This week here at Delucci Retreat in Portugal, we had a truly aspirational customer. Nick Kirk age 62 from Walton on Thames, Surrey.

Cycling, riding at 60 plus 1The days of people saying “aren’t you too old to be doing all that cycling lark?” seems to be becoming a thing of the past. People have retired their golf clubs for a road bike or switched from many other sports to cycling. More and more people are taking up cycling, past middle age, male and female.

Cycling, quite simply, can give a new lease of life! Nick’s first sport was running, from track to marathons, picking up tendon injuries and various other niggles, and he needed something else to fill this sporting void.

Around six years ago Nick decided to take up cycling, after borrowing his brother’s bike, he soon got the bug. He has taken part in various sportives and cycle events over the years and the thing he loves about cycling, as opposed to running, is you can ride your bike all day, whereas with running you’re limited. There is more to explore with cycling as you cover much more ground, discover different parts of the world, through the eyes of a cyclist, with an added bonus no impact on your body from pounding the streets. Nick is still running, but cycling is his first sport.

One of the most important statements nick made whilst training at Delucci and preparing for an event in Italy was: “I am getting fitter!! Talk about life begins at 62, gives us all motivation for the future!!”

Nick was here for 4 days. Hiring a bike from us, his first day was a challenging 76k with 2,538m of elevation, a ride which we discussed prior.
Nick was keen to improve his cycling skills and was happy to take on advice on body position and cycling techniques. With a good steady, controlled pace, and a nice lunch stop, it was a great ride!

After a hearty evening meal and a full breakfast Nick was up for more! The ride entailed more rolling roads after all that climbing but still a modest 59k with 1,344m, still a 3.5hr ride with a nice steady pace to loosen the legs after yesterday’s ride.

Cycling at velodrome, riding at 60 plus 4Another ride done and more good food to recover. I had a special option for day 3, the velodrome, and chance to try the track for the first time! Nick was very excited about the idea and jumped at the chance. Track booked, a beautiful track situated near Anadia, around an hour from Delucci, where all the National team train and where major events have also been held and Team GB have attended many times.
Hire bikes available so, bike sorted, I was able to give Nick a one to one and get him on the track. With around 40 minutes of teaching Nick the basics, he built up his confidence and was happily flying round the track on his own and loving every minute. After an hour and half on the track with a great sense of achievement and tired legs, Nick was beaming, a big smile on his face, what a day!

Day 4 was the day Nick was departing from Delucci, where he was going on to Lisbon to meet with his wife and some friends. But he was still up for a cheeky 20k loop with 718m of climbing! The 718 meters was the climb home which Nick was determined to do; with a calm and controlled pace Nick completed the climb, job done.

So bags packed and off to Lisbon for a well-deserved break. But already looking forward to getting back on his bike and telling his mates about his cycling adventure.

When you see riders like Nick finding a new passion and developing new skills and getting cycle fit and taking on new adventures and making new friends on the way, older and younger, from all walks of life.

Simply the beauty of cycling can open new doors at any age. It’s never to late!


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