Specialist Electric Cycle Insurance Cover

We have specialist low cost insurance rates for Electric Cycles also known as Pedelecs. We know how important it is to get the right cover for you and your cycle so we have a variety of options available with the aim of arranging cover that suits your requirements. Our simple and fast quote form means that you can get an electric cycle insurance quote and policy set up instantly. We are also able to have more than one bike insured on a policy; with the option of having one policy with the combined value of multiple bikes up to £6,000.

Electric Cycle Insurance Optional Extras

Whats available: Breakdown, Family Cover, Competitive Use (non-professional), Accessories Cover, Increased Public Liability and Personal Accident.

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Important Note

To be classed as an electrically assisted cycle(pedelec) and therefore be acceptable on this scheme the bike must adhere to the following criteria: Maximum rated motor power 250W, Maximum speed with power assistance 25kph (15.5mph in the UK). If your vehicle exceeds these then it will be classed as a moped/scooter and will need to be insured as such which you can do using this link or calling us on 01379 646 529.

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Low cost electric cycle insurance

There are a number of factors that affect electric cycle policy prices, including the value of the bike, whether it’s used for commuting, leisure or for competitions, what accessories are fitted, it’s security when stored, and public liability amount. At Lexham, we can offer exclusive electric cycle insurance rates, new for old replacement*, legal assistance and EU cover for riders who want to take their bikes abroad.

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    • FAQs

      What kind of cycle do you cover?

      We cover all cycles and electrically assisted cycles/pedelecs up to £10,000

      What type of cycle lock do I need?

      You are required to use a Sold Secure approved lock - we have three ratings of lock depending on the price of your bicycle, Bronze, Silver or Gold.You are required to use a Sold Secure approved lock - we have three ratings of lock depending on the price of your bicycle, Bronze, Silver or Gold. Insured value up to £250 require a Bronze rated lock Insured value between £251-1500 require a Silver rated lock Insured value over £1501 require a Gold rated lock.

      Where does my bikes need to be kept when it is at my home address?

      Your bicycle needs to be kept inside a locked building, such as inside your house or garage. It needs to be kept out of sight so as not to be seen by the public. The bike does not need to be locked to an immovable object inside the building, if stored behind a 5 lever mortice lock door or 5 lever padlocks if in a shed. If allowable in a communal hallway or outbuilding, the bicycle must be secured through the frame by an approved lock to an immovable object.

      My cycle is covered on my home insurance, why do I need cycle insurance?

      The cover your household insurance provides may not be adequate to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your bicycle. A lot of household polices will only pay out up to a specific limit per bike (eg £500), which means you could be under-insured in the event of a claim. Many household insurers restrict the cover when your away from the home, unless you pay an additional premium, and they will not cover you abroad or when competing in Sportives or Triathlons. Should you make a claim under your household insurance for your cycle you would lose your no claims bonus which could be very costly, whereas making a claim against your cycle policy would leave your household NCB intact.

      Do you insure self-built bikes?

      Yes, when insuring custom built bikes we ask that you insure them for the full retail cost as new to replace with the same or similar frame and components as you currently have. Unfortunately you cannot include the time and effort it would take to build up your bike again. In the event of a claim you do need to provide us with proof of ownership for your bike and lock, so as your bike does consist of various components we would require receipts, packaging, instruction manuals, or photographs for your bike and the components attached, in order to be able to replace the bike with the same or similar.

      What do I need as proof of purchase for my bike?

      In the event of a claim, you would need to produce an original or duplicate receipt for the insured bicycle and any accessories you wish to claim for. The receipt should show the date, price paid or other evidence which clearly demonstrates ownership.

      If I don't have a receipt for my lock, what are my options?

      We will accept photos of the lock and/or bank statement to show the transaction when the lock was purchased. We recommend that you take photos as soon as you take out the insurance in case the lock is stolen along with the bicycle, otherwise you might not be able to prove ownership after the theft has taken place. If you are supplying photographs as proof of ownership, you should at the very least be sure to provide one close up showing make and model, and one of it locked to the bicycle, as you would usually secure it (through the frame). All photographs used in support of a claim should be clearly date stamped.

      Is there an excess on the cycle insurance policy?

      Yes 5% of the bicycle value with a minimum of £25 in event of any claim for accidental damage or theft. £250 in the event of any claim for damage to third party property (Public Liability). £500 in the event of any claim for third party injury. Does the policy cover more than one bicycle? Yes, we can cover up to 4 cycles with a combined value of no more than £10,000 on one policy. If you have more than £10,000 worth of cycles, please call one of our experienced representatives, they will review your details and provide you with a competitive quote.

