Following in the footsteps of the Classic, Hunter, and Meteor 350, Royal Enfield has just revealed more details on the 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350, the newest in a growing number of motorcycles from the now-Indian-led marque.

We’ve gone through the details to highlight 7 of the most important bits of information you need to know about the new motorcycle with a 91-year history, the longest-running production motorcycle model in the world.

We’ve also ridden the Classic 350 & Hunter 350 here at BikeMatters this year, check out those reviews too!

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 2023 with Indian build team

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Price

First up, a point that is often the first to be considered when looking at a new model, the price.

With a classic Royal Enfield price point that is often unmatched in the market, the 2023 Bullet 350 will start at £4,629 in ‘Standard’ trim, with the Bullet Black & Gold starting at £4,709.

Whilst the Classic 350 starts at a slightly cheaper £4,459, the Meteor 350 starts at a frankly unbeatable £4,059 – making this Bullet sit at the top of the three as a more ‘premium’ option with serious legacy behind it.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 2023 black

Bullet History and Heritage

On that note, the Bullet name has been around for 91 years and is familiar to bikers all around the world over. This new rendition continues thet legacy, with styling that harks back to the initial launch of 1932. Even the single bench seat is reminiscent of the initial models, but with a new take.

The Bullet’s versatility has been proven over the years, accolades include setting lap records on the Isle of Man, championing trials and International Six Days Trials competitions, to being a trusted workhorse for global tours and local weekend getaways.

Today, the Bullet retains the character of its past, whilst adding modern frame design, engineering & features and safety features – even a USB charging point and dual-channel ABS is standard!

Handcrafted Finish

Though manufactured in huge numbers, Royal Enfield doesn’t shy away from a hand-finished design on many of their models – the 2023 Bullet 350 being no different.

Pinstriping is applied to the tank by hand, with visually striking options a staple for Enfield – plus the final finish with options for chrome and gold badges are sure to catch the eye. You can even opt for a matching helmet and apparel that will fit with the Bullet’s pinstriping style.

The overall styling on this Bullet 350 is superb, and though many will suggest it isn’t far off the styling of the Classic 350, this re-introduction of a legend is welcomed with its retro appeal.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in production line

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Variations

There are two editions for the 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 at launch, the Bullet Standard (£4,629) and the Bullet Black Gold (£4,709). Both will have the same engine layout and features, the main differences being stylistic options.

The Standard model will be finished in a choice of Black or Maroon colourways, with a hand-pinstriped tank.

The premium Bullet Black Gold variant stuns with a matt and gloss black tank, a copper and gold 3D badge, copper pinstriping and a blacked-out engine and componentry.

Shared J-Series 350cc engine

It’s a familiar power unit for the Bullet, taking the 349cc air-oil cooled single-cylinder engine which we’ve seen used in the Meteor, Classic and Hunter 350.

With a top speed that caps out at around 72 mph, the J-series unit makes 20.2 bhp at 6100 rpm and 27 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm – it’s fuel-injected, with a primary balancer shaft and five-speed gearbox.

Having ridden with this engine on all the other J-Series bikes, it really impresses for a little single - torque is found low in the revs, it accelerates nicely to 30 mph, slows a little to 40 mph, then from 50 to 70 mph (and the top speed) it's a bit of a 'full-tuck' slog. But it'll get there, and revs are decently low when at max speed in fifth gear.

Sure, more horsepower would be welcome, but in this application it’s plenty - particularly for towns and city riding, and especially for the Indian market where 70 mph is more than enough!

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 2023 in Maroon

Bullet 350 Spec – Tank Size, Seat Height

Finishing the spec list, the Bullet 350 has a 13-litre tank, a visually imposing Royal Enfield casquette headlight, a kerb weight of 195 kg, a seat height of 805 mm, and 19 inch front spoked wheel with 18 inch rear.

Braking power is provided by a single front 300 mm disc with twin piston floating caliper, and a 270 mm disc with single piston floating caliper – plus dual-channel ABS as standard.

The chassis comprises of a twin downtube spine frame, 41mm telescopic forks with 130mm travel, and twin shocks with 6 step adjustable preload. If it handles anything like the Classic 350, it’ll be brilliant!

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Accessories

Finally, as is the norm with Enfield, there will be 28 aftermarket accessories available from launch – with 9 designed and developed specifically for the Bullet.

Options will include touring and low-rise seats, touring handlebars and screen, bar end mirrors, deluxe footpegs, pannier sets, engine & sump guards, and LED indicators.

Not to mention the countless options that'll be designed by third-party companies, who are no doubt already working away on countless other accessory options for Bullet riders.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 with people walking behind

There’s our 7 things to know about the new 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350. What do you think of it, are you excited to give it a try? Let us know!

Also check out our Royal Enfield Classic 350 review (pictured below), as that was a top bike to ride around on – and I can’t imagine this Bullet will be far off.

Alex Riding on the Royal Enfield Classic 350 2023