Compulsory Bike Training, or the CBT, is the first step to getting on two wheels – the government have announced the free online training course to help new riders prepare for their CBT.

Whether you’re a new learner or veteran, you may feel that there is not a lot of official information currently available to help you get ready for your CBT, and might leave you nervous or feeling ill-prepared. The DVSA have developed the Ridefree course with Highways England (& other partners) to give a basis of knowledge, which they hope will both ease nerves before the training, and overall improve the safety of the rider. 

The courses consists of 5 online learning modules, and covers:

• The Highway Code & hazard perception
• Clothing, equipment and the importance of maintenance
• How a rider’s behaviour can affect them and other road users

The course is completely free, and is not compulsory, but it’s recommended that you complete the course to have the right knowledge and understanding to stay safe on the road.

To create your free account on Ridefree and start learning, here's the link:

The last stop!

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