      Will the policy cover me if I take my bicycle abroad?

      The policy will provide you with European Cover for 90 Days with a maximum of 30 days in any one trip. Includes all European Member Countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Madeira, Gibraltar and Andorra.

      Am I covered in the event of non-fault accident?

      Lexham offer Free Legal Advice and Assistance. This provides access to a solicitor in the event of a non-fault accident to pursue the recovery of all losses you may sustain including personal injury representation and loss of earnings.

      Can I choose to pay monthly?

      Yes we offer a loan repayable by monthly Direct Debits. If you do not wish to pay for your policy in one lump sum you can select this option. A deposit is collected when the policy is taken out and the remaining premium and interest will be collected in monthly instalments.

      How will you deal with my claim?

      Our dedicated claims department will deal with your claim swiftly and efficiently ensuring you receive a first class service.

      I have accessories on my bicycle that are non-removable e.g.mud guards & pedals. If my Bike was stolen, would I need to have already informed you of these additions, or can I claim the insured value with the additions anyway?

      You need to detail your bicycle and any fixed accessories when taking out the policy, if you add anything after inception please let us know so we can adjust the policy accordingly. You need proof of ownership of the items. This can include receipts, packaging or photos of the items attached to the bicycle.

      I want to insure my cycle but don't have a serial number. Can I still insure it with you?

      The majority of cycles will have a serial number however there are a minority that don't. If your bicycle doesn't have a serial number or you are unable to locate it, please call our team and we will be happy to guide you through what to do.

      Do you cover accessories e.g. lights, panniers, etc?

      Yes, we cover fixed accessories. You must make us aware of the accessory type, make and model as well as value at time of application for the policy. Please note that these fixed accessories are only covered when fixed to your bike and stolen at the same time.

      I'm buying my bicycle through a Cycle to Work scheme, will this affect my premium?

      No, it won't affect your premium.

      Does your policy cover my cycle whilst transported in a plane?

      Your cycle is covered for Theft and Accidental Damage whilst in the aircraft and in the care of the airline. We strongly recommend that you securely pack your bicycle in a secure bike bag or box to prevent any unnecessary damage. There are three requirements that you must meet if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged while in the care of the airline, you must: Complete a Property Irregularity Report provided by the airline; Give written notice of the lost/stolen/damaged goods to the airline within the time limit contained in their conditions of carriage; Keep all travel tickets and tags for submission if you are going to make a claim under this policy.

      Is my cycle only covered at the address I've given? Is my bicycle covered whilst locked at work?

      Providing you follow the security requirements, your bike is covered whether at home, work or out shopping. It's very important that wherever you leave your cycle it is securely locked (using a Sold Secure approved lock) and not left unattended for more than 12 consecutive hours, or 24 hours at a railway station. If your bicycle is kept at another location for an extended period of time, at a second home for example, please notify us of this other address when completing a quote online or over the phone.

      Do you insure professional cyclists?

      No, sorry. We can only insure cyclists that do not earn their living solely from cycling.

      Where can I find the serial number for my bicycle?

      The serial number can usually be found on the tube that connects your seat pin and your pedals, or on the receipt for your bike. It is a relatively long alphanumeric number which the cycle shop you bought the cycle from should have a record of too.

      What parts/accessories are not covered under the insurance?

      Many cycling accessories which are not fixed to the bicycle do not qualify for cover. These include drink bottles, bags attached by Velcro, tools secured in Velcro/zipped bags or containers, helmet, pump and clip-on lights. If in doubt, please get in touch.

      If my cycle is stolen from the transition area of a triathlon is it covered?

      Yes, provided the area is marshalled.

      How do you evaluate the damage to a bicycle in the event of a claim, does someone come and inspect it or can I submit photos?

      A cycle claims expert will be appointed to validate the nature and extent of the loss.

      Do you only cover UK residents?

      Yes. You must have been a resident of the United Kingdom for a minimum of 12 months at the time of policy inception. You must have a permanent residential address in the UK and have not been travelling abroad continuously for more than 12 months.

      Am I covered if I lend, loan or hire my bicycle to another person?

      If you choose the 'family members' option, your bicycle will be covered for use by other members of your family against theft and accidental damage only. A family member means parents, spouse, partner, siblings or children aged 16 years or over but only when living at the insured location.

      What is public liability cover?

      Public liability is known by a couple of different names, personal liability or third party liability. It provides cover against damage to persons or property if proven to as a result of your actions. Lexham include £1m as standard but you can choose to increase this £2m or £5 million for an additional premium.

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