Honda is introducing a new breed of tourer for 2022, the NT1100, and, in this blog, we’re getting you better acquainted with everything there is need to know.

As you can probably already tell, Honda has been very specific when designing the all-new NT1100. It has been carefully crafted to not only resonate with those traditional touring lovers but also appeal to and attract newer riders to the scene.

Therefore, when designing Honda worked hard to ensure this mile-muncher radiates comfort, agility and enjoyability whilst also packing enough features to build and broaden its appeal.

So, with no further ado, shall we find out everything you need to know about the 2022 Honda NT1100? I think so!

‎Touring capabilities

Of course, we’ve got to start the list off with the NT1100’s touring capabilities.

Whether it’s the weekday commute, riding two-up, fully-loaded or just an extended trip, through the use of a 20.4L fuel tank, aerodynamic structure (that includes a riding position tailored especially for this type of riding), windscreen and touring pack (that can be added as an additional accessory), this touring-focused machine breaks no sweat and deals with it all efficiently.

The only question now is which road are you riding the NT1100 on?


This engine is no stranger, the NT1100 is powered by the same characterful 1084cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin as in the legendary Africa Twin. Therefore, because of this, you know engine performance is guaranteed.

Speaking of that performance, with a smidge over 100 hp and 104Nm of torque @ 6,250rpm, the NT1100 has enough welly to get any journey going!

Engine-wise, you can also expect to see the “intake and exhaust tuned to deliver smooth, powerful acceleration and pleasing low-rpm ‘throb’”, Euro 5 compliance, 3-level Honda Selectable Torque Control, 3-level Wheelie Control and 3 default riding modes (‘Urban’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Tour’) – 3 really is the magic number here, hey! – plus 2 customisable ‘USER’ modes.

‎Dual clutch transmission

With over 200,000 DCT-equipped machines sold worldwide and with 53% of customers across the Honda range choosing the DCT option over the manual, it’s a formula that seems to work – so it’s not at all surprising to see it available on the NT1100. 

The system delivers consistent and seamless gear changes that are delightful as afternoon tea. Alongside this, it uses two clutches – “one for start-up and 1st, 3rd and 5th gears, the other for 2nd, 4th and 6th, with the mainshaft for each clutch located inside the other for compact packaging.” 

And furthermore, the DCT-version also offers two riding approaches. One being Automated Transmission (MT) that has “pre-programmed shift patterns which constantly reads vehicle speed, gear selected and engine rpm to decide when a shift should occur”, and the second being Manual Transmission (MT) that is used “for gear changes using the paddle-shift style triggers on the left handlebar.”

One thing to note is that, as with most DCT’s, it does increase the price slightly, but we’ll touch on that a little later.


The styling is sleek, sharp and subtle and it will be available in three different colourways – ‘Pearl Glare White’, ‘Graphite Black’ and ‘Matte Iridium Grey Metallic’ – there’s no denying that the NT1100 is one handsome son of a gun!

Honda explained that the “dynamic elegance front to back are the defining features of the design language. And of course, this motorcycle’s sleek form is also about function – aimed to elevate the quality of the riding experience.”


The NT1100 sports a steel semi-double-cradle frame and bolt-on aluminium subframe that, again, is inherited from the Africa Twin and is described by Honda as ‘fun-to-handle’.

Fine die-cast, aluminium wheels are included which help smooth road vibration and provide confidence when cornering.

The NT1100 then features off-road-ready suspension with adjustable 43mm Showa cartridge-type inverted front forks and a Showa rear shock that offers 150mm axle travel and uses a 14mm diameter rod.

Onto the brakes, and dual 310mm front discs are supported by 256mm rear discs that use a 1-piston caliper. Both are ABS-controlled.

‎Tech and equipment

There is a lot included on the NT1100 as standard and that includes a 5-inch touch screen that’s bright and easy to read. A nice addition is the fact that you can customise your screen display with 3 different choices – “GOLD shows all numeric and mode information, SILVER centres on the speedometer and rev-counter and BRONZE on the rev-counter.”

Alongside that are several more practical and modern features such as smartphone connectivity, heated grips, LED lights, self-cancelling indicators and Emergency Stop Signals, USB socket, centre stand and ACC socket – all as standard.

Another key feature that I thought deserved a moment in the spotlight is the inclusion of 32L right and 33L left detachable panniers, yep you guessed it, as standard. After buying a premium-priced tourer, you don’t want to then factor in the additional cost of gear and equipment just to make those long, much-anticipated journeys doable, so it’s decent of Honda to have equipped the NT1100 so well straight out of the box.

One more thing to note before moving on is that it’s also set up for pillion-use too, with a wide, thick seat and large grab rail that extends from the rear rack.

‎Price and release

Now you probably can’t believe that a motorcycle of this type with that amount of tech and spec costs under £12k - £11,999 to be exact! But believe it because it’s true! Just remember to see that price slightly increase to £12,999 if choosing the DCT variant.

Moving onto the release date and Honda has confirmed that you’ll start seeing this beauty in dealers from January 2022 – not long to wait at all!


Engine 1084cc, 100.5 hp, liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve Parallel Twin, 270° crank and uni-cam
Fuel tank 20.4L
Brakes Front: Radial mounted four-piston brake caliper, 310mm floating double disc
Rear: Single piston caliper, 256mm single disc
Suspension Front: Showa 43mm SFF-BP type inverted telescopic fork with dial-style preload adjuster, 150mm stroke
Rear: Monoblock aluminium swing arm with Pro-Link with SHOWA gas-charged damper, hydraulic dial-style preload adjuster, 150mm axle travel
Seat height 820mm
Weight MT: 238kg
DT: 248kg
Price MT: £11,999
DT: £12,999

‎The last stop

The NT1100 is Honda’s answer to your cries for a straightforward touring machine that’s just as rich in spec as it is in sporty performance. It certainly gets our vote here at BikeMatters but what do you think? Is this bike a welcome addition to the range? Or do you wish they were focusing on something else? Let us know by dropping a comment below or sending us a message on social media.

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