When wanderlust takes the wheel and you decide to take the chance and embark on a new adventure, you will need to have your trusted companion ready to go.

But the question is, what do you do if your companion isn’t equipped and ready to ride? Well, we have the answer. In today's blog, we are going to be going through some of the UK’s best-leading campervan conversion companies and the benefits of opting to go down the professional route instead of choosing to DIY.

It is important to note that we are fully aware that professional conversions aren’t up to everyone's taste and creating your dream campervan from scratch may be more up your alley, and that is okay! Thankfully we have some great DIY Campervan conversion guides ready for you to take a look at.

What are the benefits of using a professional campervan conversion company?

There are a variety of reasons why a lot of people out there opt to have their campervans converted professionally such as:

Professional conversions can be safer

Whilst the keyword may be in the title, opting for a professional to do the work on your vehicle may be the safer option as they know what they are doing and will work to meet high standards of quality but also to meet safety standards and regulations. Everything should be properly secured into place and this option also reduces the risk of causing damage to the structure of the van that may cause you problems down the line - some conversion specialists will also provide a warranty on their work too which can offer you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Removes the risk of hidden costs

When choosing a conversion company, they should be able to give you a quotation for the work required and stick to it. Whilst it may seem like an initially scary price written down on paper, going down this route will help you stick to your budget more thoroughly than doing it yourself - when doing DIY, costs can quickly begin to spiral when you realise more and more needs doing.

Professional Conversions tend to hold their value better

The resale of a professionally converted camper is much higher than the resale of a DIY converted camper, meaning if you are thinking about selling your campervan in a few years' time, choosing to do things with a conversion company can ensure you get as much money as you can.

More likely to have a professional finish

Whilst this might not be everyone's taste, you are more often than not likely to get a more professionally finished and ‘straight out of the factory’ style campervan if you chose to go down the professional conversion route . This will be more aesthetically pleasing for most, and likely help greatly with the aforementioned resale value.

How much does a professional camper conversion cost?

It is impossible to say just how much a campervan conversion will cost you as it is dependent on so many different variables.

If you chose to go with the professionals, you can ask to set a budget and weigh up your options to suit not only your style but your price range too. There are a bunch of factors that can affect the cost such as:

  • The vehicle type
  • Fixture and fitting options
  • Security features

As I mentioned previously, while the initial price on paper might shock you, going down this route may actually save you a fair bit of money in the long run - it is always worth considering both options!

10 of the Best Campervan Conversion Companies:

1. Camper King

Coming in first on our list is the winners of the 2023 Camper Converter of the Year award, we have Camper King.

Camperking was founded in 2010 and has grown to become the UK's largest VW campervan converter and retailer of VW campervan conversions, comprising 12 dealers throughout the UK.

Based upon the VW Transporter chassis, CamperKing converts these vans into luxury campervans built with family holidays and adventure in mind.

Location: Banbury Rd, Warmington, Banbury OX17 1JJ

Website: https://www.camperking.co.uk/

2. Bilbos

In at number two has got to be Bilbos Conversions.

Bilbos have over 40 years of experience in the game, making them somewhat specialists when it comes to van conversions.

Based in Surrey, Bilbo uses the utterly iconic and dependable VW chassis and then builds and assembles their own range of Euro 6 compatible, European and NCC (National Caravan Council) approved campervans.

With an emphasis on the cozy, comfortable, and secure, their range uses the iconic and utterly dependable VW as a base and offers something for everyone – even the option to convert your own VW T5, T6, or T6.1, shop used, and part exchange.

Just like your favourite little Hobbit, Bilbo’s is set to take you on an adventure of a lifetime with their range of conversions.

Address: Eastbourne Road, South Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8JQ

Website: https://www.bilbos.com

3. Danbury

Taking the 3rd spot on our list today has got to be Danbury.

Danbury has been in the game since 1964, building custom campers upon a VW T6.1 chassis as the base, offering four options – the Surf, Trail, Heritage and the Wave - categorised into different pricing grades (bronze, silver, and gold).

The Surf is their best-seller. It’s a medium-sized camper that fits 4-5 people and has a hob, sink, low-elevating raising roof, diesel night heater, and porta potty as standard. Prices start at £52,401 for bronze and increase to £61,929 for gold.

Address: Unit R2, 33 Wylds Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4BH

Website: https://www.danburycampervans.co.uk

4. Hillside Leisure

After realising there was a shortage of high-quality campervans in their area, brothers Adrian and David Cross used their experience in the motor industry and shared love for camping to set up Hillside Leisure.

This family-run business can be found in Derby and designs, builds, and sells a range of campers with models ranging from £41,995 to £61,995. They are a VW-registered Transporter T6 bodybuilder and offer the option to buy used, whether that’s their own pre-loved ones or from another manufacturer.

