With staycations becoming more popular in the UK as a result of the pandemic and overseas travel restrictions, many people are snatching up campervans, motorhomes, or even converting their vans for camping purposes.

Now we’ve reached 2024, the campervan market within the UK is flooded with a variety of layouts, manufacturer options, and chassis types all ready to take this year by storm!

So without further ado, join us as we run down the top ten best campervan choices for 2024…

10. Bailey of Bristol Endeavour B62

Kicking off our top ten today, we have Bailey of Bristol’s first-ever campervan, the Endeavour B62!

Based upon a Ford Transit chassis, the Endeavour comes equipped with a spacious, well-equipped kitchen, a large lounge and bedroom area, as well as plenty of storage space for all of your personal belongings and camping equipment.

I think one of the best aspects about this camper has to be the high-tech spec and tech throughout, including a Truma solar panel, 12v and ambient lighting running through the interior, a Truma Diesel Combi D4E blown air heating and hot water system, as well as a large touchscreen pad upfront in the cab.

As we mentioned previously, the Endeavour is brand new for 2024 and will come in at £69,999 making it one of the most expensive campers on this list - however, we’d argue it is worth every penny.

Berth:   2
Travelling Seats: 2
Length: 5.98m
Price: £69,999

9. Roller Team Livingstone 2 Sport

Next up and taking out ninth spot on the list today has got to be this wonderful, luxurious offering from Roller Team, the Livingstone 2 Sport…

Built upon the all-new Fiat 8 chassis, the Livingstone 2 Sport comes equipped with a brand-new Euro 6 Adblue engine, a new dashboard and driving environment, a new steering wheel with cruise control, multifunction, digital speedometer, and electronic servo - all to help improve the driving and riding experience!

As we begin to look into the interior of the camper, the Livingstone 2 has utilised its space well, packed with reversible chairs to form a spacious lounging area, a table that can be adapted from a small coffee table to a larger one for a sit-down family meal, a spacious kitchen area with plenty of storage for those who love a bit of home cooking as well as a bathroom with a fixed toilet and shower (and even a window).

Onto the price point, the Livingstone is due to be sold for around £55,500 once launched onto the camper market. Again, whilst it is by no means the cheapest on the list, again we’d argue for a fixed toilet and bathroom (with a window) - it is worth paying a little extra for those little home comforts!

Berth:   2
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 5.99m
Price: £55,500

8. Auto-Sleepers M Star

Next up on the list is another brand new model for 2024 - the all-new M Star from Auto-Sleepers!

Voted as the most luxurious campervan for 2024, the M-Star sits neatly upon a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and comes equipped with the ever so popular large rear lounge campervan layout, decently spaced washroom, and kitchen, as well as Truma roof-mounted air conditioning, and an Avtex Smart HD TV with a soundbar.

Onto the drivers' cabin, and in standard Mercedes style, the M-Star sports heated rotating seats, a large touchscreen up front, as well as handy features such as lane assist and cruise control to help you along the way.

When it comes to the price of the M-Star, it is due to be sold for £129,000 which admittedly will not be in everyone's budget, however, for those looking for a holiday on wheels for retirement or perhaps have a little extra cash to play about with - this might be the one for you!

Berth:   2
Travelling Seats: 2
Length: 7.15m
Price: £125,000

7. Bodans Holywell

In at number seven on our list and voted as the best budget campervan for 2024 - we have the Bodan Holywell.

Based upon a VW Transporter chassis, the Holywell features a pop-top roof, sleeping an extra two people, a kitchen unit with Dometic combined gas hob and sink, plenty of overhead storage in the kitchen area as well as wardrobe space, finished off with LED interior lighting throughout the cabin.

Compared to the other campers on this list, the Holywell is not the biggest by any means, and you may struggle to stand upright in the van when the roof is down. However, it does sit at the lower price of £53,000 - making it ideal for families starting off their campervan journey or even couples wanting to enjoy a staycation.

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 5.3m
Price: £53,000

6. Swift Carrera

Next up on the list is the well-loved Swift Carrera!

Coming into 2024 with a brand new facelift, the Carrera panel van comes equipped with a FIAT series Euro 6D Final engine, a 7” touchscreen HD display up front in the cab, a unique style wet room with an Ecocamel Jetstorm showerhead (not seen in many campervans as of yet) as well as decently sized kitchen and rear lounge.

One of the best things about the Carrera has got to be the kitchen area. With a large worktop extension, this kitchen comes packed with a fold-out bin, a two-burner hob, a 90-litre Dometic fridge, as well as large storage spaces - ideal for those who love to cook!

