There’s nothing like the lure of a summer adventure, riding abroad with a group of friends, sampling the local specialities, having a beer or two and a laugh…

Venlo Scooter rally 2015 - 1To be fair, I’m not sure there are many Dutch culinary delights to be had but boarding an overnight ferry from Hull with 100 or so other scooterists, most of them long term friends, is still an exciting experience. Riding from the bowels of the ship, through a haze of two stroke into a grey and industrial Rotterdam early the following morning our group of 51 scooters, mostly vintage Lambrettas headed 120 miles to Eindhoven for a Thursday night in the city, before riding en-masse to our weekend destination – Venlo on Friday morning.

Euro rallies always have a slightly different vibe to our own events, sunshine helps but there’s also the change of scenery, a new location, the different styles embraced by foreign scooterists and their taste in customisation. In Venlo the campsite was awash with loads of vintage Vespas, the Smallframe being the most prevalent, whilst in the UK the Lambretta is infinitely more fashionable. Surprisingly the UK contingent outnumbered our European cousins quite highly, although there were plenty of German, French, Belgian and Dutch scooter riders at the event.

Venlo Scooter rally 2015 - 3Two days of music, laughter, and scooters ensured the event went with a bang. There was also plenty to see and do with a Dyno, grass track racing, human inflatable football and of course the obligatory local herb stall selling ‘Weed’ from a pop up stall. The Germans can be a strange bunch, whilst the more reserved British chilled out around the small pool, the German scooter boys found it perfectly natural to strut around and splash about proudly naked – maybe they’d already sampled the weed mans wares! The music was refreshingly different to the UK as well, with the Speed Demons SC taking over the marquee for a night of house classics and DJ’s in the main hall providing an eclectic mix of scooterist classics, many of which we don’t hear on the UK rallies any more. An all night music policy meant there were a few tired scooterists the following day…

All good things must come to an end though and as we packed up on Sunday morning and headed off towards the ferry it’s fair to say we’d all had a great time. Europe isn’t so far away, if you’ve never ridden abroad, or sampled a foreign event maybe you should start planning for next year.


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