KALAS is a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom cycling apparel in Central and Northern Europe as well as the UK, their headquarters are based in the Czech Republic and have been around for 20 years.

This year I have been given the opportunity to test some of their cycling kit - Exciting stuff! I have been using the kit since April this year up until now. I wanted to try the kit in all kinds of conditions to evaluate the wear and tear over a long period of time. Sometimes you must wash the kit a few times for the kit to loosen up, so it can lead to the wrong impression if you test it straight out of the box without giving it time to loosen up first.

Cycle jersey passion x7 Black

The first thing I noticed when I received the kit was the packaging. The jersey came in a very well presented box, a great gift idea for someone as it has the “wow” factor when you open it. The jersey was also accompanied by a wash net bag, very handy, especially when traveling.

Another nice little touch is an accompanying waterproof plastic pouch which hooks onto a handy clip inside the rear pocket. This is a great idea, since how many of us use a freezer bag - or anything that’s to hand - to keep your cards or phone dry?

So how does the top feel when riding?

The jersey felt very snug and comfortable with nicely fitted arms, plus the neck also felt good. Overall, it looked very smart and you could immediately feel the quality of the jersey. The key thing here for a good fit is checking the size chart provided on the Kalas website and then measuring yourself, so you can get the fit spot on. Don’t guess!

A very important thing is the rear pockets - for those riders who don’t like a bag under the saddle, you can put your pump and tube etc into your rear pocket instead. With a poor quality jersey everything moves around, but with this jersey it was not the case as all 3 pockets are sturdy and deep.

When riding the jersey felt nice and light, the arm warmers fitted nicely underneath also. The zip is nice and smooth so no snagging when riding under stress to pull the zip up.

This is good to use all year round as a layer jersey, even under a jacket as it breathes well.

In the heat it felt a bit hot, but that’s down to the fact that the one I tested was black and grey. For summer riding, I would advise to go for the white option. The fabric breathes well, disperses sweat efficiently and it doesn’t feel damp for too long.

I’ve worn the jersey at least 10 times or more, so it has been washed as many times. I always wash it in the washing machine at 30° in the net bag provided. Well, tell a lie, I did wash it without the bag once. I turned the jersey inside out for a wash (a good tip with cycle kit) just to see the result, luckily there was no problem and the jersey was fine - always worth using the net bag to be safe though!

Overall, the jersey is a lovely product, which can also be custom made. Although, bear in mind it will take on a different personality in different colours. This one’s definitely going in my best jersey draw!