Energy drinks… There are so many out there, which one to choose?

Stealth hydrating drink sack and clamp offSome can be too sickly or give you that dry sticky sweet feeling in your mouth, which makes you crave just for plain water, so it’s getting that balance right.

I’ve tested Secret Training energy drink in training and racing.

The first thing I liked was the packaging. It comes in a plastic 600g sack, no big tubs, so traveling with your drink is easy as there is no need to put it into a separate container. It has a lovely touch; a plastic clamp to seal the bag after you’ve finished.

The important thing, does it work?

Stealth drinks clampWell, I did a long training ride in the mountains here in Portugal, 128km with 2,938m elevation gain, burning a total of 3,500 calories, with over 5hrs of riding time and a lunch stop.

I found the energy drink very smooth, no sticky feel in my mouth after drinking and its very pleasant orange flavour is not too sweet at all, making it easy to drink. I consumed 4 bottles of 500ml, my stomach felt good, very hydrated and great energy levels, I was strong until the end of the ride.

I was confident to use it in a race the following week at the Lisboa Granfondo 143km. I raced non-stop for 4hrs 36 mins with an average speed of 31k per hour and an elevation of 1,935m burning a total of 4000 calories.

All the important stuff was there in that bottle...

Carbohydrates. Salt, calcium, potassium, magnesium and Zinc

Vitamins C, b3, b6, b5, b1, b2 folic acid and b12

I had two 800ml bottles on the bike, one bar, two gels and I felt strong right up until the end, ready for the sprint. After the race I had no loss of appetite which you can get sometimes get after drinking energy drinks.

Out of 1200 riders I finished 40th overall and 2nd in Masters.

So, does it work? Well, I think I’ve answered the question - yes!

I highly recommend this great product (price £17.99)


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