Choosing cycle tyres for the winter is a hard one, with so many out there to choose from. From asking your fellow riders, to reading review after review, it can get confusing and makes that final decision difficult.

First of all the type of tyre you should be after depends on where you live; do you need it for the urban landscape of a busy city or for the narrow rural lanes of the countryside or maybe even a mix of both? Do you intend to train at weekends on the same tyres as the ones you commute on? These are the questions you want to ask yourself before you splash the cash on some new rubber for your bike. Ideally these tyres will cover your needs during winter all the way until the better weather arrives ; tyres that wears well in the winter but also rolls and grips efficiently in the wet conditions and not forgetting puncture resistant!

The list of winter bike tyres I have created are ones I have used and feel have done the job well for me, these are all 25mm width.

Cycle Tyres - Specialized Espoir Elite TyreSpecialized Espoir Elite Clincher Tyre 700

For me the Specialized Espoir Elite really is a great value tyre, it's good for commuting & also suitable for training in the countryside at the weekend. A good all round tyre with great puncture resistance, best value tyre that I know works well.

This tyre is currently selling for £15 reduced from £25 at

Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite Road TyreSpecialized All Condition Armadillo Elite Road Tyres With Inner Tubes

This is a very strong and durable tyre. I used this tyre when I rode from Portugal to London, with panniers on the bike weighing in at 22kg, covering over 2500km and they didn't suffer one puncture, even when the tyre pressure dropped. I also found this Specialised road tyre to be surprisingly quick.

Currently available for £59.99 for two with innertubes at

Cycle Tyres - Vittoria Corsa Clicnher TyreVittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Foldable Clincher Tyre

Seems to be one of the tyres I saw everyone using last year. Great all-round tyre, heard no negative feedback. Lovely ride and a good price at the moment, I think its equivalent to the GP4000S II so maybe too good for commuting but training with performance.

Available at at £34.50 reduced from £56.99.

Cycle Tyres - Continental Grand Prix 4000SContinental Grand Prix GP4000S II Clincher Tyre

The Continental GP4000S is the tyre I’ve used for the last year and personally i think this is a great tyre. Maybe a bit too good for commuting; I find it hard wearing, but feels soft and fast, great for Granfondos/Sportives. From personal experience I can say these tyres fly over cobbles!

These are currently available for £29.99 reduced from £49.95 which is a great price for such a tyre -

Cycle Tyres - Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Clicnher TyreContinental Grand Prix 4 Season Clincher Tyre

The Continental Grand Prix 4 is a tyre that has been around for years, it's always being improved. A great tyre which is quite similar to the Armadillo I mentioned above, it's strong and as the name suggests it's for all seasons.

It’s a bit of a harder ride than the GP4000 range. I used these when I took part in a Granfondo last year when it rained and was cold, they didn’t let me down. Definitely a toss-up between this tyre and the Armadillo Elite.

Available at and the price down from £54.95 to £28.99.


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