for £6,560 if you’re not after the GT spec. Plus you get 3 years warranty on a new one of these!

Tech galore for the C 400 models, with the scooter featuring ride-by-wire, a USB socket in the storage compartment, TFT dash with optional mobile connectivity, optimised ASC (Automatic Stability Control), keyless ignition, and all-ready for A2 riders and up to jump on. Plus with a weight of 201 kg and adjustable preload on the rear, you’ll be nipping around feeling just that bit more sporty.

It’s a typical premium price tag for a 350cc scooter, though you see enough of these around (and they review well) so there is proof in the pudding for these being a serious contender for an exclusive scooter rider – and it’s undoubtedly a popular maxi scooter!

Price £7,430
Engine 350cc single-cylinder, 33.5 bhp, 35 Nm torque 
Fuel Tank 12.8 Litres
Seat Height 775 mm
Brakes F: Twin 265 mm disc
R: 265mm disc
Suspension F: 35mm telescopic fork
R: double aluminium swingarm, double spring adjustable preload
Weight 201 kg


Honda XADV in new 2023 colour scheme

3 Honda X-ADV

Next in at #3 we have the head-turning adventure offering from Honda, in the X-ADV at £11,099 (which placed in at #1 on our list for last year). We’ll also nod towards the brand’s ADV350 (£5,799), the smaller offering with a taste for an off-piste ride.

Given it’s an off-road scooter (and I’ve actually done a bit of gentle off-road riding on this in the past) it’s afforded long travel 41 mm USD suspension, a redesigned seat to reach the ground easier even at 820mm tall, and a 17-inch front wheel with 15 inch rear with spoked wheels. Plus TFT screen, rider modes, switchable rear ABS, throttle by wire (with 5 modes including gravel), six-speed DCT auto, and HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control). Quite the list!

IT really is an amalgamation of the Honda Forza 750 and Africa Twin, and despite what you may think, it weirdly comes together to form a serious scooter worthy of a top spot in this list. The 745cc parallel twin has 57.7 bhp and 69 Nm of torque (plus is A2 restrictable).

It’s superb fun on the road (or off it), and you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a capable scooter that can practically take on anything you chuck at it – though competitors are emerging, and this is a pricey scooter at £11,099.

Side fact: it’s also outrageously popular in Italy, and one of the top-selling two-wheels out there, even outselling the BMW GS!

Price £11,099
Engine 745 cc parallel-twin, 57.7 bhp and 69 Nm of torque 
Fuel Tank 13.2 Litres
Seat Height 820 mm
Brakes F: Twin 296 mm disc, 4 piston calliper
R: 240 mm disc
Suspension F: 41mm USD fork
R: monoshock damper, pro-link swingarm
Weight 236 kg


Honda Forza 750 2023

2 Honda Forza 750

In at #2 is a firm favourite, the Honda Forza 750. A sporty maxi with style, packed with practicality, and crafted with character – this is effectively a sports bike with the comfort and benefits of a maxi scooter.

Having tested this one a couple of years ago, the Forza 750 is an absolute joy to ride. The Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) works superbly well, putting the 745cc twin (47 bhp, 69Nm torque) through a chain final drive, along with three rider modes + a configurable user mode, and adjustable Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

Though the motorcycle spec chassis with 41mm USD forks and pro-link mono-shock with aluminium swingarm gives a sporty ride – it’s still a maxi scooter! Under-seat storage is 22L, about enough for a full-face helmet, plus a USC type-C within – plus glove compartment. The 5-inch colour TFT display links with your smartphone, and a 13.2-litre fuel tank should give a range of over 220 miles.

All in, for a £10,399 maxi scooter, you get a lot of maxi scooter for your money – in both respects, it’s a hefty 235 kg. Well worth a go, and it’ll certainly surprise on the road and off the line. I remember calling this one a superbike for riders who's full-tuck days are long gone.

Price £10,399
Engine 745 cc parallel-twin, 47 bhp, 69 Nm torque 
Fuel Tank 13.2 Litres
Seat Height 790 mm
Brakes F: Twin 310 mm disc, 4 piston calliper
R: 240 mm disc, 2 piston calliper
Suspension F: 41mm USD fork
R: monoshock damper, pro-link swingarm
Weight 235 kg


Yamaha TMAX Tech Max in Dark Petrol Green

1 Yamaha TMAX Tech Max

We reach the #1 spot, and this year we’ve gone for the super techy Yamaha TMAX Tech Max. Some consider this the epitome of maxi scooters, and it’s Europe’s most successful sport scooter for a reason.

With a 562 cc (47 bhp, 55.7 Nm torque) parallel twin with 360-degree crank, there’s a surprising amount of power on offer, with sleek sporty design and improved rider and passenger ergonomics for a comfortable ride at any speed. It's 220 kg wet, and peak power is right on the A2 limit. All-in, this maxi scooter does just about everything right.

Overall it’s a seriously high-spec machine, with a huge 15-litre tank, cruise control, heated grips and seat, connectable 7-inch TFT screen with full map navigation (if you pay the Garmin subscription), electric adjust screen, adjustable rear suspension, traction control, and cavernous under seat storage for your full face helmet.

You certainly pay for the full package here, with the list price at a whopping £13,807, but you get the goods for your cash. It looks stunning in the new Dark Petrol colour scheme, and there’s so much to talk about on it (like an electronically locking centre stand) so check out our review from when we had it in before!

Price £13,807
Engine 562 cc parallel-twin, 47 bhp, 55.7 Nm torque 
Fuel Tank 15 Litres
Seat Height 800 mm
Brakes F: Twin 267 mm disc
R: 282 mm disc
Suspension F: Telescopic
R: swingarm
Weight 220 kg



That just about rounds up our 10 best maxi scooters for 2023 – and whilst we did miss a few off the list, the 10 featured here are certainly well worth a look if you’re after the latest and greatest maxi scooter to rock around on.

It goes without saying, but Lexham Insurance can provide you a quote for your scooter or motorcycle, try them direct!

Let us know which scoot you’d stick on the top spot as the best maxi-scooter this year!