What is a fairing and how does it work?

Motorcycle fairing is the term used to describe the protective panelling that wraps around a motorcycle and manipulates the airflow while moving at speed. Fairing is perhaps most obvious on racing and sports bikes where the aerodynamic advantages it creates are important but we also see it on tourers and even street bikes, where deflecting wind resistance can create a more comfortable ride.

Typically made from hard plastic, fibreglass, aluminium, or even the more premium carbon, fairing is something that either comes pre-set on the bike or something you can choose to add (or even customise if that is more your speed!). Fairings can come in all shapes and sizes and can attach to different parts of your bike depending on your personal preference.

In this article, we will go through some of the different types of fairings and how they can be of benefit to you! Let's get into it, shall we?

Types of fairings on motorbikes

There are a few common types of fairing including:


The quarter fairing is one of the most common features on café racer-styled bikes, including a windscreen and minimal fairing that extends around the headlamps and is fixed to the triple clamp.


Full fairing covers the majority of the bike, protecting both the upper and lower parts of the motorcycle.


Half fairing usually covers the upper half of the bike only. Half fairing does not cover the sides of the motorbike, usually leaving the lower parts exposed.


If you have an LCD dash or use GPS, handlebar fairing creates the perfect barrier behind the handlebars.

Wheel Fairing

This type of fairing is perfect for those who ride off-road and can be attached over the front and rear wheels, helping to prevent mud and dirt from splashing up at you.

What are the safety benefits of motorcycle fairings?

Fairings are built and designed with protection in mind, here are a few ways fairing can help you get from A to B safely:

Shields against dirt, debris, and insects

From small stones being kicked up at you from your wheels to random rubbish that gets thrown out of other people's vehicles, there are some pieces of debris that we cannot avoid when riding. If you have ever spent time riding in the summer sun, you will already know about the hordes of insects and flies waiting to splatter themselves all over your visor!

Fairing can help guide the air around and over your bike as you ride, acting as a physical barrier that can deflect the objects (or bugs) away from you.

Protects electronic equipment

Depending on how much space you have within your fairing, you can install gadgets, devices, and these days even navigation instructions sent directly to your helmet.

Reduces wind resistance

As you ride, fairing forces the wind up and around you as we mentioned earlier.

Fairing can prevent wind buffeting which makes riding a much more comfortable experience. You could be surprised what a big difference it makes when you aren't in a battle with the wind!

Fairing can also help to eliminate strong, chilly wind blasts that can potentially lower your body temperature, leading to fatigue (one of the last things you need or want when riding your motorcycle!).

Add some style and safety to your ride

Adding accessories such as GPS, and mobiles to the cockpit area of your motorcycle are becoming more and more popular. From being able to navigate unknown routes with your GPS to answering phone calls, these accessories have become a must-have for many riders.

Without the presence of fairing on the front of your motorcycle, using these accessories can be a bit tricky when debris and bugs are flying straight in your direction.

When it comes to style, it is of course subjective but many motorbikes can be given some nice visual flair with the addition of a fairing. As we have seen there are many benefits to adding fairing to your bike but a bit of style can be a nice bonus.

The Last Stop!

No matter what accessories or fairing you put on your motorcycle, the best way to keep yourself safe when riding a bike is insurance.

If you have your own motorcycle you need to insure, make sure to get a motorcycle insurance quote direct with Lexham!