As we begin to see electric motorcycles on the UK roads much more frequently, we thought you may need the most popular electric questions answered about electric modes of transport.

An electric motorcycle is powered by a battery instead of using a petrol engine. Instead of using a combustion engine, they use an electric motor that is powered by a battery (typically a lithium-ion battery in new bikes). 

To ride an electric motorcycle you will need the same licence as a petrol version, as the power is in kilowatts (kW). So the licence required depends on the output. 

Vehicle Category

Power in kW

Power equivalent

Licence Required

Min. Age

L1e-B (Mopeds) 4kW 50cc Provisional + CBT (With L Plates) or Moped Licence entitlement 16
L3e Up to 11kW 125cc CBT / A1 17
L3e Up to 35kW 47bhp A2 19
L3e Over 35kW Unrestricted A 21 (progressive access) 24 (direct access)

Much like standard petrol-powered machines, electric motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. And, the lower the power, the lower the price.

The laws for riding electric motorcycles and scooters in the UK are the same as for petrol versions, you will be limited by the kilowatt (kW) power output rather than cubic capacity (cc) or brake-horse-power (bhp). You can start riding from the age of 16, with L plates, provided you have a provisional licence and a CBT certificate.

How often you have to charge your bike will depend on how often you are using it, how far you are travelling and which bike you have. If you’re unsure about this, your dealer will be able to explain this when you go to look for your bike. The display on your motorcycle or scooter will have a battery level gauge, use it wisely! It will often indicate the exact mileage range remaining, and is accurate due to knowing how much charge is left in the cells. 

Electric motorcycles can be charged at any standard UK plug in your home. Charging at home can be a slow process, however. Some bike manufacturers provide fast charging systems, for use when you find yourself short of power.

Standard charging time for majority electric motorcycles is around 6-8 hours, but some can be much faster - particularly to 80% capacity. However, each vehicle will be different, so be sure to check your exact make and model.

Electric motorcycles do not require many of the standard maintenance tasks associated with petrol engines, such as oil and filter changes. However, there will still be some areas that require your attention. Find out more about electric motorcycle maintenance.

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