Now if you have read some of my previous blogs, you’ll know I have been using Absoluteblack oval chainrings for nearly 2 years now and to be honest I have never looked back. I am so keen on these chainrings that I have them on all my own bikes and the hire bikes at Delucci Retreat (my training camp in Portugal).

Recently though I have heard a few people discuss whether power cranks can be used effectively with oval chainrings and still get accurate data – this sounded like the perfect opportunity for a test!

Testing time

Before I start, a quick sum up here, this wasn’t just a quick test one sunny afternoon I have been using these two products in conjunction on my bike for the past two months, so plenty of time to keep an eye on performance.

When it comes to the choice of power crank for the test, I used the power2max power cranks, as these are the cranks I use on my bikes currently.

Cycling Aesthetics

Well, on first impressions together they look the business! With the unique look of the Absoluteblack Oval Chainrings and the sleek design of the power cranks, these two are a perfect match. They complement each other impeccably and they both stand out for how amazing the quality looks.

Getting ready to peddle

Linking my power cranks via my Garmin, I set the power display at a 3 second delay, meaning you get a reading of the actual power every 3 seconds on your Garmin screen. The readings were very smooth, not jumpy at all, meaning the oval rings weren’t affecting the information coming from the cranks to the Garmin. These smooth readings continued during the whole two months period I have had both products working together on my bike.

I have put together a short video demonstration of the Oval Chainring and the Power Crank below.

Smooth and powerful rotation

The rotation of the chain rings was very smooth, no dead spots, just keeps your pedal stroke nice and smooth. The chainrings feel nice and rigid, assisting you to keep the power on through your pedal stroke. You can really feel them saving you energy as you pedal, helping you finish the rotation of the crank, in turn saving energy and taking pressure off your knees.

The beauty of having power cranks with the chainrings is that you can observe how well the chain rings perform, helping you to keep your cadence the same as you change gear and maintaining the desired power required, especially when climbing.

Fitting with ease

The chainrings are very easy to fit, they come with bolts and full fitting instructions on the website. They have just one mounting position when you fit them, then you are set to go! There is no changing of settings for different terrains (like some other brands) due to the unique shape and sweet spot on the chainring. The chainrings are light (52T is 135g and 36T is 36g) and being made from top materials and CNC machined these really are a great product.

Absoluteblack are so confident in their product that if you are not happy with the premium oval chainrings after 30 days they will replace the rings with standard round ones free of charge! Throw on top a 12 months guarantee, these rings in my opinion are a must.

Overall impressions

In summary then, to put those doubts to bed oval chainrings (Absoluteblack in this case) seems to work with power cranks flawlessly, over a whole two-month period the data seemed smooth and accurate with no issues at all. The combination of using both of these products are definitely a revolution! I for one love having these as a part of my bike set up and can’t imagine changing this any time soon.

If you are keen to find out more on Absoluteblack’s Oval Chainrings offerings then my previous blogs might well interest you, these include Absoluteblack Oval Chainrings Review, Absoluteblack Oval Chainrings: Do they work for Triathlons and Duathlons? And Absoluteblack Oval Chainrings – One Year On.

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