The Gilder family name has been well known as automotive dealers in and around the Sheffield area for many years and now Matthew, great grandson of Mr W L Gilder, is continuing this with his motorcycle & scooter outlets.

In 2012 he opened Scooter Italiano on Abbeydale Road, a premier scooter outlet offering new Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia and Gilera models. Back when they first opened Matthew commented;-

“I think demand will be strong; Sheffield and its neighbouring towns are slowing down as traffic builds up. Scooters, bikes and mopeds offer a lower cost alternative to beat congestion; they are generally cheaper to purchase, service, tax and fuel and also much easier to park at home and work. We will be proactive as a new business start-up and supportive of new customers who need to save on travel costs.”

Matthew was certainly right about demand, with a steady increase in interest for bikes across the region prompting the business to move premises, taking on a new 2000sqft showroom. They also changed their name to Via Moto to fit in more with bikes as they were now stocking many larger Aprilia and Moto Guzzi models. Customers visiting the new showroom get the full experience, with a small café area even serving genuine Italian coffee.

Matthew explains;-

“This is a friendly, clean showroom where people can come and ask one of our expert advisors anything about owning and maintaining a bike, as well as purchasing all the safety equipment – from helmets to leathers.”

Matthew was very excited at being able to bring an even bigger range of bikes into the area and following the success of Via Moto, in 2015 the company opened Via Moto Honda, a flagship solus outlet in Chesterfield, bringing Honda back to the Derbyshire town after a four-year absence. Managing director, Matthew Gilder explained his reasons for this next move;-

“There’s been no Honda dealer in the area for a long time and that’s left a big hole for customers. The Honda range offers something for everyone, from complete novices, youngsters looking for affordable transport,
commuters who want a money-saving workhorse and experienced riders after their next sport or touring bike."

“We’ve put a lot of investment into Via Moto Chesterfield – a six figure sum – and it was always our plan to do this properly, to bring the full Honda experience to Chesterfield. We’re excited about what’s to come from Honda and also proud to invest in the local economy.”

The Via Moto showroom, pictured to the side, offers the full range of Honda motorcycles

We would like to wish Matthew and his team all the best for the future and if you need to get in touch with Via Moto or Via Moto Honda they can be contacted on 0141 303 3000 & 01246 488722 respectively.