Quick release components such as wheels and saddles have been about for some time now and the convenience of these fast removable parts have made life so much easier.

Secure your quick release cycle components 1A big downside that annoyingly comes along with quick release is security. Your pride and joy could be safely secured with a top of the range lock, however, a crafty thief could have taken a shine to a quick release part of your bike and a quick click later they have legged it into the distance, leaving your lovely bike as a another casualty of bike related theft. Not really a scenario we want to happen to ourselves now is it, so what can be done to prevent this?

Seeing this problem and no solution in the market French cycle solution experts Zefal got to work. Their efforts resulted in Lock'N Roll a locking pin which came to being in 2008. This unique pin replaces your quick release pins for your saddle and wheel, so no problems installing, even for those who don't like to get their hands dirty will find this a breeze. How does it work? Well the Eurobike Gold Award winning pin securely locks into place when the bike is horizontal, making unscrewing impossible. How to unlock the pins? Simple lift-up the bike into a vertical position, which then allows you to unlock the Lock'N Roll Pin.

This sounds like a brilliant invention to us and anything that deters or prevents thieves from stealing components off your bike must be a good thing especially if you have invested in having top of the range components that aren't cheap to replace.

To see how easy the Lock'N Roll pins are to install and use Zefal have a handy youtube video which we have put below.

Want to find out more about the Zefal Lock'N Roll, then head over to the Zefal website.


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