Key Features

Premium Indicator

Give your client an indication of the possible lowest premium for a year’s insurance, based on various assumptions.

Request a Callback

Ask us to call you or your client at a convenient time, on the contact number of your choice. Terms & Conditions apply.

Live Chat

Chat online with one of our specialists. This is for enquiries and help only - we cannot quote through this service.

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Auto Updates

Once you have installed our Dealer Support App, it will update itself automatically - meaning you always have the latest version.


Please select which version you wish to install. You will need your unique code to login and use our app.
If you do not know your code or have misplaced it, please call our Dealer Support line on 01379 646 506.



Windows 7 and later



** Auto update not yet working **

Installation Instructions & Video

IMPORTANT NOTE: As our app is very new, windows may report it as unsafe - this is perfectly normal for new applications and is a safety feature of windows. To complete the installation, you will just need to click allow or proceed, depending on your version of Windows. As more people install our app, this notice will disappear. Rest assured our app is safe, and we can provide you with reports to confirm this if needed.