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A bit about Jan Waters

Jan has been a motorcycle instructor for over 10 years but prior to that has ridden since she was 16. Her first bike was a 1973 Raleigh Runabout which had a clutch but no gears and should have started by pedalling but as the pedals didn’t work she had to run round a car park, dump the clutch and jump on! Sounds a lot more exciting than it was as it only did 25 miles per hour!

This started her love affair with motorcycling and she has been biking just about ever since (with only a brief respite due to young children). Her love continues and she is always seeking ways to improve and expand her already pretty diverse knowledge. Her most recent achievement is to pass her Advanced Motorcycle test with ROSPA gaining the highest Gold standard.

She loves all motorcycles – and I mean all! She has a giggle on a 50cc moped as much as on her beloved Triumph Street Triple 675 and her work bike a Honda NC750S.

Articles by Jan Waters

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