As we mentioned earlier, this offering from Swift has been around for a few years now and has made a prominent name for itself in the campervan-ing world which explains the pricetag the Carrera has been given for 2024. Coming in at £71,000 this camper is by no means the most affordable on this list, however, it is one with an extremely reputable name and experience.

Berth:   3
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 6m
Price: £71,495

5. Auto-Sleepers Air

Taking the fifth spot on our list today we have the Auto-Sleeper Air!

Winning awards for being the best campervan under 5m, the Air is built upon a Ford Transit Custom chassis and powered by a 2.0L Ford EcoBlue engine. As you step inside the Airs’ interior, you will see a bench seat, pop top roof, a comfortable rear lounge bed, a portable toilet as well as a decently sized kitchen.

As we have mentioned, this camper is under 5m which means it is certainly not the biggest on this list, however, Auto-Sleepers have utilised the available room well to give you all the luxuries of a larger motorhome in a smaller body - all for £73,995!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 5
Length: 4.97m
Price: £73,995

4. Adria Active Duo

Moving onto our fourth spot and just missing out on the top three, we have the Adria Active Duo - voted as the best small campervan for 2024!

The Active Duo is based upon a Renault Traffic chassis and is perfect for both everyday driving as well as a campervan, making it handy as a compact multi-use vehicle. 

Coming in at just under 5m, the Active packs in a lot in its interior, such as the external shower at the rear, a kitchen area equipped with a 42-litre fridge and single burner hob, plenty of storage space as well as a pop-top roof and mattress.

Onto the price of the Active Duo, this camper comes in at £52,990 making it one of the more affordable options on this list, great for those looking to start out camping in a campervan!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 4.99m
Price: £52,990

3. VW California Concept

Taking the first of the top spots is the 2024 VW California concept - originally showcased at the Caravan Salon Show a few months back!

The California Concept will take the 1.4-litre engine and electric motor already used within the VW Multivan, to create a modern hybrid camper. The 2024 concept is also far longer and wider than the ones already in production - allowing you to finally be able to stand up, which is a first for VW!

This eHybrid will also feature a brand new sliding door in the kitchen, which has been placed further back in the camper, a folding arm awning and sun sail, an additional outdoor area created on the left side, as well as an all-new 230v induction hob and integrated gas cooker!

Onto the price of the 2024 California and whilst there is no official confirmation yet, this camper is rumoured to come in at around the £67,000 mark and is due to be launched in the Spring!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 4.9m
Price: Rumoured to be around £67,000

2. Knaus Boxlife PRO 600

Up next is the camper that really kickstarts Knaus's presence in the motorhome and campervanning world - the Boxlife Pro!

Formally known as the Boxstar, this camper has been renamed and revamped for 2024. Built upon a Fiat chassis, the 2024 Boxlife comes equipped with a fixed bed and bedroom at the rear, an over-the-cabin lifting bed, a spacious fixed bathroom as well as a decently sized living quarters.

One thing I like about the Boxlife is the kitchen area. Whilst this space is rather compact in a camper, the Boxlife utilises the room by coming packed with a flexible countertop for extra space when cutting and preparing, a 90L fridge freezer, and a two-flame cooker.

If you are tempted by the 2024 Boxlife from Knaus, you will be looking at paying a minimum of £70,300 so again it is an offering that is by no means one of the cheapest, however ideal for those looking for a little added piece of luxury!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 5.99m
Price: £70,330


Finishing off our 2024 list today and taking the top spot has got to be the Weinsbeg CaraLife!

Built upon a Fiat chassis, the CaraLife does campervanning differently. With its stunning yet incredibly unique interior layout, this camper sports a reasonably sized living and dining area, a 32” foldout TV, a fold-out ‘secret shower’ room as well as a XXL transverse bed with an optional bed extension to make it even bigger - finished off with panelling all around, purposefully placed for you to create and customise your own stylish interior!

The CaraLife also comes packed with a compact, yet more than efficient kitchen with a high-quality basin and taps, 2 burner hob, 90L fridge freezer as well as plenty of multi-functional storage with a drinks cabinet.

Now we’ve listed all the good bits, we need to speak about the price. The official price of the 2024 Caralife has not been confirmed yet. However, the rumoured/estimated price is due to be around the £60,00 mark.

Berth:   3
Travelling Seats: 3
Length: 6.36m

The Last Stop!

So there you have it - I hope you enjoyed my campervan picks for 2024!

Last but not least, whether you like the sound of any of these campers, or perhaps you have your very own sitting at home, don’t forget to insure it. Thankfully if you are looking for campervan insurance, make sure to get a quotation direct with Lexham!