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Motorcycle Insurance

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Geared Motorcycle Insurance

Get your Motorcycle Insurance Covered with Lexham

Why spend time searching around for the best Motorcycle or Scooter Insurance deal when we can do it for you?

As two wheel insurance specialists we have a specialist broking team who will discuss your specific requirements and will tailor a motorcycle insurance quotation to suit your needs. By comparing products from our panel of insurers we are able to find you the best low cost quote possible.

Lexham has to be the place to insure your pride and joy, so make sure you obtain a motorcycle insurance quote from us first or you could miss out!

A bespoke policy tailored for you:

  1. Your age: In fact we cover from age 16 to 80.
  2. The use of the vehicle: whether just for fun at the weekends or commuting to work or college every day.
  3. Your experience: from beginners who have just passed their Motorcycle test to people with years of riding experience & advanced rider qualifications.

We cover all makes and models, including Aprilia, KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, Triumph, Harley Davidson and Yamaha.

Motorcycle Types

Street: Bikes also known as naked or standard motorbikes make the perfect beginner motorcycle thanks to their relatively low cost and availability of suitable engine sizes. Street bikes are often known under the synonym of naked due to the fact that unlike sports bikes they are mainly produced without a front fairing.

Cruiser: most famous examples are American brands such as Harley-Davidson and Indian, though many other manufacturers from around the world have also brought out their own cruiser style models such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Triumph. Cruisers designs have a more laid back seating position with legs normally pointing forward, quite often cruisers are customised by their owner to suit their own personal ideas. Cruisers are normally built for a relaxed ride and generally not built for speed or maneuverability.

Custom is a motorcycle which has been stylistic and/or structurally altered. People often like to add personal touches to their bikes whether it's to improve how they look or to how they perform, in some cases people like to completely convert their bike to be completely custom and not like anything mass produced.

Sport: designed with performance in mind these are the bikes for a combination of brilliant maneuverability, acceleration, braking and speed; the whole high performance package.

Tourer: Manufacturers have spent time designing and refining features on certain models in order for them to be perfect motorcycles for touring. Large fairings are common on tourers to try and offer as much weather protection possible along with large capacity fuel tanks, comfortable seating and engines with plenty of lower end power.

Dual Sport: is a road legal motorbike with off-road styling and qualities. With looks like supermotos, trials or motorcross but with all components being fully road legal they are a popular style of motorcycle for their aggressive looks and for their practicality in rural conditions.

Information updated: April 2, 2014

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