With the launch of a completely new model, the V100 Mandello, Moto Guzzi are marking their 100 year anniversary in style!

Built as a compact roadster, the V100 combines a very modern design with those typical Moto Guzzi classic characteristics including a sidewards mounted V-twin, of course!

We’ve got everything you need to know right here so, to find out more about Guzzi’s latest offering, keep on reading!

So let's start with the V-twin and what a centre piece it is! In fact, it's a whole new engine for Moto Guzzi and has been designed to be compact in its 1042cc, twin-cylinder, 8 valve, double overhead cam, liquid-cooled form. 

When it comes down to those important numbers, I don't think the V100 Mandello will disappoint as at your disposal, is 115hp and 105nm of torque.

Now, I really like the look of this bike. It’s classic in style and dances the line between a classic Guzzi and a contemporary roaster.

Just glimpsing at it, with its gold detailing, including that legendary and unchanged eagle badge, front suspension and wheel rims, you can tell it’s something special. I’d even go as far as saying that it dazzles!

Being as “compact and manageable as a Roadster but with the comfort and protection of a Tourer”, the V100 Mandello branches into two segments of the market and plays a couple of roles and these are reflected in its tourer-styled wide front fairing and windscreen and the muscular fuel tank and upright seating position.

Spreading their wings and flying high, the V100 Mandello is the first motorcycle in the world to incorporate what Moto Guzzi is calling ‘active aerodynamics’. Breaking it down, it means this system will control the position of the deflectors on either side of the 17.5L fuel tank with the speed and chosen riding mode. This is all to deliver better comfort and protection from the air – why they say it falls into the sport-tourer category of the market.

I already mentioned that it was upright, but the riding position is also active and relaxed and if you pair this with the aluminium handlebar with variable sections and ample and roomy seat, when you hop on the V100 Mandello you’ll not only have the tools for a dynamic and sporty ride, but it’ll be a comfortable one, too.

Moto Guzzi claims “the sporty feeling of the V100 Mandello comes from its brilliant handling, outstanding stability on motorways and compact, manageable chassis that never fails to deliver thrills on bends.”

From my point of view, the styling of the V100 gives a great mix of roadster and tourer and should really appeal to many riders out there. Throw in those unique Guzzi looks, and it really does stand out from the crowd!

When it comes to tech, the standout features are the 5-inch colour TFT screen and full-LED lighting that comes with a couple of extras including DRL and nifty ‘bending lights’ that, as the name suggests, improve visibility around bends.

Further features include a ride-by-wire electronic throttle, 4 riding modes and cruise control. The inclusion of all this helps to bring the brand right up to date as they enter their second century on the market.

Staying fairly vague, Moto Guzzi has disclosed that the V100 will feature semi-active suspension, inertial platform and ABS cornering. From what I spy from the photos, we spot some meaty gold upside-down forks at the front and a monoshock to the rear.

There also looks to be two large twin brake discs at the front with Brembo calipers, and a single disc at the rear, again, with a Brembo brake caliper.

We’re not sure about the price or the V100 Mandello’s release date. We’re thinking that because of everything it includes, it will sit in the higher price bracket, but, at this time, we can’t confirm or deny if our suspicions will be true. However, they do say good things to come to those who wait so I’m sure our patience will be rewarded with a more in-depth spec and date of availability soon.

I, for one, am pleased to see Moto Guzzi add another model to their lineup and, again, are embracing modernity in their unique Guzzi way, much like when the V85TT was released. Overall, I couldn’t think of a better way to mark 100 years in the business!

We want to know what you’re thinking though. Are you as impressed as us? Or are you not interested in the Italian brand’s latest release? You know what to do, drop those comments below or send us a message on social media!

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