Over the years I’ve been on a few stag holidays which normally involve loads of alcohol and late nights.

Stag holidays have changed, Cycling - 1Golf was a popular way to incorporate some kind of activity into the day after a night of drinking. Or just hit the beach or pool.

So this time it was the stage for my long term friend Chris Lillywhite who is getting married and also turning 50, so double celebrations. I originally met Chris at a mutual friend’s wedding back in the mid 90s where I summoned the courage to approached him and ask if I could train with him - at this time Chris was a pro. Chris is a very friendly guy, a true Londoner and a humble man in regards to his amazing career. Also a Putney boy like myself, he replied ‘no problem’ and we have trained together and raced together ever since. Chris was winner of the tour of Britain in ‘93, to name but a few, and is still involved with cycle teams to this day. He is also still very handy on a bike and still trains regularly with his mates in south London and Surrey. Last week a group of Chris’s friends, old and new, from dedicated Chelsea fans (which Chris has been since a child) and also in the mix a group of keen bike riders who have known Chris for many years. He has a great circle of friends, in a wide range of age groups, and is very much liked by all.

So we all meet in the Algarve, half taking golf clubs and half taking bikes.

Stag holidays have changed, Cycling - 2So did this work??

Well, it was a great idea, after a night of food and drink, a great way to blow out the cobwebs. With mixed abilities, even Chris’s Dad, Dave, still great on a bike and looking as fit as ever, was great inspiration to us all!
Reminded me of ski holidays, bit jaded in the morning, once you get going, all is good. Nice lunch stops, great banter, catching up with old friends, looking back over the years. Then when the days riding is done out in the evening, catching up with the golfers, all sharing our days’ activities. Everyone’s happy.

So if you’re a cyclist and also have golf mates that’s the way to do it, all doing what you enjoy!
As mentioned earlier, so much like skiing, when going as a group rarely in the same groups, due to abilities, but all get together in the evening and discuss your day’s adventure.


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