All the Hillside Campers are also NCC and European Community Whole Vehicle Type approved, as well as being part of the Volkswagen Motorhome qualified converter scheme so you know you’re getting the safest product possible.

Address: Chequers House, Chequers Lane, Derby, DE21 6AW

Website: https://www.hillsideleisure.co.uk

5. WildAx

Based in West Yorkshire, Wildax uses Citroen, Ford, Mercedes, and Fiat vans, all to create high-spec and bespoke 2-4 berth motorhomes.

Wildax (now owned by Rapido) has a wide range of models that vary in size but are all NCC and European Whole Vehicle Type and have been designed to offer a versatile layout that’s practical for day or night. WildAx also provides a rental service that allows you to try before you buy to ensure you're choosing the right product.

With dealerships across the UK, it’s easy to take the first step and start your adventure!

Address: Unit G9, Lock View, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, HX5 9HD

Website: https://wildaxmotorhomes.com

6. Jobl

Sitting in sixth on the list today we have one of the slightly younger in the game but a worthy addition to this list - we have Jobl!

Jobl, the North-West based camper conversion company was established in 2013, using only VW T6 and T6.1 Transporters as a base for conversions.

Since then, Jobl now has over 350 campervans driving happily on UK roads, with a variety of models to choose from, including the 2x Practical Motorhomes award Nominee the Jobl Kampa LE.

Address: Rossmore Road East, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, CH65 3DD

Wesbite: www.jobldesign.co.uk

7. Wellhouse Leisure

At number 7, here we have Wellhouse Leisure.

Established over 18 years ago, Wellhouse Leisure has built their team based on a shared childhood love of camping, caravanning, motorhoming, and campervanning.

Starting in 2002 with the idea of only importing EU and USA imports, Wellhouse now specialise in converting a mixture of new and used Ford Customs, as well as Toyota Proace, Vauxhall Vivaro, and used Toyota and Nissan-based vehicles.

Wellhouse Leisure is one of the few UK converters to gain ISO 9001 accreditation, which is a quality management system that ensures customer needs and product requirements can be met, and as well as this, all their products are NCC and European Community Whole Vehicle Type approved.

Address: Unit 1, Cannon Way, Claycliffe Road Industrial Estate, South Yorkshire, Barnsley, S75 1JU

Website: https://wellhouseleisure.com

8. Devon Conversions

The eighth spot today goes to Devon Conversions, the 2x gold award winner at the Owner Satisfaction Awards!

Devon Conversions is a family-owned company first established in 1956, and as the name suggests is based in Devon. Fast forward a few years and Devon Conversions are now a recognised converter for Fiat and Ford, as well as Mercedes Benz and Peugeot.

Basing its design on panel vans and using the Fiat Ducato as their core platform, as well as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Peugeot Boxer, Devon Conversions offer a variety of newly converted vans.

In addition to this, they also give second-hand vans a new lease of life so if your budget is a little tight you can choose whether to buy used or not.

Address: Mainsforth Road, Ferryhill, County Durham DL17 9DE

Website: https://www.devonconversions.com

9. Vantage Motorhomes

Next up and at number nine, we have Vantage Motorhomes.

Vantage specialise in luxury panel 2-4 berth campers so whether you’re searching for a companion to take on a long weekend or a travel buddy to spend months exploring Europe in, their vehicles range in size, spec, and price.

All of their vehicles are also European Whole Vehicle Type approved and have won a variety of awards since 2011, so you know if you put your faith in Vantage you can expect impressive results!

Address: Unit 1, Pym Street, Leeds, LS10 1PG

Website: https://www.vantagemotorhomes.co.uk/home

10. Murvi

Taking the last spot on our list today is another company based in Devon, Murvi!

Murvi allows you the chance to walk around the factory, meet the team, ask questions, and see the vans being constructed. And if you are thinking about traveling down but aren’t too sure about the distance, they even offer you bed and breakfast accommodation at a local hotel and airport or train station pick-up – now that’s what I call service!

You have the option of buying new or used, with their own models the Pimento (which is built on a compact, medium wheelbase) and the Morocco XL (a long wheelbase).

Now, whilst their conversions aren’t the cheapest on this list today, Murvi has been around since 1980 so their skilled team knows what they’re doing when it comes to customer needs!

Address: 4 East Way, Lee Mill Industrial Estate, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 9GE

Website: https://www.murvi.co.uk

Ready for an adventure?

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed my rundown on just 10 of the best campervan conversion companies across the UK!

Last but not least, if you have your very own campervan you need to insure, make sure to get a campervan insurance quote direct with Lexham!