As we get towards the end of yet another hectic year it’s a good time to reflect on some of my favourite two wheeled exploits, both work related and pleasure.

Monaco by Honda

Riding through Monaco at the Honda Forza 125 launch was a great experience, fantastic weather, lovely scenery, unimaginable wealth and a very quick and well spec’d 125cc scooter.

Scutum electric power

An unfortunate name for this Spanish electric scooter but it’s the first electric scooter I’ve ridden that is actually useful in the real world. 55mph top speed, loads of power, 55 miles to a charge and it goes around corners as well.

Croatia by Vespa

11 countries, 2500 miles, fantastic scenery, great company and an experience I’ll never forget. The Vespa GTS 300 made the trip so much less stressful and tiring than it could have been. Two up comfort, fine handling and the carrying capacity of a mule. So far the GTS has over 5,000 miles on the clock, it was bought new in March 2015.

Lambretta BSG Corse 305

I was lucky enough to ride the Rimini Lambretta BSG 305 in Holland. It’s a bespoke engine built to fit neatly into a Lambretta chassis. If a single cylinder 48.5bhp two stroke engine slotted into an Italian shopping bike on 10” wheels is the sort of toy you’d like to play on you’d better start saving. The BSG Corse 305 will be available to buy in 2016, you may need to sell a kidney but it’s worth it and I already have a yellow tinged recipient lined up for mine…

Trusty 1958 Lambretta Series One

Yes that does say trusty, rather than rusty. I had this scooter preserved in lacquer last winter at Jubilee Scooters. The rust was flatted back and encased in lots of coats of clear to give it a glass like finish. The scooter was rebuilt perfectly and has covered over 2500 virtually trouble free miles this year. It’s just had a winter check over and the only issue was a bearing failure behind the gear cluster. Riding the LCGB (Lambretta Club of Great Britain) Coast to Coast was a highlight for me, fantastic riding with hundreds of other Lambretta riders.

Aside from these few adventures I’ve also ridden to Holland and Belgium this year, done countless UK rallies and events and have plenty more exciting trips lined up for 2016. I hope you have as well, we’ll see you out and about…


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